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Chapter One: Betrayal of the Phoenix

Harmony Jamie Potter sighed as she stared out of the plane window.

My life sucks she thought miserably.

Let's do a recap of why her life sucks shall we.

Okay first off one of her parent's friends betrays them and gets them killed by a megalomaniac asshole who then tries to kill her but fails. Then a manipulative bastard puts her with her abusive, magic hating relatives who make her life a literal hell on earth. Then she learns she's a witch when she's eleven goes to a school where she almost dies every year, makes a golem of herself in which she places her ability to have kids and marries her school rival out of love and desperation, kills a dark lord for good and is killed by her supposed best friends in her weakest moments.

Now you're probably confused as to why she's dead...and yet on a plane to Japan. Why don't we take a little trip on flashback lane?


Two weeks into the school year

Harmony Jaime Potter was sitting alone in the Room of Requirement. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was shallow. Her meditation was disturbed by her loud, obnoxious and always hungry best male friend, Ronald Weasley and their resident book-worm friend, Hermione Granger.

"Honestly Ronald, just because you cannot complete your animagus change doesn't mean you can take your anger out on everyone else," Hermione said as they came to sit in front of their black haired friend.

"Oh come off it Hermione. You're one to talk; you actually managed to turn into your animal. What's worse is that Malfoy managed to change before me!" Ron growled; his ears and neck turning as red as his hair.

"Ron settle down; You're being an ass for no apparent reason. The more powerful the witch or wizard, the more trouble it is to complete. You know this, hell I had more than you because I have more than one form to work on. So please quit your bitching," Harmony moaned as she stretched her sore back and legs. She missed the dark and resentful look that came over Ron's face. Hermione had a worried and calculating look on her face as she studied her boyfriend best friend.

'Ron has been getting more and more jealous as we get older. He isn't the same guy I fell in love with,' Hermione thought to herself. Hermione locked eyes with harmony and asked her to keep from irritating the red head further; she saw her friend nod slightly in understanding.

"So tell me what animal our resident ferret has turned into. I bet he turned into a weasel or a ferret," Harmony said shifting the topic to something a bit safer.

"No. The bastard managed to turn into a falcon. He started going on about how he was a falcon because of his prowess on the field. He should have been a fucking ferret. Sure as hell looks like one," Ron grumbled.

"At least you know what your animal is. Now all you have to do is change. A leopard is one of the most difficult to master because you have to have a thorough knowledge and understanding of your animal and its instincts or they can kill you. Hermione got hers fairly quickly because she has to understand everything. She has to have the knowledge. Everyone is different, so everyone takes different lengths of time to complete the change. You, my friend, will complete the change by tomorrow night," Harmony said as she silently deactivated her blood magic. She saw a look pass over her best friend's face that wasn't nice.

Ron looked irritated but nodded his head that he understood the message and moved over to an empty chess board to work on defense strategies. Hermione looked between the two before choosing a side and going to join her red haired boyfriend. Harmony watched the pair as they began a game of chess with a hurt and sad look on her face. She shook her head and thought about what she had done last night.

Flash Back

"Hey Potter wait up" a voice called out to her. Harmony turned around and noticed one of the Slytherin Prefects walking towards her. The Slytherin in question was none other than Draco Malfoy.

"What can I do for you Malfoy?" Harmony asked, her hand poised on her wand.

"Hey, I came in peace with information," he said holding his hands up in submission. Harmony relaxed a little but was ready for anything.

"Sorry about that. I am more likely to be attacked when I'm alone. My nerves are going haywire. So what is it you want to tell me," harmony asked, wondering why this Slytherin had sought her out.

"As you know, Professor Snape is my godfather and he was a good friend to your mother. He has found that the headmaster has plans to get rid of you after the final battle," Malfoy said while leaning against a wall. Harmony sighed as she digested what he just said.

"Dumbledore is afraid of my power and feels threatened that I will take his place as the wizarding worldsidol. He thinks that I'll become the new Dark Lady because I have so much power. I have already got my will in place and a letter for whoever the minister is. I would like your help Malfoy. As you have figured out I am the last descendent of Gryffindor. I am also the last living descendent of the founders. I do not want my family to disappear, never to be returned to its former glory. Can you set up a meeting between all of us; myself, you and your family and Professor Snape?" Harmony replied looking at the blonde next to her.

