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Chapter Six: Re-introductions and Squad Placement

Potter Residence – inside the Sereitei

"Lily is home early. I thought she was enduring a two week tour in the living World?" Sirius asked his brother in all but blood.

"She was. Something big must have happened for her to have returned so quickly. We'll know soon enough why it is that has my lovely in such an angered state," James replied, waiting for his wife to appear.

Remus merely snorted and went back to his book. If you were home more often you would already know why your wife is in such a state. Honestly going out ever night is a thing in the past. He thought to himself. Remus had begun to notice all the flaws that his friend had and still wondered how James had even gotten Lily in the first place. Of course he would never voice his thoughts to anyone. Everyone loved James Potter and thought he could do no wrong.

Sirius looked at his wolfish friend with a raised eyebrow. Remus merely shook his head and looked towards the door when Lily's reiatsu surged to let the occupants know that she was home. Sirius went to greet his sister when he stopped dead at the sight that greeted him. His reiatsu surged in anger and then calmed when his goddaughter flinched at the sudden change in moods.

"Remus get your furry ass over here and say hello to our goddaughter," Sirius said and stepped aside to let the two women through. James looked confused as to who was with his wife until he processed what Sirius had said.

"Harmony is that really you?" James asked and moved towards his daughter. Harmony however moved away from him and growled.

"Don't you dare James Potter," Harmony said and greeted her other god father with a hug.

"I don't understand. How are you in the Sereitei and why are you here? What happened cub?" Remus asked. Harmony sighed and tapped a charm on her bracelet. It glowed for a minute before it started to grow into a full sized pensive.

"It will be easier if I showed the last few days of my life," she replied putting the memories into the gold pensive. Sirius, Remus and James put their faces into the mercury coloured liquid.

"It is going to be okay sweetie. Sirius and Remus will still love you. Your father however will be feeling my wrath. I just can't believe he would sign off on having you killed simple for being more powerful then everyone else," Lily said trying to cheer her daughter up.

"I will never forgive him mama. Severus was more of a father to me and he died protecting me from Tom Riddle's minions' right before the final showdown. I married Draco and created a golem to have my children to make sure that our bloodlines continued. The sad thing is that I will never be able to see them again except through my contacts in England," Harmony said and leaned into her mother's arms.

"I know it hurts baby. I am sure it will turn out in the end. I am certain that you will meet them in the future. From what you have told me of the Malfoys they seem to have changed from when I was alive. I would have been proud to call Draco my son in law," Lily said reassuringly. Harmony nodded but didn't really have much hope in that.

'I won't ever meet them mama. I made sure of that. Draco would only call me if there was a life threatening emergency. I will watch from the shadows and help them from the outside,' Harmony thought. Both women went silent when two waves of reiatsu surged from the pensive. It got worse when the guys came out of the pensive. Harmony whimpered before flooding the area with her reiatsu to off balance the rage coming from her godfathers. James looked unconcerned with what had happened and went back to what he was doing. This caused Lily to fly into a murderous rage. She summoned her zanpakto into its shikai form and unleashed an attack at her husband.

"You dare to act as though what you did was normal. You signed your daughters death warrant and for what? To be known as the man who killed a child that took down the greatest evil on earth. You are not a man James Potter," Lily growled. James got up from being blasted into the next room.

"Seriously Lily, it was for the greater good. Anyone who has the kind of power that Harmony does gets corrupted no matter what. Albus was correct. Tom Riddle was extremely powerful for a half blooded wizard. He surpassed many of the pureblood families and was respected for his power. It went to his head and made him insane. The constant pulling of the mind holding that awesome power in check everyday gets so tiring that you just lose control. Harmony would have turned down that road and I couldn't allow that to be," James said ignoring the growing tension in the room. Remus stalked over to his former friend and punched him as hard as humanly possible.

"SO anyone who is more powerful than you should be sacrificed without cause. I'm sure the Head Captain would be delighted to know that one of his officers aided in the murder of his own child," Sirius said be leaving to go speak with the Head Captain. Harmony looked at her father with absolute hatred before turning to her mother.

"I think its time I get situated with a squad mama. The faster I am away from this traitor the less likely I will kill him. I really don't want to start off with everyone hating me for killing the most beloved Soul Reaper," Harmony said. Lily nodded and motioned for Remus to join them.

"I will be asking the Head captain to dissolve our marriage. I expect you to be out of my house when I get back or I will kill you," Lily growled. James nodded and went to pack his things.

"Come on, I'm pretty sure that the Head Captain will summon us to begin your placement. With Sirius ahead of us I would expect him to meet us at the gates," Remus said to Harmony. She merely nodded and followed her mother and godfather to the First Division.

