Oh my jeez I'm so sorry I haven't updated in a long time. My mom don't know how long three weeks is and I got my laptop taken up for three extra weeks and I'm still not supposed to have it so bear with me here! Songs called Get away with murder by Jeffree Star3

Alan and Eric walked home hand in hand in an awkward silence. Alan wasn't sure what to say after what was said in Eric's office. Eric wanted to say something, but he probably couldn't say it with a straight face. After a few more moments of the awkward silence, Alan started singing to himself.

I'm gonna break your heart and get away with murder

You should have known from the start we wouldn't last forever

I can't control myself

I feel like someone else

I'm gonna break your heart and get away with murder

There's a mystery inside my head...

It was you dripping all in red.

Did I hurt you? Let me make it safe and sound...

Can you feel me breathing down your neck?

You're just a perfect little human wreck.

But I like you... enough to destroy you, tear you down.

Eric shook his head with a crooked smile, eyes closing slightly. Alan was capable of this. Eric knew Alan the most, understood him the most, so he knew he could break a heart…while at the same time, killing that man. Eric found it quite ironic that this was the song he chose to sing. On that day when Alan would die, Eric would be heartbroken…leading to his death.

Alan, out of the blue, jumped on Eric's back, locking his arms around his neck and legs around his torso. Eric stumbled by the sudden force that propelled him forward. Alan giggled in Eric's ear. He rested his chin on his shoulder and sighed. "Can I have a piggy back ride home?" He put on his best puppy dog face, his eyes widening. Eric snorted. "You're already on my back, and I don't see you being pulled off." He lightly nipped part of Alan's arm resting on his shoulder. Alan giggled again and tightened his arms his neck.

Eric broke off into a strait out sprint, earning a loud gasp in his ear. He laughed as Alan's grip tightened every time he increased his speed.

"I've heard speed is key for life, but Jesus, slow down, Eric!" Alan wailed frantically. "Slow down."

Eric felt his cheeks and neck heat with a blushed at the perverse comment, and feeling his ear being nibbled on until he slowed to a walking speed that Alan preferred.

"Thank you," Alan whispered, his warm breath tumbling over Eric's neck and ear. Eric shuddered gently. Alan's breath had tickled him.

Eric smiled softly as he turned his head. Alan's head was tucked safely in the crook of his neck; he yelped. Alan was biting-not nipping but biting- as hard as could manage. With each step he took, Alan would bounce slightly, and this would cause Alan's mouth to clamp harder on his neck.

"Alan…" Eric moaned softly.

Alan chuckled and released his loves neck. "Walk faster but do not ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!" It was too late. Eric shot off like a bullet out of the barrel of a gun. Alan dug his nails into Eric's chest, holding on for dear life. They were home in a matter of minutes. As soon as they were in to door, Alan's back flared with pain that was like fire.