Okay, so I have been working on this little story for a while now. For this one, we are going all the way back to season 1, to a little episode called "Chuck vs The Marlin." For any of you who have not seen the episode, shame on you why are you even here? Just kidding, but as a little refresher, this was the episode, where Chuck found a bug in the Buy More, planted by a Fulcrum mole. The CIA ended up robbing the Buy More to sweep for more bugs, etc... Meantime Devon had given Chuck his grandmother's ring to hang onto until he figured out how he was going to propose to Ellie. The ring ends up missing when the Buy More is robbed. Come the end of the episode, the CIA decides they are moving Chuck to a underground bunker because his cover has been blown.

Now, my story is going to pick up here with Longshore taking Chuck into custody and getting ready to move him out. The outcome is a bit different than the way the episode ended. I don't know if a story like this has ever been done because I wasn't on the fanfic boards during season 1. So hopefully this will be something new for you all too.

For the majority of this chapter, the dialogue is the actual dialogue that was used in the show, so I cannot take any credit for that. However, It does change over near the end of the chapter and becomes my own original dialogue.

So I know this is an incredibly short chapter for me, but it will give you the set up for the premise of this story. It really was the best place to end it. Hope you like it.

Disclaimer: I unfortunately own nothing.

Alright so if you managed to make it through the incredibly long and rambling author's note, onto the story.

Chapter 1

He sat defeated, in the backseat of Longshore's car. It was the end of the road for him. His life as he knew it was officially over.

"So… this is it huh? I'm going to get my own padded cell. Do I get a bed or is my whole room kind of like a bed?" He was half joking but half serious at the same time.

Longshore glanced back at him through the rearview mirror.

"It's not as bad as it sounds. The underground complex where you'll be living has state of the art security and amenities. You'll even be allowed outside to visit controlled locations."

Chuck took in his words, everything seemed so surreal to him. How could this be happening? And then it dawned on him. All he was leaving behind. "Hold on, I…I… can't leave without telling Ellie something. A reason for going…what should I say?"

"Nothing. It's safer for them if you just disappear." His words were cold and unfeeling.

Chuck sat silently trying his best to comprehend such an absurd concept. Disappearing without a word. Given his and Ellie's history with their parents, it was something he would never do, not to her and she knew it. How could he?

Longshore guided Chuck to the rooftop. The two men made their way to the helipad. Chuck becoming more and more hesitant, the closer they got.


The two men, surprised by their unexpected company, turned to see Sarah quickly approaching. Chuck breathed a slight sigh of relief and a small smile began to form on his face.

Longshore reached for his gun. "Is there a problem Agent Walker?"

"Sarah, thank God you're here I don't wanna go yet…I can't.." Chuck began to ramble uncontrollably.

"Agent Casey is tracking down the fulcrum mole and he should have her in custody soon. " Sarah turned her attention to Chuck "So we can…hold off…on the Chuck transfer for the time being."

"If there was a change in the operation I would have been contacted. I have my orders." Longshore responded.

Sarah nervously shook her head. "We don't have to do this." She spoke through her nerves. "This is a judgment call; we can hold Chuck here until we know for sure."

Longshore took hold of Chuck's arm and pulled him in the direction they were initially headed before Agent Walker's interruption. "His cover was blown, he's gone."

"No!.. I will take full responsibility. Chuck is my asset, he's my guy…just give us some more time…Please." She pleaded the best she knew how.

"I would appreciate it. I really would." Chuck chimed in in one last desperate attempt.

"Please don't do this." Sarah reached behind her back, her hand rested securely on her gun, ready if she needed it.

"Okay, you got one minute. One Minute!" Longshore emphasized the one minute before stepping back away from them, giving the two of them some space. Sarah eyed him as she made her way closer to Chuck until she came to stand directly in front of him.

"I'm not ready Sarah; I'm not ready to disappear."

"No. I know."

"I need you to talk to Ellie and to Morgan and my friends and tell them…tell them I don't know….look if I'm supposed to be dead, just tell them something that will make it okay…that will make them feel alright. Just make sure they know how much I love them…You can do that right?"

She nodded as the tears welled in her eyes.

"Of course you can, you're Sarah, you can do anything."

She attempted a smile through the nearly formed tears.

"And hey there's a silver lining to this to you know. Cuz we're not working together anymore, which means we can go on a date. You can come by my cell and we can hang out and you can tell me who the president is."

She snickered at his attempt at humor. Leave it to Chuck to try to make her feel alright when his world was crumbling down before him.

"And maybe..." he held his cuffed hands open for hers. She placed her hands in his and their eyes locked with one another. "Maybe we can see how we really feel."

"Times up!" Longshore called out, interrupting their heartfelt goodbye.

Chuck shifted his attention to Longshore. He had nearly forgotten he was even there; he had been so caught up in his moment with Sarah. He turned back to look at her again.

"Goodbye Sarah."

A single tear fell from her eye and cascaded down her cheek. He had never seen her cry before. For a long time he didn't even think it was something she was capable of. But over the past year, they had gotten close, maybe not as close as Chuck would have liked them to be, but they were friends. Good friends. Not to mention the thing that was going on between the two of them behind the cover relationship, whether Sarah was ready to admit it or not.

He released her hands and turned to walk away. He was halfway across the rooftop to Longshore when she stopped him.

"Chuck!" she managed to call out to him through the tears.

He turned and locked eyes with her once again.

"Save you later."

He offered a half a smile and a slight nod of the head.

Without thinking Sarah rushed towards him. She pulled him into a hug. "I'll find you." She whispered into his ear. "I'll fix this Chuck…I promise."

"Let's go Bartowski." Longshore interrupted.

Chuck and Sarah pulled apart. He gave her one last lingering look before finally turning away from her once again and joining Longshore at the helipad.

The three of them averted their eyes as the helicopter came in for a landing, the wind gusting around them. The chopper finally landed and Sarah watched as Longshore and Chuck boarded.

Chuck turned to look at her through the small helicopter window. Within seconds, they were airborne. Her eyes remained glued to the chopper until it was completely out of sight. Sarah fell to her knees allowing the tears to flow freely, the faint sounds of the propellers still echoing in the darkness.

"I'm so sorry Chuck." She choked on her own words.

She had told him she would always protect him. She would keep him safe. She asked him to trust her. She had failed at her job, and more importantly she had failed him.

Okay, so what did everyone think? Good? Bad? Worth continuing? If you readers are interested let me know, perhaps another chapter will be coming your way this weekend.