"I will see what I can do. I am intrigued that you would ask for my family's assistance. I will talk to the parties involved and will alert you to what will happen," Draco said, pushing of the wall. Harmony nodded in understanding and reached into her pocket. She pulled out two gold coins before taking her wand and tapping them.

"Take this coin and tap your wand to it while saying the time and the place of the meeting. It will alert me and I will send a reply back and I will appear as quickly as I can," Harmony said as she explained what the coin would do.

"You know I never hated you," Draco whispered. Harmony looked at him with soft eyes before stepping close to him and pulled him into a soft yet passionate kiss. They kissed for a few minutes before pulling apart.

"I know my love, I never hated you either. I just thought you needed to grow up a bit. You were a bully and I didn't like that. You put down the very first friend I made and tried telling me what to do. I didn't need someone else telling me who to be friends with. So I rejected your friendship then," Harmony said quietly, finally answering the silent unasked question that has been floating around since they met in Diagon Alley.

"I had kind of figured that out in our fourth year. I was angry and confused so I looked back over the years to see what went wrong. I finally figured out you had to have had your reasons. By then it seemed too late to try again. So I settled on being your rival and made sure the other snakes didn't cause you too much grief," Draco said wishing to hold her in his arms forever.

"Are you seeing anyone my love?" Harmony asked hesitantly, slightly fearing his answer.

"No, but I will end up marrying Pansy so that my family legacy will continue," Draco replied not entirely sure where she was going with that question. Harmony paused and expanded her senses to the ward she had set up for privacy. Someone was coming their way. She reached into her robe and pulled out the Marauder's map. She whispered the password to activate it and frowned at what she saw.

"Ron and Hermione are with Neville, Luna and Ginny. They are plotting something and Hermione is being dosed with something," she muttered. Draco looked over her shoulder and looked at the map.

"That map is awesome. It so explains the how and the why you always got out of trouble. Don't worry I'll keep it to myself," Draco said reassuring her that her secret would be safe with him. Harmony gasped and quickly deactivated the map before hiding it again.

"Please my love, contact your parents as soon as possible. Professor Snape should know as well. I need talk to all of you as soon as possible," Harmony said as plans began forming in her mind. Draco nodded and turned to leave. Harmony grabbed his arm and pulled him back for a quick kiss before disappearing down a side hall.

'She knows that her time is coming to an abrupt end. I wonder what she needs from us and what has her so concerned,' Draco thought as he turned back the way he came. Harmony looked around the corner and let a tear fall. 'Hopefully he will have five little pieces of me to be remembered,' she thought and returned to her common room.

End Flash Back

'I hope he sends a message soon. There is only nine and a half months left of school. For my plan to work I need to be pregnant with in the next week. My legacy will continue even if it means I have to sacrifice my life to achieve it. Tom won't win this time, I'll make sure of it,' harmony thought before burying this thought deep within her mind. Movement caught her attention, bringing her back to reality.

"Are you alright Harmony? You kind of spaced out," Ron asked with false concern.

"Yea I'm fine, just really tired today. I think I'll head to the tower to get some sleep," Harmony responded, hoping they would just let her go without fuss. Irritation and concern came from them respectively; Hermione being the worried one and Ron being the irritated one.

"You're probably doing too much and your body is saying it is time for a break. Go on back to the tower, we'll catch up with you tomorrow," Hermione said giving her the 'I'm going to fuck my boyfriend senseless' look. Harmony smirked and left the room as it changed to look more like a bedroom.

Harmony looked around before turning into a fox. She took a few quick breaths before darting down the corridor towards the infirmary. She needed to confirm her plans with Madam Pomfrey before she went to the tower. After ten minutes of running through the halls, the small black fox came to a stop outside the hospital wing.

"I was wondering when you would appear Miss Potter," Madam Pomfrey said closing the doors and muttered a strong locking and privacy ward on them.

"I had to get away from the bickering duo. Hermione is lucky she is using birth control and condoms, otherwise she would be pregnant by now," Harmony said sounding sad. Madam Pomfrey placed a hand on her shoulder offering comfort.

