I opened my eyes and saw Selena's face 2 inches away from mine. "what are you doing?" I asked her. "I'm trying to see if you will wake up because my face is here" she told me. "well I'm awake aren't I?" I said. she backed away. "Selena?" I said. she turned towards me and I crashed my lips to hers. it was a passionate yet delicate kiss. she didn't pull away. "hey I'm going to get the doctor and see when you came get out of here ok?" I said. she nodded. I left and found the doctor. "hey when's Selena allowed to leave?" I asked him. "well Mrs. Lovato she's allowed to leave when ever she feels O.K" he told me. "ok well Ill ask her and stuff" I said. I walked back to Selena's room and opened the door. "hey" I said. she smiled. my stomach did a summersault when she smiled at me. I could get lost in her eyes. "so do you know when I can leave?" she asked me. "um y-yeah the doctor said y-you could leave w-when you fell ready" I stuttered. I suddenly got lost in her eyes. those beautiful brown eyes. "well then I'm leaving because I feel ready" she told me. "ok I'll tell the doctor" I said.

I walked out and talked to the doctor about Selena leaving today. he agreed and when I got back to the room Selena was already changed and sitting on the edge of her bed. "ok where are we going to go first?" she asked me. I smirked. "well I was thinking of taking you some places that we went before" I said. she nodded and we walked out hand in hand. I started to drive to 'our place'. I pulled into an open area. "where's this place?" Selena asked me. "our place" I told her. she nodded and got out of the car. we started to walk. I felt her hand brush against mine. I held her hand and we walked a little bit. we came to a clearing and I could already hear the waterfall. The waterfall came into view and Selena gasped. "it's beautiful how did you find this place?" she asked me. "I don't really know I just did" I said. Selena looked confused or like she was thinking of something.


*Flash Back*

"Here Selena I want to show you something" Demi said while pulling on my hand. I don't really know how we got there but it was beautiful. there was a waterfall and a little stream. "oh my gosh Demi how did you find this?" "I don't really know. I was just walking one day and I came upon this" she told me. "well it's beautiful. this can be our place." I picked up a knife and carved Demi + Selena = BFF.

I walked up to the tree the day I asked Demi to be my girlfriend and took out a knife. I had mixed emotions and started to carve. Demi+ Selena= 3

*End of Flash Back*

I saw Demi snapping her fingers in my face for I don't know how long. "hellooooo earth to Selena?" she said. I grabbed her hand and lowered it. "this is our place" I said. She nodded and grabbed my hand and pulled me towards a tree. I looked at it and it still said 'Demi+ Selena= BFF' but underneath it, it said 'Demi+ Selena= 3'. I leaned my head on Demi's shoulder and we just stood there. I moved away and layed down on the grass trying to see through the tree's. I was failing miserably but I felt Demi lay down beside me. "what are you thinking about?" Demi asked me suddenly. "well why can't I see through these trees…uhmm why is this girl so close to me she's making my heart beat pick up…" I said. I saw Demi smile from the corner of my eye. She was so cute.

*Flash Back*

"this is perfect" I said. Demi nodded. I was sitting against a door that led up to the roof. I was holding Demi in my arms. She was so cute. "I mean I'm with the perfect girl…on the perfect night…in the perfect place" I said. "well the moonlight picnic on the roof was original…but I don't think it's perfect yet…something's missing" Demi said. "wait what? I thought it was perfect. You said it was perfect…but if you don't like it I can call someplace and we can eat there if you want. Here let me just call-" I felt Demi grab my hand. "Selena…stop" she said. I looked at her with a confused expression. "you want to know the thing that's missing from this perfect night?" she asked me. I nodded and she gently placed her lips on to mine. "that's what was missing" she said when she pulled away. I smiled. "well I hope that's missing more often" I whispered. She nodded and I got up. "here I have something for you" I told her. She smiled and nodded. "ok what is it?" she asked me curiously. I grabbed my guitar from inside the stairs and sat down in front of Demi. I started to play my guitar and sang…

She's stopping by real late tonight, just to said I got some things that been weighing on my mind,And I know I can we just sit and man we talk a whileWhile she spills her heart in these arms of then she'll say... Play me that song, play me that song you wroteAbout the girl who might not ever know,How much you care, or how much you love me that song, play me that song againBoy I like to think there's someone thereWho might love me just like that,So play me that song time on a small town girls, nothing but 's a trail of tears that leads right to the sightCause I know how to hold herShe knows I don't give a damn about the rumors spread or what's been said.I just take my pride and walk away.I play her that song, play her that song I wroteAbout the girl who might not ever knowHow much I care, or how much I love her.I play her that song, play her that song againCause she likes to think there's someone thereWho might love her just like that,So I play her that song baby I'll never get tiredI'll play it all nightSitting neath the sunrise till I'm black and blueYou make it easy to doBaby that song, baby that song I wroteAbout the girl who might not ever know,How much I care, or how much I love that song, I gotta tell you the truthI've been hiding this so long from 't believe you never knew..Its all about you, oh its all about you.

*End of Flash Back*

As I was laying there I could only think to myself one thing. True Love Always Waits. "I love you Demi" I whispered quietly.

Ok yes I know this wasn't my best story…it pretty much sucked and was confusing as heck so…yeah. Sorry if you read it, I didn't mean to put you through all that pain. Yeah I'm ending this story because I just NEVER got into it. But I have more stories for you guys. Just keep waiting. And I'm sorry I haven't posted for so long my laptop was being gay and wouldn't go on the internet. Comment and Subscribe please!