Chapter 5

Clark sat at the table in the Queen's palace that was located in the middle of the amazon city. He was quiet, thinking how his life has changed recently; from his arrival to the island to meeting the princess and then the battle with Heracles. Clark usually did not like to think too much about his achievements but he could not help himself to think proudly a bit that he defeated the legendary Heracles. Clark saw that the Queen stood up and looked at the people who sat at the table. "Today we faced a large invasion led by Heracles, who is one of the worst enemies of our land. However, I was surprised that a newcomer to out island, who also happens to be a man, had defeated our enemy. I would like to celebrate the victory. " She put her glass in the air.

After the celebration was over and the Amazons dispersed, Clark noticed that the Amazon Queen came towards him and sat nearby. "We are grateful for your help stranger. I saw that you helped us when Heracles invaded; I have not expected that from a man"

"I did what I had to do and that man wanted to hurt innocent people, I could not let that to happen. My parents taught me that I should to be kind and helpful to strangers. Now, I do not know what I should do. I lost my parents and I am now all alone in this world. I did consider to help people as I felt that since I have these powers I should use them for good."

"You are an interesting man Clark Kent. I thought that the people in the Man's World are still like Heracles, especially men, who treat women as their property. But your behavior seems to be very different"

"The world has changed your Highness and while some people are still like Heracles, many are not. "

"I see. I think I can help you as we have some maps of the world. We also have some aircraft that was built from the designs some of my sisters saw while they were in the man's world many years ago. My people could help you in fixing one of the plain, as they are quite old, so that you could return to your world"

"Thank you but I think that I might not even need a plane as I can fly."

"I saw that but we will provide you some supplies, which would fit in a small plane" Clark thanked the Queen and then noticed that the Princess stood nearby as well.

"Mother, I would also like to go and see the Man's World. If the world changed as much as Clark had claimed, then I think I will face little problem being there. " The young woman looked at her mother and the Queen sighed.

"As much as I don't want you to be far from me, I think it is the time you should face your own destiny. You are an adult and I think that you can defend yourself. I also think that your friend will help you to adjust in that world as he grew there"

"I will, Princess" said Clark and looked at the Princess. Diana smiled and then slightly blushed. However, she then noticed that her mother was about to say something, and since she knew her mother well, she would probably not like what the older woman was about to say.

"But Artemis will come with you as your personal bodyguard" Diana knew that it was not pointless to argue with her mother and surrendered. Clark laughed at the protectiveness of the Amazon Queen.

The couple went to wait in Diana's room for the Amazons to finish fixing one of the planes they had. While waiting, Clark told stories about the town he grew up in, about his family and friends and then in general about the World. The girl was surprised on how different the Man's World was to what she was taught and was eager to explore it.

Five days later, the two went to one of the biggest plains on the island and saw a young looking woman facing them; she had red long hair and carried a sword on her side. Clark made a note to himself not to anger the girl, as she seemed to be not as friendly towards men. "I am Artemis and I will pilot this plane to the destination you two wish to go"

Clark thought for a moment and decided to go to Kansas first. He knew Geography well and learnt the coordinates of his hometown in high school. Clark then wrote the coordinates and gave them to Artemis. "It seems that we are going to the middle part of North America. Very well, fasten your seat belts." The three entered the plane and Artemis sat in the pilot seat and while she was putting the coordinates, Clark and Diana sat in the back of the jet and fastened their own belts. The plane soon flew in the air.

"So what are you planning to do when you return to your world?" asked Diana

"I was thinking of becoming a reporter in Metropolis as well as being a superhero by saving people there. I heard that there is already one in Gotham whose name alone scares the criminals."

"What is a reporter?" asked Diana, as she was confused on many modern terms, since her outside world studies were both outdated and incomplete. Clark then explained to her many professions that existed and suggested some that Diana should have tried.

"I don't know Clark, they all seem interesting and I don't know if I would qualify to most of them but like you I would also like to become a superhero"

"Don't worry Diana, you will do a good job, after all you are a wonderful person and I think that you will manage to find her job"

Diana looked at her friend and smiled. She liked that Clark reassured her. The Princess then asked her fellow Amazon on her preferred occupation. "Well, the Queen pointed me to look after you and I will but I also wished to be a police officer like Mr. Kent had said, they protect the people and hunt down the criminals"

Clark looked at both of the girls and an idea came to his mind. " What about your secret identities?" he asked

"Well I will be Diana Prince and as you kindly stated that I am a wonderful person, I can be Wonder Woman. I also think that you Artemis should be Artemis Prince and have an alias of Huntress as you expressed a desire to hunt people up and beat them up"

The red headed amazon looked at her Princess and smiled mildly. "Very well Princess, but I did not say that I want to beat people up"

"But you thought about it, I know you" laughed Diana. The two women looked at each other and decided not to talk to each other. After some more time passed, Clark looked outside and saw his hometown.

"We are here. Lets stay at my house and then tomorrow we will leave to go to Metropolis" The plane had landed and the three people upon exiting it saw a small farm owned by Kents.