"Have you heard from Mr. Malfoy yet?" Pomfrey asked, leading Harmony to the back where the private rooms were located.

"Not yet but I am hopeful he will send…" Harmony started before reaching into her pocket and pulling out her gold coin.

Tonight at 8 o'clock. Your choice on the place.

"He says tonight at 8. I can choose the place. I think I should meet them here. I'll need your help to convince them," Harmony continued after letting out a sigh of relief.

"I'll fire call Severus and let him know," Pomfrey said going to her office. Harmony tapped her wand to the coin to send a reply.

We meet at 8 p.m. in the Hospital wing. It is the only place that doesn't have ears.

Harmony smiled and put the coin away as Madam Pomfrey came back into the room.

"Severus agrees that this is the best place and will bring the necessary potions. Are you sure that what they said is true?" Madam Pomfrey asked her charge.

"Yes, I overheard Ron and Hermione talking about it with Neville, Luna, and Ginny. Dumbledore plans to get rid of me," Harmony said in a dejected tone. Madam Pomfrey went over to her and pulled her into a hug.

"Everything will work out Harmony, you'll see," the nurse murmured offering what comfort she could to the distraught young woman. 'I hope so Poppy,' harmony thought.

"Now then, let's get your physical clone and your potions taken. Severus gave me the fertility potion as well as the stasis potion. You do understand that you won't have any more children after this?" Poppy cautioned.

"Yes Poppy I realize this. I know the risks that these potions present. I only want some piece of me to continue on in this life. The only thing I hope for is that they will agree to my terms. Creating a golem to nurture and provide for my children until they are old enough to take care of themselves will be draining. It will basically be an incubator until birth and then it will transform into a nanny with enough of me in it to comfort them like a mother would. My legacy will live on even if it kills me," Harmony replied and hopped onto the bed. Poppy shook her head and started the physical.

Poppy first started by casting a series of diagnostic spells. Each one was automatically recorded into Harmony's medical file. It then updated the copies at Gringotts and the ministry of magic. Poppy hummed a tune as she worked. Harmony began to sing along with the tune and closed her eyes to avoid watching Poppy draw blood. By the time Harmony's physical was done it was 7:50.

"You had best get ready child. They'll be here in ten minutes, you'll want to get cleaned up and into something more formal," Poppy instructed. Harmony nodded and rushed to a take a quick shower. The entire process took eight minutes. Harmony was dressed in formal robes with her family rings on her fingers.

"You'll do wonderfully Harmony. Lucius and Narcissa are not what they appear to be. Severus is an honorable man and young Draco isn't as annoying as you believe,"Pomfrey said to encourage her. Harmony nodded her head slightly and took a deep breath as the nurse's fireplace roared to life.

The first to appear was the Potions Master. Professor Snape was dressed, as always, in black but wore a more formal robe. Draco followed next wearing robes befitting the heir to the Malfoy Family. Lady Malfoy followed her son looking like an ethereal creature that was the characteristics of the Black Family. Lord Malfoy came through next looking like the powerful lord he was. The last to come through were two goblins who were the account managers for the Malfoy and Potter Families.

"Welcome Lord and Lady Malfoy, young Master Malfoy, Lord Prince. My most sincere welcome and thanks to you Master Slydagger and Master Griphook," Harmony said bowing to the party.

"Good evening Lady Potter. I was most interested in learning about what this meeting is about," Mr. Malfoy said, watching for her reaction. Harmony sighed minutely and moved to the open window.

"What I have to say Lord Malfoy is hard and will not come as a shock to you. I am the most powerful witch to walk this Earth since Morgana herself. I make Dumbledore and the Dark Lord look like tiny first year students. To be perfectly honest and level with you, I won't live to see my eighteenth year. The Headmaster fears that because Tom Riddle and I grew up similarly that I will turn to Dark Magic and take his place. Yesterday when your son came to warn me, I checked on my friends. What I heard was disheartening; they were planning on killing someone in cold blood after the final battle. So I know that I am in the crosshairs as soon as I defeat Tom. I have called you all here today to form an alliance between my family and yours," Harmony said at last coming to the point of the meeting. Mrs. Malfoy dropped her wine glass as she gasped. Both Professor Snape and the older Mr. Malfoy had shocked and calculating looks on their faces. The goblins merely looked amused because they could see where this meeting was going.

