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Falling down.

Faster and faster.

She felt nauseous and couldn't think. There was a high pitched screaming filling her ears. Her throat felt raw, as if she had swallowed chunks of glass. Oh. That screaming was her. Her hair was whipping around her face violently. How much farther did she have to fall? She should be dead by now.

There was strange warmth on her chest. It was faint at first, but then began to grow. Her eyes were clenched so tight that the muscles in her face were sore. She could see a hot, red color behind her eyelids. Opening her eyes, she squinted, trying to see what it was. She was still plummeting. But there was a bright light emanating from her chest. It hurt to look at.

'What is that?'

The strange light grew and grew until it encompassed her whole body. Her skin prickled, and tingled. It was an odd sensation. She felt itchy, yet soothed at the same time.

She wasn't with the giants anymore.

She had no idea where she was. She was floating, not falling. There seemed to be an invisible force pulling her towards an unknown destination. Dark blues, purples, and greens swirled around her. It was like a vortex drawing her in. She stared, wide-eyed with wonder at all around her. As she was pushed closer the warmth faded. A coldness crept into her skin. It was a hollow feeling, one that she knew very well. It smelled dank and musty, of old corpses and cobwebs. A shiver ran down her spine. It was completely silent, as if all the sound in the world had been sucked out of this strange 'in between' place that she seemed to be in.

At the end of the 'vortex', she didn't really know what to call this place, she could see the Underworld. She saw the Styx river, Cerberus, Pain and Panic, and at last….Hades. She gulped. He was not going to be happy when he heard what she had to tell him.

The comforting floating feeling that she had felt was disappearing. All of a sudden her body was being thrust forward. Faster and faster. Too fast for her taste. It was the same as that falling feeling, as if the giant had dropped her a second time.

She grit her teeth and clenched her eyes closed. She brought her arms up in front of her, wind milling. She tried to slow herself down or protect her body from harm, she wasn't sure which. It didn't seem to help any.

To Hades and the rest of the gang it seemed as if Meg had just fallen out of the sky.

Hades hadn't been surprised, when he gave her that necklace he knew its capabilities and the tell-tale signs of its usage. However, when the portal started forming above their heads he was a bit confused. Why would the portal form all the way up there? Then Meg came shooting out of it screaming with limbs flailing helplessly.

Hades' s eyes widened. Pain and Panic screamed in alarm. Cerberus's three heads swiveled around at the commotion and immediately barked in excitement. Cerberus galloped over just in time to catch Meg in their mouths. The chain hooked up to their collars' pulled tight, but allowed the strain.

The other two heads that had not caught this new 'toy' chomped at the middle one in jealousy. They growled at each other and fought over it.


The overgrown puppy sat in attention when its master called.

Hades walked over to his beloved servant and comrade. "Down", He said pointing at the floor by his feet.

Cerberus sat still, blinking at its master.

Hades raised an eyebrow. "Doooooown Cerberus!" he called a second time.

Reluctantly the three headed dog released its prey. Meg began to fall, unconscious, having fainted some time ago.

Hades's hand jerked forward with light-speed reflexes. A dark energy shot out of his palm, fully encompassing Meg, and slowly bringing her safely to the ground. Once she was laying on the cold, damp ground of the Underworld Hades walked over to her very still form. He looked down at her.

She was wet with dog slobber, covering her from head to toe. Her feet seemed to be covered in the green slime from the marshes. Her dress was disheveled, the sleeve completely torn off and she seemed to be missing her shoes. There didn't seem to be any outward signs of injuries that he could tell. It wasn't uncommon that Meg would get into a little scuffle when she was sent out on missions.

'What had happened to her?' he thought. 'Why had the portal spat her out like that?'

He frowned down at his female minion. He wouldn't get any answers with her out cold like that. He turned away from her, clothes billowing in his wake.

"Pain! Panic!"

The two called to attention clumsily and awkwardly, falling all over each other as they tried to stand up straight in military like fashion.

"Yes sir!" they called in unison. They glared at the other for copying them.

