Chapter 6: We are safe…for now

Harry looked up at her, "what do you mean we have a problem?" he asked, sitting up straight.

Hermione wringed her hands together and soon began rambling, making it hard for Harry to understand a word she was saying. He slowly got up and grabbed her hand, "'Mione come and sit down, and I have no idea what you are saying at all." He told her, leading her to the couch and forcing her to sit down.

"Now take a deep breathe." She did as told, "Now exhale." She released the air in her lungs slowly, "better?" he asked and she nodded, "good now tell me what happened. Slowly." He told her.

"Well I went to the apocrathy in knockturn alley-"she started only to be cut off by her brother's exclamation of "KNOCKTURN ALLEY!"

She smiled sheepishly, "it was the only place I could think of that I could find everything I needed for your potions without anyone telling Dumbledore where I was. Plus I had my hood up to cover my face so no one could see my face. Now may I continue?" she asked and Harry nodded, wanting to know what happened. Hermione thought back a few hours ago and began telling Harry while she got lost in her memory.

Hermione pulled the hood of her cloak over her head and made sure it hid her face entirely before she walked down into the dark, unsavory alley. She kept her head down as she walked past the hags and dark witches and wizards and made her way into the Knockturn Alley apocrathy. She jumped out of the way as a wizard rushed past her to leave the shop. She shook her head at the man's horrible manners. Under the shopkeeper's watchful eye she walked up and down the rows of potion ingredients, placing what she needed in her basket.

As she was more focused on what she needed for the pain potions then on the other people in shop she did not notice that she was not alone in the isle. She was soon bumped into by another.

"Oof!" she barely managed to keep her balance.

"Imbecilic child." A voice drawled, dark eyes glaring down at the smaller witch.

Hermione looked up in fear at her potions teacher.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't the mudblood. What are you doing here?" A blond wizard said as he stepped around his godfather to get a look at the person who was idiotic enough to bump into the most feared potions master ever.

"Can it Malfoy." She growled, looked around to see if anyone heard his outburst.

Of course while she was distracted, Snape managed to get a glimpse at her basket, instantly recognizing the items she had.

"Is there a reason why you have the ingredients for pain, dreamless sleep, and blood replenishing potions in your basket Ms. Granger?" he asked, knowing that was not part of the potions homework he had assigned for summer work.

She quickly covered her basket with her hand, "I am just…..getting a jump start on the course work for next year sir." She said, thinking of the excuse on the spot.

"Hmm…." He hummed, not making a sound as he looked at her. Being a spy for many years had made it easy for him to know when someone was lying to him and this child was.

"Now if you excuse me." She quickly moved around them, heading to the counter to buy the items in her basket.

Severus and Draco watched as she paid for what she needed and quickly left the shop, only casting a quick glance over her shoulder at the suspicious Slytherins behind her.

"There is no way Granger would know what potions we would be doing next year would she?" Draco questioned, looking up at his godfather.

"No she wouldn't. Come Draco let us go." Severus quickly paid for his things and they made their way back to Malfoy manner where the dark lord was currently taking up residence.

"It's just Malfoy and Snape, Hermione, no need to worry about them." Harry reassured her after she finished her story.

"B-but what if they put it together and realize that I'm hiding you? If Snape tells the headmaster Merlin knows what that old man would do to get you back in his clutches." She worried.

Harry placed his hand on his sister's shoulder and used the other to move her chin so she was looking at him, "Hermione look at me and listen. There is no way Snape will figure it out and even if he did, there is no way that he or Dumbledore will be able to find us. Now just relax, we're safe." He said, "Now repeat after me; we are safe."

"We are safe. "She said softly, not truly believing her words.

"Again." He urged her.

"We are safe." She said, slightly believing what she was saying this time.

This continued on a few more times until Hermione believed in what Harry has told her, because they were safe. As he said, Dumbledore would never be able to find them or get into the house seeing as the Black family had waded the house against unwanted visitors.

Sorry this chapter is so short my dear ones. I wanted to update it for you but hopefully the next chapters will be longer.


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