"What you are asking for is unheard of. Our families have never formed an alliance," Lord Malfoy stated looking as if Harmony was crazy.

"Actually My Lord there has been one instance where your families have formed such an alliance through marriage one thousand two hundred fifty years ago. It was between Arianna Potter and Adonis Malfoy," Slydagger said pulling out the documentation proving this fact.

"The Potter Family has long been known to only have one child in any marriage; the Malfoy Family doing only slightly better at having two children. Our families made this alliance in case there was ever a time where my line was going to become extinct. All of my Family is dead on both sides. I am humbly asking the Malfoy family for aid in making sure my lines do not come to an end," Harmony said as she got down on her knees in front of the Patriarch of the Malfoy Family. Her head was bowed as she waited for Lord Malfoy's decision.

"My Lord, Lady Potter has a pensive that can and will explain everything she is asking for on my desk. Might I suggest for all of you to go look in it," Madam Pomfrey said for the first time. They nodded their heads and went to view the memories in the crystal pensive. The two goblins already knew what was contained within the pensive so they chose instead to draw up Harmony's will so that her wishes and the truth were documented and would be obeyed.

"Harmony that was wonderful. I already know they will agree with you and will honor the alliance. Are you ready to make the golem?" Poppy asked her young friend.

"I am ready Poppy. I would also ask a favor of you. Would you be the executor of my will and be my power of attorney?" Harmony asked her mentor. Madam Pomfrey nodded her head and hugged the terrified young woman.

The Malfoys and Professor Snape came out of the pensive two hours later. Both lords looked murderous while Mrs. Malfoy was openly crying. She pulled Harmony into a hug and whispered reassurances to her. Mr. Malfoy agreed to the terms of the alliance and the papers were signed by all. Once everything was signed and dated they watched as Harmony molded the golem using blood magic and thread magic to make the golem into a living, breathing clone of herself.

"There is only one downside to the ritual that I am using. I have to be with child before I can transfer everything over to my twin," Harmony said as she watched their expressions. Draco looked pleased and gave her a reassuring smile. The older Malfoys looked hesitant but agreed to it on the condition that they were bonded first. Madam Pomfrey was chosen to perform the ceremony and twenty minutes later Harmony Potter and Draco Malfoy were bonded and married. Draco took his bride and they went to the room of requirement to consummate their marriage. The elders only waited for two hours before they were graced with the presence of Mr. and Mrs. Draco Malfoy. Madam Pomfrey cast the the charm and everyone waited with bated breath as the charm glowed purple before it changed to a dark pink color.

"Congradulations young Mrs. Malfoy, you are pregnant with twin girls. The charm I used allows me to see when the conception has happened," Pomfrey said explaining the charm and its results. There was relief present as the news sunk in. Harmony cried and proceeded to do the transfer. Both Harmony and the golem glowed yellow as the transfer took place. Once the glow faded harmony fainted from the drain. The older Malfoys took Harmony's now breathing twin and vanished to Malfoy Manor. Professor Snape conjured up a couple chairs and levitated Harmony to the bed.

"She will be out for an hour and then will be confined to the bed for three days under the assumption that she has the flu," Pomfrey said. Both men nodded and Draco waited for his lover to awaken. The nurse and the professor talked about potions and how they worked. Harmony woke up an hour later and groaned.

"Anyone get the name of that bus," she said and rubbed her head. Her companions laughed and Pomfrey checked her over.

"You are fine just magically exhausted. I'm giving you three days of bed rest. You have the flu in case anyone asks," Pomfrey said. Harmony nodded and turned to her husband and potions professor.

"Well Mrs. Malfoy you have shown spectacular knowledge in potions today. I will give you an outstanding for the year in my class," Professor Snape said and left the Hospital wing. Harmony smiled and kissed her husband.

"I should be heading back to my common room soon anyway. Mother and Father have taken your twin to the Manor. We'll protect her and our children with everything we are," Draco said and kissed Harmony deeply before he too left the Hospital Wing.

