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Wendy stopped in front of the door; the pirate called Starkey stepped around her to place two swift knocks on the knobby wood. A commanding voice from within called out for them to enter. Wendy's companion pushed the door open and stepped out of the way, gesturing that she should continue inward. She did so cautiously and heard the dull thud as the door swung to behind her. The girl took a quick glance around the cabin, noting the expensive taste in furniture. Daylight streamed in through the enormous window at the far end of the room. Wendy attempted to ignore the figure before the window, a tall form whose dark demeanor contrasted greatly with the sunny view beyond the glass. Instead, she stepped towards the window to admire the waves, standing as far from the ominous captain as possible.

He still had not looked at her, and somehow his reticence was all the more frightening. At least whenever he spoke she had some idea of what he was thinking.

They stood in silence for a moment more, neither breaking their gaze out the window. Suddenly, Wendy realized that the island in the distance was gradually shrinking. They were sailing away.

"Are –" She hesitated, surprised by the sound of her own voice breaking the quiet. "Are we leaving the island?"

Hook let out a thoughtful sigh before answering.

"Yes, I thought it was high time we did so. There really is no reason to stay."

"But what of the Lost Boys?" Surely there were more of them by this time. Peter would not be able to stand the solitude for too long.

Peter Pan. Why would Hook leave Peter Pan, his greatest enemy? Had something happened to the boy? Wendy began to panic.

"What of Peter Pan?" Wendy's voice shook slightly as the various possibilities began to dance in her mind.

Hook winced almost unperceptively at the boy's name. He knew she would ask, of course. She would want to know if her young hero would be coming to rescue her in due time.

"Their fate is no concern of mine. I believe we can safely assume that their lives will continue as before – apart from the removal of my crew. Perhaps they shall be a bit bored, but that will pass."

"You would leave them to themselves? You?" Wendy was in disbelief. She wasn't sure if she should laugh or have the captain's brain examined. Hook eyed her, a slight quirk in his eyebrow at her reaction. Wendy scoffed. "The great Captain James Hook is giving up the chase! Ha!"

Hook's features darkened rapidly. It suddenly donned on Wendy just who she was talking to, who she was teasing, of all things. Her smirk fell as uncertainty set in.

The captain turned to face the young woman fully. He watched as her playful, jeering expression fled and was soon replaced by fear. He quite liked that. He was delighted to see her squirm with anxiety under his gaze, though she had tried to hide it. He took a step towards her, their eyes locked.

"Death, Miss Darling," Hook began, softly and slowly, "does tend to put one's life in rather harsh perspective."

He held her gaze a moment longer before turning back to his desk. She let out a shaky breath behind him. His next words were a bit more casual, though the Darling girl was all at sea after his previous statement.

"That little game with which I was once so obsessed no longer holds the same appeal. I have grown tired of blundering about after children." The captain poured himself a tumbler of rum and took a swallow. He gestured for Wendy to take a seat, which she did, albeit dreamily. "Thus, we are setting out in search of some new harbor. There we will restock on any supplies we may need, and then," Hook paused to smirk blandly, "we shall set sail into the unknown, in search of treasures and new lands that hold our deepest desires!"

This was met with silence. He considered her expression for a moment. Her eyebrows were knitted together and she appeared to be biting the inside of her lip. She squinted past him in the direction of the window, but her eyes were unfocused. She was quite obviously deep in thought about some pressing matter. Hook supposed her whole appearance could be considered attractive, in an innocent, pleasing sort of way. Surely it was the sort of thing that she would be reprimanded for generally. It was hardly ladylike. And then she was speaking:

"But why?"

Hook frowned. She was still very much in her own mind. He snapped her out of her stupor with a well-audible "pardon?"

"I- What I mean is," Wendy began, blinking her eyes tightly and giving her head a slight shake. "Why am I here? You do not intend to bait Peter Pan with my presence as you have done before. You do not require details on the Lost Boys any longer, and I can provide no other information." Her eyes betrayed a pint-sized speck of fear. "Why have you brought me here?"

The captain's face remained blank. He absentmindedly tapped his glass with his metallic appendage. Then Wendy noted a change behind his eyes: excitement? Giddiness, for heaven's sake? Surely not. Captain Hook did not do giddy.

"Starkey will show you to your quarters. There you will stay until you are called upon. Starkey!" Wendy spun in her seat to see the pirate from before enter. Then she turned again to hook, her face a mixture of frustration and anxiety.

"Wait! You haven't answered my question. I demand to know!" She was standing now, and Starkey had a grip on her upper arm.

"You are hardly in the position to be making demands, Miss Darling. I suggest you do not test my patience in this matter lest you spoil my good mood."

Hook then waved the pirate and now struggling girl out with a lazy flick of his good hand.

Wendy Darling could form no words, but only glared at the captain as she was taken from the room.

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