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Sarah placed the framed photograph of her and Chuck on the mantle and took a step back taking a moment to admire it. She smiled at the memory. Glancing at her watch she sighed when she saw the time. She turned her attention to the piles of cardboard boxes that were scattered about the new apartment. There was still so much to do before their dinner guests arrived in exactly 5 hours and 47 minutes. Perhaps they shouldn't have done this on the same day they were moving into the new apartment.

Her attention shifted to the door when Chuck entered, completely unexpected.


"Hey baby." He said making a few quick strides towards her.

"What are you doing here? I thought your plane didn't get in for another 2 hours."

"Well, I finished up with Beckman and Director Johnson early. They couldn't get me to sign the papers fast enough. I told them I needed to get back here. They let me use one of the jets."

This didn't particularly surprise Sarah, not with all the groveling the agency had to do in order to get him to finally accept a position with the agency after the stunt they had pulled in Paraguay last month.

Chuck came to stand in front of her. "What? I've been gone nearly three days; I thought maybe you would be a little excited to see me."

Her smile stretched ear to ear. "Of course I'm excited to see you." She wrapped her arms around his neck. "I missed you." Her lips found his and he responded eagerly to her kiss.

"Mmmm…what is that strawberry lip balm?" he asked pulling away.

"Cherry." She replied.

"Well, it's delightful."

She laughed. He always made her laugh. She found it to be incredibly sexy.

Sarah leaned back in and captured his lips again.

Just as they were really getting into it, she pulled away abruptly.

"Anyway, I'm glad you're here. We have so much to do before dinner tonight."

"Sarah, honey. I think the unpacking can wait. It is after all our first day in our new apartment. If we have some boxes lying around when our guest get here, then so be it, they'll understand. Now, I for one am feeling great, the best I've felt in a month. I think it's safe to say my ribs are well healed by now, I think maybe there are other things that can occupy our time."

"You mean…?"

Chuck gave her a nod and a smile as he advanced towards her and circled his arms around her waist.

"Chuck are you sure? I mean it's only been 4 weeks."

"Sarah, I have never been surer of anything…Like you said… it's been 4 weeks." He eyed her seductively and she bit her lip in anticipation.

Taking her completely by surprise he swept her off her feet and into his arms.

"Ohhh! Chuck be careful. You're going to hurt yourself."

Ignoring her pleas, Chuck carried her off to their new bedroom. He meandered them around the cardboard boxes and into the bedroom. Sarah's lips found his neck and she began trailing kisses down its length.

The bedroom was still mostly packed up. Their bed was put together but that was it, no sheets, no blankets.

"I didn't get to make the bed yet." She spoke softly.

"That's okay. Now we won't have to remake it."

His lips moved to hers and he sauntered over to the bed and gently laid her down on it. His knee hit the mattress just between her legs and he shifted his weight onto the bed. Hovering above her she reached for his shirt, more than eager to relieve him of it. With a little help from him, it was quickly discarded landing somewhere on the floor among the numerous boxes. Sarah reached for his pants. In record time she undid his belt and was able to pop the button.

"Hey." He said catching her hands in his. "Slow down."

"Chuck, it's been 5 weeks since I've been able to touch you."

"I know." He said lowering himself to the bed, pressing his body against hers. "That's why I think we should savor this moment." He stroked her cheek with his thumb. His lips descended on her, kissing her softly. Sarah's body reacted promptly. Her fingers worked their way through his hair, while his lips worked their way down her neck.

"Oh Chuck."

He began working on the tiny buttons on her top. He loosened them, slowly, one button at a time allowing her shirt to fall open revealing her silky smooth skin and her lacy undergarments. Chuck smiled with appreciation.

She stroked her fingers lovingly through his curls. His eyes met hers.

"I've really missed you." She said.

"I really love you." He replied and his mouth found hers again.

"What time is everyone going to be here?" Chuck asked, as he cleared out several of the now empty card board boxes, ready to discard.

Sarah placed the pot roast in the oven and closed the door.

"About 40 minutes." She said looking at her watch.

Chuck looked around the apartment, despite their impromptu love making session, they had managed to make good time and at least get the majority of their kitchen and living room unpacked.

"So, that's just enough time to take a shower and change." He said.

"Alright, just make it quick because I need to shower too." She replied.

Chuck made his way behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. He nuzzled her neck.

"Actually, I thought maybe we could shower together. Save some time and all."

Sarah turned in his arms. She placed her hands on his arms. "Well, I don't know if that will save us time, but I do like the way you think Agent Bartowski."

Chuck smirked. "Agent." He repeated. "That sounds so….surreal."

"Well, you earned it. And I'm so incredibly proud of you." Her hands moved their way up his arms and didn't stop until they were clasped securely behind his neck. "This dinner tonight. Chuck this is a celebration for you, for our team. For the future."

"The future. And what a beautiful one it will be." He kissed her once more before leading her towards the bathroom.

"What time was Sabrina's plane getting in?" Chuck asked handing Casey a cold beer.

"About an hour ago, she wanted to go home, drop off her bags, shower and change first." He replied twisting the cap off the bottle and taking a swig.

"Have you heard anything about her trip? How it went with her parents?" Sarah asked taking a seat on the couch next to Chuck.

"We're not exactly BFFs Walker. If she's going to talk to anyone it would be you or Bartowski here. He is the one with all the lady feelings. You know that's not my style."

Their conversation was interrupted by the knocking on the door.

"Speak of the devil." Casey said.

Sarah jumped up from the couch and proceeded towards the door. "Be nice Casey."

Sarah opened the door to an eagerly awaiting Sabrina.

"Hey, you made it." Sarah said stepping aside to grant her entry.

"Hey Sarah."

"How was the trip?" Sarah asked.

"Good, it was good…Really great." She couldn't hide her smile.

Sarah was happy for her. The spy game could be a lonely business; she knew that all too well. So it gave her great joy to see that Sabrina was able to reconnect with her parents.

Chuck and Casey said their greetings before Sarah whisked Sabrina off to the kitchen in search of some wine.

"Soooo, how did your parents take the news?" Sarah asked pouring them each a glass of Pinot Noir.

Sabrina smiled, "Better than I hoped. They were speechless."

"I can imagine."

"Sarah, thank you."

"For what? I didn't do anything."

"You encouraged me to reconnect with them. If it wasn't for you, well, they would still think I was dead. They send their regards by the way."

Sarah stifled her laugh and clinked her glass with Sabrina's and the two indulged in their wine.

"Sarah, dinner was great. You really outdid yourself. And this pie….well, it's delicious." Chuck gave her a wink from across the table.

"Well, I can't take credit for the pie. It's from the bakery down the street." She replied.

"Chuck is right Sarah, everything was wonderful." Sabrina chimed in and Casey gave an appreciative grunt.

"So Chuck, how did it go in Washington? I am assuming its official now." Casey questioned.

Chuck smiled as he pulled his new badge from his pocket. "It's official."

"Congratulations Chuck."

"Thanks Sabrina."

"You know what this means Bartowski?" Casey asked.

Chuck looked at him confused. "What's that?" he asked.

"No more waiting in the car."

"That's right." Chuck replied. "As of tomorrow, the new team is up and running." Chuck raised his glass. The other three followed suit and they clinked their glasses together.

Tomorrow would be the start of a whole new chapter for them all.

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