"I am happy that my plans worked. My legacy will live on and a part of me will forever be with the one I love. Thank you Madam Pomfrey for everything you've done. Now I only hope that it be entirely necessary," Harmony said before she passed out. Madam Pomfrey just smiled sadly and went to bed herself.

Time skip to end of Final Battle

It's over Harmony thought in relief completely exhausted.

Three hours ago the alarms had sounded meaning that Voldemort had finally launched his attack on Hogwarts. Harmony had been secretly trained after what happened in fourth year. She'd been trained in all manner of fighting from hand to hand and weapons to all kinds of magical fighting, her favorite being the element and animagus training. She also developed a weak empathy ability and with it she started feeling negative emotions from her friends and trainers; which was what kept her from telling them everything about her abilities; not even the people that trained her knew everything about what she was capable of.

"You did it Harmony" a male voice said to her right. Looking over she saw Dumbledore...but what put her on edge was the dark look in his eyes when he looked at her. The same look was in Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Neville and Luna's eyes as they circled around the chosen one...now she was getting really nervous, she didn't like the vibes she was getting from any of them.

"Yeah...I guess I did" she said weakly. She felt exhausted, magically, emotionally and physically...she was practically a target to anyone who wanted to get rid of her.

"Now there's no reason to keep you alive" Ginny sneered.

Harmony felt her heart skip a beat…he was right...they were going to kill her. She hung her head. There's no way she'd be able to fight them off in her weakened state.

"I hope you all rot in hell" she whispered as they all fired the killing curse...talk about overkill.

Time skip, one week

Harmony scowled as she looked around at the celebration in the great hall. The bastards were not only celebrating Voldemort's death but hers as well. Dumbledore had taken the credit for killing Voldemort and had claimed she'd gone evil and tried to help Voldemort kill them all...the idiots fell for all of his lies the damn hero worshipers...and they all wondered why she was disgusted with the wizarding world. Glaring at the traitors one last time she stalked out of the castle and into the forest, the one place she felt comfortable in any more.

For the second time in her life she felt true hate and sorrow...something she hadn't felt since the Dursley's.

I'm still confused as to why I'm dead and still here...I'm not even a normal ghost, no one can see me she thought in confusion before she felt something tug on her chest. Looking down she was shocked to see mouths eating away the chain on her chest till there was nothing left...except blinding, white hot pain.

It was like nothing she'd ever felt before...even worse than the cruciatus curse, and it seemed to go on forever till she was left panting on the ground surprisingly rejuvenated.

Standing up slowly she was shocked to see a Katana materialize on the ground next to her. Picking it up she looked it over. It was a normal sized Katana with a round, silver guard in lain with runes of some sort and the hilt was just dark blue with four evenly spaced silver diamonds up each side. The sheath was plain black that seemed to drink in the light and the blade was a bright silver material that was extremely sharp with a black edge.

"Nice" she murmured appreciating it. She smiled when the sword seemed to hum happily in her hand. She maneuvered the sheathed blade so she could slip it into her belt only to notice her change in attire...and the black claws. She was now wearing a pair of blood red Hakamas she recognized from her family vault with a black belt holding it up and a tight, mid-riff bearing, off the shoulder, white top with long clinging sleeves and black trim, she almost shrieked when she saw the fist sized hole just above her breasts which she noticed seemed to have gone from a b-cup to a c-cup; the rest of her body was still the same though. Lean, Curvy, Toned, lightly tanned...a figure any women would kill for. She also saw white sandals with black socks on her feet.

She also noticed that she still had her tattoos, a red fox on her lower left stomach, a white tiger on her upper arm the head coming to rest on her shoulder and the tail wrapped around her bicep, a Nundu on her lower back and a lily on her inner left wrist. She also had the marking on her hand, wrist and inner arm that looked exactly like Fawkes. This she got when her wand exploded from power overload and she absorbed the core into her arm, the tattoo like marking being the result.

The head of the phoenix and part of its neck was on her palm. The rest of the neck and the body was located on her wrist with the tail feathers extending to the crook of her elbow. The wings went to the side and arched back and up to the top of her hand.

