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It was the beginning of the school and Tenma the day before had put her love letter into Kasrasuma's locker. He read it to find there was no name on it. Karasuma wondered about the person who wrote the letter the night before he left. He was torn on what to do. Stay or leave...

Tenma walked into Classroom 2C in hopes that Karasuma would be in his assign behind her. She closed her eyes and held her breath "Please." she whispered. She opens her eyes to find the desk empty. The world seems to go silent "maybe he's sick, maybe he…he…" Tenma looks over to her friends Mikoto, Eri, and Akira. The look on their faces said it all, right then she knew that Karasuma was gone. "I guess…it wasn't enough." Tenma says starting to cry. She turns and runs out of the room, she heard her friends call to her but she didn't stop running. Tenma didn't know where she was running to but she didn't care. She soon found herself on the roof of the school. There she started to cry out loud, she lead against the door to the roof. "Why! Why! Did it have to go this way?" She said to herself. Tenma continued to cry but she didn't notice that she wasn't alone on the roof. Harima was standing not too far from her.

"Holy crap it's Tenma! Why is she crying? Should I say something? Come on Harima be a man!" Harima continued to argue with himself for about 30 seconds. But he got the guts and walks over to her. "H-hey y-you O-o-ok?" every word seem very heavy to say.

Tenma looks up her eyes were red from crying "H-Harima?" Tenma says a little shocked that Harima of all people was asking if she was ok. Harima was very red and looked like he might block out. They both stare at each other for a moment. "Oh…I'm sorry." Tenma says pulling herself together. She stands up straight and wipes away any tears still on her face.

Tenma puts a smile on her face "Yeah I'm fine! But thank you for being concern about me. I didn't think you were…well…the caring type. I guess you're not the thug everyone thinks you are. See you in class Harima." Tenma says leaving the roof top.

"Did that just happened? Tenma has a good opinion of me now! YES! For once in my life I'm looking forward to going to class!" Harima said rushing to the classroom before class starts.

Lunch time

"This suck why did Karasuma have to go!" Tenma sobbed on her desk. "He didn't even give me the chance to tell him! If only I didn't forget to write my name!" Tenma sobbed on.

"Get over it Tenma." Eri says taking a bite out of her lunch.

"Come on Eri give Tenma time to recover before saying something like that!" Mikoto snaps at her.

"Hey I'm just saying, there's no point in crying over stuff you can't change." Eri says

"That's true, but try saying that when it happens to you." Akira says.

"What are you talking about when it happens to me!" Eri yells back.

Tenma on the other hand kept rolling her head on her desk saying "Why" over and over again.

"Damn! I hate seeing Tenma like this! What should I do! Come on Harima! Hero's always have some kind of plan!" Harima thinks really hard. Then it hits him "I got it!" he yells. Everyone in the classroom turns and looks at him. Harima just acts like nothing happened. Everyone was too scared to say anything anyways.

After School

Harima waited outside of the school. "Looks like I'm going start coming to school every day now." Harima laughs out loud.

Then he saw Tenma "Ok here it goes" he tells himself. Tenma looks over at Harima and Harima waves at her. Tenma is surprised but waves back with a bright smile.

"Since when do you know Harima?" Mikoto asks.

"Since now I guess." Tenma smiles.

"Yes! It worked!" Harima yells. Harima heads to his motorcycle "this year is going to be a good year!"


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