First Division, Head Captain's Office

"Head Captain, Lieutenant Black of Ninth Division requesting an audience," the First division Lieutenant said to the seated captain.

"Granted," Captain Yamamoto replied and leaned back in his chair. Sirius Black appeared seconds later. "Speak Lieutenant."

"Captain Yamamoto, I am here to give report about James Potter. He openly admitted to helping plot the murder of his only child, Arrancar Harmony Sendo Formerly Potter. I have a recording here to validate my report. I also ask that you administer the placement test as soon as possible. Lily will be on her way here now to ask this very thing. I would also guess that she would like dissolution of marriage as soon as possible," Sirius said quickly, knowing that the Head Captain doesn't like time to be wasted. This news actually caused the Head Captains eyes to open.

"James Potter will be brought in for further questioning and the dissolution of marriage will be immediately processed. The placement of Arrancar Harmony Sendo will happen once she gets here. Lieutenant Sasakibe Alert the Captains of the Placement test, it will require all of them," Captain Yamamoto said to his Lieutenant. Sasakibe bowed and disappeared to complete his task.

"Thank you Head Captain," Sirius said. Yamamoto nodded and began asking him all about his goddaughter. Sirius complied and spent a good hour telling and showing the Captain who Harmony Sendo was before she died. The Head Captain listened with a slightly impressed look on his face. He already had an idea of where Harmony would be placed. Captain Hitsugaya could use a hand since his lieutenant doesn't seem to be handling her responsibility well enough.

"Head Captain, Lieutenant Evans and Fifth Seat Lupin are here along with Arrancar Sendo. The other captains are waiting in the training hall," Lieutenant Sasakibe said as he came into the room.

The head captain got up from his chair and proceeded to lead the way to the First Division training grounds where the assembled captains stood waiting with Lily and Harmony. The others bowed and got into their positions as if they were in a Captains meeting.

"We are here to assess the skills of Arrancar Harmony Sendo and to place her into a squad. Captain Kuchiki would you care to start us off," Captain Yamamoto said and banged his cane on the ground. Captain Kuchiki moved from his spot and calmly walked a good distance away and waited for Harmony to appear across from him. Harmony gave her mother a hug and then used sonido (sonido is to the arrancar as flash step is to soul reapers) to appear in front of the stoic captain.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Captain Kuchiki. I thank you for taking the time to appraise my skills," Harmony said and gave a slight bow.

"It is of no consequence. I will be testing you on swordsmanship and kido. Please ready yourself," the stoic captain replied. Harmony growled and her appearance changed slowly. Her figure stayed pretty much the same, only a few things changing. They saw fangs in her mouth as well as black lips along with three, different sized, small circles under her eyes, the largest of which was at the corner of her eye nearest the ears. Her eyes still had the silver eye shadow not to mention she had a white circlet going under her blood red, chin length bangs and around her head that came down between her eyes, looking like birds wings. She also had black claws and a fist sized hole appeared just above her breasts. Harmony seemed to shudder as she assumed her real form and she breathed a sigh of relief, opening her slitted eyes.

"This would be my first form, this is my shikai," Harmony explained pulling her sword free from its sheath. Captain Kuchiki drew his zanpakto as well. Both faced each other before the captain made the first move. He flashed forward and brought his sword down. Harmony stepped to the side an inch and parried his blow. She then pushed him back and started her on slot. Captain Kuchiki was starting to get frustrated that he hadn't been able to attack the fast Arrancar. Harmony was faster than he was and he knew it. He blocked a blow to the side and started firing byakurai's in the young girl's direction. Harmony merely dodged the lightning and began meeting fire with fire.

For an hour the two battled on. Captain Kuchiki was starting to get tired and decided to take it up a notch and entered Bankai. Harmony looked at the enclosed area with slight apprehension before taking a breath.

"Reap the souls of the damned Dante," Harmony said and started to glow an eerie red colour. She reached up behind her and pulled out the casing of her spine. A blade sprang from its side and made it look like a scythe (think of Death's Scythe from Dante's Inferno but thinner and shorter). Her outfit changed to that of a bone that formed a cross on her torso. She wore a pair of black yoga pants and sandals. Her hair was pushed back more and she looked deadly.

"This is my true form. This is my resurrection or Bankai," Harmony said and disappeared. She moved so fast that no one saw her appear next to her mother. Everyone looked at her then at Captain Kuchiki. He was lying on the ground with his zanpakto next him.

"Captain Unohana please check over Captain Kuchiki. I believe we have seen enough of this woman's skills to place her in a squad. It is my decision that Harmony Sendo be placed into the Tenth Division. Captain Hitsugaya, please show your newest member around to get her acquainted with her responsibilities," the head captain said and left the grounds. The assembled soul reapers all scattered back to their own divisions to continue with the daily chores and paperwork.