She slipped the sword into the belt and conjured a mirror not acknowledging she was using magic even though she was dead.

Not much about her facial structure had changed; it still held a beautifully aristocratic look with high cheekbones, full black lips...okay that was different, almond shaped emerald green eyes that now had slitted pupils. Her hair was still mid-back length and pitches black though her bangs had gone red. She'd also gained a couple of new additions. Fangs being the first thing she had along with strange blood red markings on her cheeks in the shape of crescent moons under her eyes with a half crescent moon coming from the middle of the top ones and curving slightly to her mouth. She also had silver eye shadow not to mention the white circlet going under her blood red, chin length bangs and around her head with three black teardrops hanging from it over her forehead.

"Bloody hell" she whispered shocked to the core "what the hell am I" she muttered.

End flashback

Her eyes darkened as she recalled what she'd done next. She'd felt life still in the castle so she'd went inside and killed the traitors and ate their souls...they were surprisingly tasty, unfortunately though Dumbledore had managed to escape.

After that she'd went straight to Gringotts and explained everything to Ragnor. He'd been so enraged he'd immediately set about helping her make a new last name and a new place to live. Harmony decided she wanted to live in Japan so he worked on Citizenship papers that he'd file with the government as soon as she left. They also found a nice apartment for her to live in. It was a two story, two bedroom Condo and suited her needs perfectly. The first floor had a kitchen, a living/dining room, a bathroom and a bedroom that she was planning to turn into an art room or something. There was also a balcony that stretched from the kitchen all the way around to the soon to be art room. The next floor held her room complete with en-suit and walk in closet as well as a den. It was perfect and had plenty of space...from what she saw of the pictures.

She'd also found out what she was...after some very deep digging in her family vault. She was a hollow which are basically spirits gone bad after being left to fester in negative emotions too long and go around eating other souls. But what got to her was that she wasn't a normal hollow. She saw pictures of some hollows and she looked nothing like them. If it weren't for the hole, claws and markings she could pass as human. After looking through the book for who knows how long she found a mention of hollows that removed their masks and gained Shinigami like powers, there was surprisingly a lot of information on Shinigami's...which made her wonder how so much information had leaked out of this soul society into the living world. She knew she was one of these Arrancar due to her sword or Zanpakuto...and the fact that the only piece of mask she had was the circlet.

She'd asked Ragnor to see if he could get her into Muggle School...she wanted nothing more to do with the Wizarding world. Cause of her request she had to do make up tests for all the years she missed...end of year exams sort of. She'd had to study hard in the room that had a time feature on it. Without that room she wouldn't have been able to do as well as she did.

After all that she was finally on her way to Japan to start her new life, though she wouldn't be able to stay there forever seeing as she wouldn't be aging anymore, though if she used illusions she might be able to. Not like what she did to make herself seem more human. Not long after she'd gone to Gringotts she'd tried to put up an illusion to get rid of her Hollow hole, claws, markings, mask and fangs. What she did was change her Molecular structure so she looked, smelt and felt human, albeit a human with an insane level of spiritual energy...which she was careful to suppress and mask. It was a simple thing to turn back into an Arrancar and it would allow her to blend in with the normal humans that couldn't see spirits. The good thing about this was that she could eat human food. The downside though was that the only tattoos that showed through where the non-magical ones...the fox, tiger and lily...not such a downer but it meant she couldn't do magic in the human form...well magic that would normally require a wand at least.

She was dragged out of her thoughts by the pilot saying they were about to land and to please put on their seatbelts.

I wonder what life will bring me now she thought as she went through the terminal or rather death she thought with a smirk.


"Well this is it" Harmony Sendo muttered as she looked around her new apartment. (A/N new identity for Harmony...by the way Sendo means death...ironic huh :))

Better unpack she thought to herself before heading straight to her room to unpack her clothes.

It took her an hour to sort out all the belongings she wanted in the apartment, leaving all the magical items in her trunk which was a special four compartment trunk that had its own time feature on it.

"Now what" she muttered. It was Saturday so she didn't have to go to school till Monday...what was she supposed to do till then.

I suppose I could explore she thought before smirking and walking out the door.

