A/N from A.C.: This is going to be a collection of Yorkington (York/Wash) oneshots. Enjoy!

Warnings: Possible OoCness, yaoi, possibly some man-smut in later chapters.

Wash had his arms tightly crossed against his chest, he looked to his fellow freelancer who was leaning in the doorway, hazel eyes slightly narrowed. York leaned against his left arm, which was on the door frame, as he smirked in Wash direction. "Hey, sweet-cheeks."

Wash laughed as he knelt on the hard concrete floor to start packing things into a small gym bag. "What're you doing here, York? I've got a mission to get ready for."

"Yeah, I know," York walked over to the other man, fingers running through the other agent's shaggy brown hair. "I just wanted to see ya before ya left."

Wash rose an eyebrow, "You have a mission too, don't you?"

"Yeah... so? Utah can wait as long as I want him to to bust into that massive covenant hideout..." He chuckled at his own sarcastic remark, making Wash laugh in turn, "Nah, I don't have to leave until tomorrow. By the way... I checked your file, and neither do you."

"My file..? Wait, those are confidential! How did you...?" Wash started to question him, but saw York's growing smirk and stopped himself in his tracks.

"There's no lock I can't get past, you know!" He laughed, falling back to lay on Wash's cot, his legs crossed and his arms folded behind his head as a make-shift pillow..

"So I've noticed..." Wash chuckled softly and got up from his spot on the floor to get a few personal things he wanted to keep with him for the mission so far away from the base. "Wasn't my door locked just a few minutes ago?"

"Heh, yep. But, ya know, if I need to see you, I'll see you!" York chuckled and Washington could practically hear the smirk in his voice. "I can break into anything!"

So full of himself, Wash thought with a shake of his head. He's lucky I love him so much or I'd deck him.

The recovery agent rolled his eyes and mumbled as he kept packing for his mission. "Yeah, yeah, yeah..."

York sighed, rolling off the bed to sit up on his knees on the floor, watching the other man before he got to his feet and walked over to the recovery agent. He put his right hand on Wash's shoulder and smiled his special heart warming smile, "I've gotta go pack too."

Wash got to his feet and bent closer to York, pressing their lips together. He pressed his tongue into the other's mouth, moaning softly. York moaned and wrapped his arms around Wash's neck, deepening the kiss, letting the love of his life map out his wet cavern. The recovery agent's tongue explored York's mouth, his senses overflowing with the feel, smell, and taste of his partner. The other man's tongue came up to meet Wash's shyly yet eagerly, wanting his own taste of his partner. He tried to swallow a moan and failed miserable, letting the sound pass from one agent to the other.

York broke the kiss with a soft gasp and pulled away from Wash, "I've gotta go, love... I'll see you when we both come back?"

Wash nodded, getting back on his knees and returning to his packing, "Yeah, see you then."

The recovery agent heard York's footsteps head away from him and the room's door closed, he sighed, falling to sit on his butt on the hard concrete. It's gonna be a long mission away from home...