You've got Mail doesn't belong to me.

Taking a chance.

Joe Fox entered the children's section and smiled at George.

"How's it going?" he asked him.

"Great," George replied, and then, "Melinda, how many times have I told you? You can't put that book there." George smiled apologetically at Joe and rushed after Melinda.

Ever since George had started working here, Joe would come by on some pretext to find out how Kathleen was doing. True they still emailed each other, she had yet to fully forgive him, but George always had some information.

They talked about the books that George thought they absolutely needed and then George casually let slip that Kathleen was ill.

Kathleen was ill? Joe thought to himself. Why hadn't she told him when she'd written?

He asked George for her address and left the bookstore. As he made his way to her apartment he bought some daisies; she'd said she loved daisies.

Now all he had to do was find a way to get into her apartment.


Kathleen wasn't happy to see him and she did try to throw him out but Joe was determined. There was something about her and now he was finally single and so was she, he could do something about it.

As he tucked her into her bed and left the room, Joe smiled to himself. Kathleen was in love with NY152; she'd admitted as much to him, she was crazy about him. Joe felt like jumping up and punching the air.

Now all he had to was to make her like and possibly love him as Joe Fox. He knew that life without her would never be complete. He was deeply and totally in love with her. It was unfair but he had a plan, he would wear her down using all the doors open to him.

It was a project that needed tweaking. A very special kind of tweaking.

And he knew just how to do it.