Yeesh it sure is crowded she thought as she walked down a street crowded with teenagers...plainly ignoring all the looks from the idiot boys and the envious looks from the females.

Suddenly her stomach rumbled reminding her she hadn't had anything to eat since the flight over...that and she hadn't gone grocery shopping. Guess she should've done that before exploring.

Looking around she saw a fast food shop a few meters away. She walked over and ordered a burger, some chips and a soda.

She was halfway through her burger when a bunch of teenagers around her age walked in the door. There were seven of them in all, four guys and three girls.

The first guy was 5"9 with spiky orange hair and brown eyes and a nicely muscled body...he was hot. The second was 6"2 and had red hair done up in a spiky ponytail and dark grey eyes. He also had a white headband and what appeared to be tribal tattoos of some sort. The third was 5"7 the same as her with short black hair with long bangs, dark blue eyes and silver glasses. The last male was insanely huge. He was 6"5 with wavy dark brown hair covering one hazel eye. He looked like a Mexican...must be half or something.

Her attention was drawn to the three girls. The first to catch her attention was 5"8 and had long, wavy ginger hair and ice blue eyes. What caught her attention was the size of her chest...how the hell was she not falling over. The second one had a chest just as big. She was 5"2 with long orange-brown hair held back by two blue hairpins and grey eyes with a purple tint to them. The last girl was by far the shortest in the group at around 4"8 with shoulder length black hair and dark purple almost blue eyes.

What was strange was that they all had varying amounts of spiritual energy...every single one of them. The first guy had the largest, followed by the guy with red hair and the first girl, then the last girl. The other three had less than those four but more than other normal humans...which meant they'd be able to see her if she went Arrancar, which would not be a good thing considering the four with larger amounts of spiritual energies were probably Shinigami's. The really cute guy was strange though. His aura was a lot like hers...only backwards. Was it possible for a Shinigami to gain the powers of a Hollow also...things were looking less quiet and peaceful by the minute...more interesting.

Harmony focused on her burger and ignored them...well visually at least she could still hear them since they took the booth next to hers after they'd ordered. Being in human form had done nothing to dull her new senses.

With Ichigo and co

"I'm hungry let's get something to eat" Renji complained as his stomach growled.

"We're supposed to be on lookout for Arrancar and you're worried about your stomach" Rukia said, annoyed.

"Yeah" Renji said scowling "and besides we haven't heard anything out of them since that fake Karakura thing and getting Orihime back" he said.

"Ever heard of the calm before the storm" Uryuu said sarcastically.

"This is exactly why we're scouting idiot, the wars supposed to start in a month remember" Ichigo said both him and Renji choosing to ignore the Quincy.

"Hey don't ignore me" Uryuu said annoyed.

"Please don't fight" Orihime said before her stomach growled as well...a lot louder than Renji's "ehheh maybe we should get something to eat" she said rubbing the back of her head sheepishly as the other's sweat dropped.

"Fine" Rukia sighed.

"About time" Renji muttered only to meet the ground as Rukia hit him over the head.

"Oh look, let's eat here" Rangiku piped up before Renji could start shouting.

Looking over to the strip mall, the others saw a burger place.

"Alright" Ichigo said leading them in.

Walking in Ichigo was quick to notice the foreign looking girl in the corner eating a burger.

She's hot Ichigo twitched hearing his inner hollow speak up

Shut up Ichigo told him.

Aww come on Aibou don't tell me you don't think she's attractive Shirosaki taunted

Ichigo twitched again...he was right...unfortunately.

She was easily the same height as Uryuu with long black hair with red bangs. She had a figure that made any girl around her envious with a light tan. She didn't have much make-up on, just come eyeliner, silver eye shadow and lip gloss and she was wearing a pair of black leather pants and a tight dark red tank top the didn't hide the fox and tiger tattoos she had.

He looked away quickly as she looked up revealing emerald green eyes; he tried desperately to force his blush down and ignored the hysterical laughter from his hollow.

"Hey Ichigo what do you want?" Renji said over his shoulder snapping Ichigo out of it.

"Just chips and a soda" he said.

"What's wrong with you?" Uryuu asked with a raised eyebrow.

