Chapter 1

It was a nice day and the warmth could have been easily felt on the skin. The skin itself felt relaxation as there was a little humid air flowing through the ocean of the sky. The day seemed normal and people were relaxed. Nobody could even think that something bad would occur very soon.

The Kent family was an ordinary family traveling from Washington DC to Paris, where they planned to have a vacation. The family consisted of John Kent the man of the family who has been a farmer in Smallville, his wife Martha and son Clark. Clark Kent was a smart individual and just graduated Smallvile's college and was ready to go to a large urban city to work and this trip was meant as a vacation between the college and the life in the city.

John Kent took a newspaper in the Dallas airport and read the main headline. "This dark knight has been seen again in Gotham. I think he is an urban legend but if he is real it feels that he would be a good person"

"John he is not real, he is a myth and a topic for newspapers to use to get higher ratings"

"I don't know Ma, but this "Batman" as they call him seems real and is making a difference by cleaning up Gotham. I wish I could do the same"

"Don't worry Clark, you will not have such a dangerous profession. I heard you wanted to be a journalist where you could still make a difference"

"I guess so dad" The three people sat at the airport's exit and waited for the boarding to begin. They sat on the seats available at the gates and while the elder Kents were reading a newspaper, Clark Kent was thinking about his future as well as dreaming a bit on the possibility of him being a police officer.

"Forget it Clark, you will not be a policeman" said the young man to himself and continues thinking about his future. The boarding soon begun and the family joined the line.

"Your tickets and boarding passes please" They showed the documents and then proceeded to the airplane, which was pretty big as it was an international flight going to Paris, where the majority of the people would be tourists and visit museums and historical sites as well as try French cuisine among many other things.

As the plane took off, Clark watched in the window, as it was his first flight since he never before even left his hometown of Smallville. The plane was gaining height and Clark was amazed at the sky blue white scenery of white fluffy clouds floating on the surface of the vast ocean of Earth's atmosphere. "I wish I could fly like that too" thought Clark

After an hour the plane leveled off at the height of about ten kilometers and flew in a horizontal plane towards its destination. The meal arrived and the three Kents took the food and ate it, it was quite enjoyable as John Kent even accidently burped. It was a great beginning of the day and the family was happy.

After the meal John Kent fell asleep while Martha was reading a cooking book that she took with her from her house in Smallville while Clark was looking outside of the window to see the beauty of the sky.

After the plane left the Continent and was starting to fly over Atlantic for about an hour or two, the crew heard some strange sounds and felt that something happened. It took people some time to realize before someone shouted, "We are loosing altitude!"

Many people shouted and screamed but the plane was starting to accelerate in its fall into the ocean. The emergency doors did not open and the panic escalated. "We are going to die!" Nobody knew what to do and prepared for the worse.

Clark saw how the massive vessel approached the ocean at a high speed and before it collided with the water, an explosion occurred in the cockpit of the plane, which soon resulted in the vessel's utter destruction and division into a myriad of pieces, which fell together with the passengers and the crew in the water. Likely for many people their last minutes of their lives were not as bad as they could have been as many people died very quickly and did not have a gruesome death by like burning.

Last thing Clark remembered that an explosion in one of airplane's engines threw him away and then he hit something hard before having a total blackout and not knowing what had happened. The man though that he was dying and relaxed. He was at peace.

Many hours after the explosion occurred Clark Kent opened his eyes and looked around the place he landed. At first the man though that he landed in afterlife; however, the life on that island seemed too similar to the real life and even his body felt some pain.

After Clark Kent had opened his eyes he saw a young woman of his age standing next to him dressed in an Ancient Greece tunica. The woman was rather beautiful and had long black hair but even though she looked feminine, she had an aura of a warrior who could fight in a battle rather than being a damsel in distress.

"What are you?" asked the girl

"My name is Clark Kent and I survived somehow the destruction of the airplane on which I was traveling."

"My name is Princess Diana. Wait, are you a man?" she asked cautiously

"Yes, why?" asked puzzled Clark

"Guard, we have a man here!" The next thing Clark remembered was that many women surrounded and tied him up. After a hit on the head, he lost his consciousness again.

A/N prior to this story, Superman had not yet discovered his powers.