Tim woke to silent swearing. He cracked his eyes open, listening to Abby whisper, "Jethro, you scared me. Go lay down, I'm just using the bathroom." The door opened, Abby freezing when she noticed McGee's eyes open.

"Sorry, did I wake you?" she asked, her voice still low.

"No," Tim lied the pain in his head almost nonexistent. He wasn't sure if the bulk of the headache passed or if it were leading him into a false sense of security. But, at the moment, he didn't care. He was just happy to be pain free for the time being.

"Timmy, you're a horrible liar," Abby said moving past him, disappearing into his bathroom. "How are you feeling?' she called through the slightly ajar door.

"Better," Tim answered truthfully.

The toilet flushed, the water turned on, and soon Abby was walking out of the bathroom. "That's good," she said moving toward the door. "You want something to eat? You haven't eaten since yesterday."

"Yesterday?" McGee checked his watch, hating how he kept losing time. It was almost six.

"So, are you hungry?" Abby asked again.

"Yeah," Tim responded just as his stomach growled. He sat up slowly, testing his limits. Other than a slight twinge behind his left eye, he was actually okay.

"I can make you eggs or toast," Abby said biting her lip.

"Toast's fine," McGee replied trying to get out of bed. Abby pushed him back and said, "Stay. I'll bring it to you."

"Abbs, you don't…" she was gone before he could finish his sentence. He leaned his head against the headboard, closing his eyes. How could he be so tired, he had just woken up?

He must have dozed off, coming awake when Abby nudged his shoulder. He peeled his eyes open, a plate of toast under his nose. It smelt good, great actually. He sat up straighter, taking the plate from her. She walked around the bed, settling next to him.

As he took a bite of toast, Abby looked around the room and said, "You need a TV in here."

"No I don't," he answered slowly, finding a glass of milk sitting on the end table next to his bed. He picked it up, taking several sips, eating more toast.

"Yes you do. Or a radio, at least," Abby pressed. "I mean, you have a tiny TV in your living room/library/study/main area. I mean, you'd think you, of all people, would have a bigger TV."

"A, I'm not Tony. B, what does that mean? And C, I don't watch much television." Tim finished his toast and milk, setting both back on the end table.

"A, I know you aren't Tony. That would just be weird." McGee smirked at that. "B, you're a freaky genius with computers…"

"So are you…" he pointed out.

"…you'd think you'd get a big TV to watch. I mean, Star Trek marathons are on, Comin Con coverage, and, hell, there is an entire channel dedicated to SciFi. You should get a bigger TV."

"You make me sound like a dork, Abbs," Tim pointed out laying down, covering his face with his arm.

She chose not to respond to his comment, instead saying, "I never said you had to watch TV all the time. Just, with your video games, you'd think…

"Abbs," Tim lowered his arm, glancing at her, not liking her sudden tone. "What did you do?"

"Nothing," she said hurriedly, but her eyes told a different story.


"Okay, so, I had Jimmy bring over his Wii. We were playing and the controller flew out of his hand…"

"Palmer broke my TV?" Tim asked slowly. Damn Autopsy Gremlin.

"It was an accident," Abby responded sheepishly, shrugging. "And I swear, Jimmy will buy you a new one." Tim didn't verbally respond, instead shaking his head. Besides, he was too tired anyway. He closed his eyes, covering his face with his arm again.

"You should go back to sleep," Abby informed him after a few minutes of heavy silence. McGee could tell she still felt guilty for the TV incident. "I'll just go take Jethro for a walk…" he felt her move, but before she could get out of his bed he blindly grabbed her arm.

"You don't have to leave," he said with a sigh. "I know it was an accident. Besides, even if it wasn't, it was Jimmy's fault. We'll blame him."

"We shouldn't," Abby responded, but McGee could hear a smile in her voice.

"Oh well," Tim replied shrugging. He heard Abby giggle before planting a kiss on McGee's cheek. She moved to lay down, Tim moving his arm from his eyes to wrap it around her shoulder. He pulled her toward him, kissing her hair.

"I love you, Timmy," Abby whispered into his shoulder.

"Love you too, Abbs," he responded both drifting off to sleep seconds later…

The End...


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