"What do you mean" Ichigo said.

"You seemed kind of spacey for a minute back there" Uryuu commented as they walked over to an empty table...next to the cute girl.

"He was staring at that girl over there" Chad said to be greeted with total silence as the others stared at the blushing Ichigo who was managing to glare at Chad at the same time.

"Aw that's so cute" Rangiku squealed "and here I was thinking you were gay" she said.

"What the hell" Ichigo exploded "I'm not gay" he said ignoring the looks being sent their way.

"Well we know that now don't we" Rukia said.

"Tch" Ichigo said flinging himself into a seat and sulked...not that that's what he'd call it.

With Harmony

"What the hell" the hot guy exploded "I'm not gay"

Harmony bit her lip to keep from laughing.

"Well we know that now don't we" the shortest one said.

"Tch" the hot guy said flinging himself into a seat.

He looks cute when he pouts Harmony thought before blinking in shock were the hell did that come from

Shaking her head slightly she finished her burger and started on her chips after having some of her soda while listening in on the conversation next to her...hey she was curious by nature seeing as one of her normal animagus forms was a fox come to think of it I haven't tried to see if I can still transform...other magic still comes to me if I try hard enough and then it's like I'm alive again...when I'm not in human form at least she mentally shrugged and vowed to try it later tonight.

She focused on her chips while her hearing trained on the odd group.

"So where did Toshiro, Ikkaku and Yumichika go anyway...weren't they supposed to help us look?" the girl with brown-orange hair asked.

"They had to head back to soul society Orihime" the older woman answered careful not to talk too loudly.

"How come?" the boy with glasses asked.

"Taichou wouldn't tell me" she pouted.

Taichou Harmony thought so they are Shinigami...but why are there so many in the human world...usually there's only one per region and there's four here...though that cute one seems more alive...that doesn't even make sense she thought with a mental sweat drop.

"I still say we should be out looking for Arrancar" the short girl muttered, none of them noticing the girl in the next booth tensing up.

"Oh lighten up Rukia" the older woman said cheerfully "we need a break once in a while...besides the head captain is pulling us back into soul society in a week so we can fully prepare for war" she continued.

War...crap I had to come to Japan when the Shinigami and Hollows are about to go to war...just fucking fantastic Harmony thought sarcastically and if they find out I'm an Arrancar who knows how they'd react she thought oh well it's not like I'm going to be fighting, I'm staying out of this she thought before noticing she'd finished her chips making her sigh mentally looks like I have to go now, they'll get suspicious if I just sit here doing nothing

Sighing she got up from her seat attracting the attention of the group she'd been sitting next to and went to pay for her food.

"Is it just me or was there something strange about her" Uryuu muttered pushing his glasses up.

"Other than the fact that Ichigo's obviously attracted to her" Renji said sarcastically only to get hit in the arm by said visored.

"Shut up moron" Ichigo snapped.

"Now that you mention it, there was something...not human about her" Uryuu said ignoring the bickering idiots.

"What do you mean...she seemed normal to me" Orihime frowned.

"Uryuu's right" Rukia frowned "I don't think she's a threat...but just keep an eye out for her okay...you never know what could happen" she warned.

"Yeah, yeah" Renji muttered voicing the others agreement as well.


Harmony lay stretched out on her three seated couch, in her den in tiger form having been practicing since she got home from shopping after she'd had lunch.

I feel more free in my animagus forms then I ever did alive she though lazily as she cleaned a paw I wonder what where Dumbledore fled to she thought idly as she got up and walked into her bedroom and transformed back.

Well if I ever see him again I'm gonna kill him she thought smirking to herself it's not like the authorities can arrest me for murder she thought scoffing at the thought.

"I'd better go shopping for some art supplies tomorrow, don't want to die of boredom" she muttered only to burst out laughing when she realized what she'd said...she was already dead.

"Oh I have become so twisted" she laughed bitterly "laughing at my own death...its official I am insane...guess the prophet was right" she grinned sadistically "speaking of them prophet I wonder if they've received my parting gift" she sneered.

She'd left parting gifts for the Prophet and the ministry before she'd left the country...gifts meaning pranks...particularly harmful pranks too.

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