A/N from A.C.: This one… was fun to write. XD I wrote it when I was in the middle of a black out a few years ago. My laptop had battery and Word still worked! So why not write some Wash/York?

"Ugh…" Wash grumbled as he searched for a flashlight. "Can't believe we lost power… again… Every time we have the smallest storm-"

York turned to look at the other agent in growing darkness, his eyes rolling even though the other man couldn't see him. "Giant snow storm, Wash, what'd you think would happen?"

Wash pulled a flashlight out of a kitchen drawer, "There we go!" He flicked the switch on the flashlight and gave a heavy groan, bringing a hand up to run through his hair in frustration. "No batteries!"

"Wash, clam down. We just need to find some batteries. It's simple enough." York looked half-heartedly to Wash then looked at the drawer he was shuffling through, straining to see what he was pulling out of the drawer. "Tape….scissors…. 9 volts…. Triple As… Wash, what kind of batteries does the flashlight need?"

Wash looked at the light, attempting to determine the battery size, and sighed. "Double A. We have any?"

York shuffled through the drawer a bit longer, accidently knocking things out and onto the floor, and suddenly shouted, "YES! Found some double A! One, two, three, four, five… Five of 'em. How many you need?

"Just two. Thanks," Wash responded putting the batteries in and flicking on the light. He growled when it didn't work and shook the flashlight once watching as the light flickered to life. "I think the power may be out for quite a while."

York sighed lightly, "No power means no heat."

Wash smirked in the dark, "Mmm… Hmmm…."

York groaned and collapsed in a chair nearby, flopping onto the plush with a whmph of air. He stretched his legs out in front of him and rested his head on his shoulder. "It's gonna be a long and fuckin' cold night…"

Wash flashed the light on York, watching as the younger man closed his eyes in reaction. "Well, duh." He sighed heavily, "We're gonna be real bored too…" He added a suggestive tone to his voice, the flashlight moving away from the auburn-haired male's face and onto his chest.

When the light moved out of his eyes, York raised an eyebrow in question, watching as Wash ran a hand through his messy brown hair. A silent question was passed between the two.

"Just saying… We're going to be bored…" Wash shrugged, with a sly smile, trying to sound even more suggestive than before. He took a few steps closer to York and stopped. York looked around the room, even though they were on leave and in their private apartment, and then looked back to Wash.

"Wait, are you suggesting what I think you are?" York gasped softly, eyes growing wide.

Wash's smile grew wider and spoke softly, "Maybe I am… maybe I'm not…"

He stepped closer and York sat up and pressed himself farther into his chair.

"Wait... wh-what are you doing?"

"I'm getting rid of my boredom, what does it look like?" Wash replied hotly, his tongue darting out to lick his dry lips. He leaned in and captured York's lips with his own. He pressed the locksmith roughly into soft deep blue plush chair and let out a deep moan into the other's mouth. York arched up against the other's heated chest as his tongue slid past plump pink lips. York grabbed a fistful of the bigger man's dark brown hair and held on as if his life depended on it.

Wash smiled and nipped lightly at York's lower lip, worrying the flesh between his teeth. The smaller man groaned and arched up into Wash again, his leg moving on its own accord to wrap firmly around the older man's waist, tugging him down. The brunette took a seat on the other's lap, straddling his waist, never breaking their lips' contact. Wash pressed himself into York and smiled against his plump lips before pulling away, trailing his tongue down the younger man's jaw and collarbone, occasionally biting gently at the tender, warm skin.

York gasped and panted out, "Since... it's gonna…. get cold…."

Wash gave a little, "Mmm…" to confirm he was listening.

"I…. I've got body heat…" A flush spread across his cheeks in the darkness of the room.

Wash smiled again and pushed his hands up and under York's tee shirt, tracing over his muscles, purring as the younger man arched eagerly into his touch, "Don't they say that when you need to stay warm… you get naked and fuck your boyfriend's brains out?"

"I… don't think that's the saying, Wash…"