Hades was already walking across the room, having other things to do at the moment. He didn't even spare them a glance as he passed by.

"I would like you take Miss Megara to her room and watch over her. Take care of her until she gets better. The very minute she wakes up come get me. I would like to discuss some things with her."

He was already out the door when they called back to him.

"Yes sir oh lord of almighty darkness sir!", again in unison.

Hades rolled his eyes as he heard them fighting.

"Stop copying me in front the master!"

"No! You're copying me!"


Hades heard scuffling sounds and more shouting but it was too boring and mundane for him to care what was going on.

When Meg awoke she had a cold compress on her forehead. She was back in her room in the Underworld. It took her sluggish mind a few minutes to process everything that had happened.

She felt cold and clammy. Her skin needed a good scrubbing with hot water and soap. The works. She smelled like that damn dog Cerberus. Grimacing she tried to sit up. Her whole body felt tired and sore. It was taxing just to sit straight. She tried to run a hand through her hair, but when it was too clotted with tangles and moistness she grimaced again and laid her hand on her lap instead.

What had happened?

She sat, staring at the familiar space she had come to call 'her room' in thought for a few moments.

The giant! A light bulb popped above her head. She had been trying to seduce him. But it hadn't worked. He became angry….and tried to kill her! Then he dropped her, and…and…she had been falling…

Her face scrunched up as she recalled the events of the strange orb of light leading her straight to the Underworld.


"I must have passed out", Meg said aloud.

"Yes, you did" a low voice drawled.

Meg jumped in surprise. She looked around and there he was. Hades was in the corner of her room, covered in shadow. Always covered in shadows.

Meg inwardly groaned. She did NOT want to have any sort of conversation with Hades until she had a refreshing bath and a nice hot meal for once. It was way too soon to swallow this bullet. And she would rather not start out her day with a head ache thank you very much.

"How long have you been there?" She asked suspiciously. She didn't like the idea of him watching her sleep, and she couldn't seem to picture him as the doting motherly type nursing her back to health either. She almost snorted out loud at that.

"Not long", he shrugged. "Panic came and got me when he thought you might be waking".

Meg sighed in relief, although she didn't like Panic watching her sleep either…

"He said you were mumbling in your sleep".

She raised an eyebrow at that. "Oh did he now?"

Nodding, Hades said, "Oh yes, quite provocative mumblings if I am correct. Panic was blushing all the way through his green skin. I do believe you've corrupted him." He smirked at her.

Meg did snort at that. "If I've corrupted a demon, then I think I deserve some sort of medal ".

Hades uncrossed his arms and came out of the darkness. The light played across his pale blue skin, making him seem an iridescent blue. As if he had captured the light of the moon and imbedded it in his skin. "Well now, that can be arranged, but only after you tell me what on earth happened out there?" He raised an eyebrow with curiosity.

Meg immediately dropped her eyes to her lap. A frown marred her beautiful face.

"Look, Hades, I'm tired and I would really like to go clean up first and eat something. It's been a very long trip you see, and…and I-"

Meg stopped and looked up at her master. Now he was standing right in front of her, to the side of the bed. His hands were clenching and unclenching at his sides. He had a displeased frown forming on his lips. His eyebrows were drawn down in annoyance.

"Just spit it out doll. What. Happened?"

Meg opened and closed her mouth several times, mimicking the likeness of a fish.

"We're all dying to know!" He swept his arms out wide.

Meg was getting fed up with his attitude. She narrowed her eyes at him and blurted it out.

"I didn't get the giants okay! It didn't work! When he wasn't attracted to me he tried to kill me! Then this weird necklace that you gave me started acting up and now I'm here!"

Hades just stood there and stared at her for a while.

Meg was huffing with the force of her outburst and crossed her arms. She was feeling light headed, but she didn't want him to know that. She wouldn't give him the satisfaction of seeing her so weak. When a few moments went by in silence she began to get confused. Why isn't he yelling? Or just doing…something? She looked up at him to see his face. She was startled to see that he was….smiling?

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