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Chapter 14

Caleb sat up with the explosion and looked around wildly and confused. "Dean?"

Dean whimpered, hands clasped over his ears, terrified. He dove into Caleb's side, clinging to him in fear.

John made his way out the door to check on Cameron and Bobby only to have a gun pointed at him. He froze and put his hands up.

Gordon smirked as he looked at the boy. "Take me to Dean... now."

"Caleb I'm scared." Dean whimpered, able to hear some of what was going on due to his increased senses. Where was Sammy?

Caleb rubbed Dean's back. "Me too..." Caleb panted, he was still sick, he did his best to stagger up to get between Dean and the door but he was still too weak.

Sam paused, hand hovering over the ice cream, something was very wrong. He tore out of the store and jumped in the Impala, ignoring all speed limits.

Gordon shoved John onto his knees in front of the two Winchesters and blinked. "Well, this is different. Okay Dean, stop hiding behind your not so super soldier."

Dean snarled at him, showing his baby fangs, readying himself to blast this creep with everything he had. But John...to hit the man with lust he'd have to hit John too...maybe...

"Nice teeth there Dean. You like being a slut slave?"

"Bad man." Dean snapped angrily. He focused as hard as he could on just the man, wanting him to let John go.

"Who's your little friend here Dean?" Gordon motioned at John with his gun.

"Leave John alone. Normal human. Not hunter." Dean snapped, hands balled into fists as he struggled to make Gordon put the gun down.

"How about we make a deal kiddo? You come with me... and I'll leave the boy alone?" Gordon rested his gun at his side, not aiming at anyone. Dean looked at John, he couldn't let him die. But this man stunk of deceit. Then Dean smiled. Gordon frowned. "What're you thinking?"

"I'd say seeing." Sam stated coldly and then Gordon went flying into the wall. Sam snarled at him, eyes black. "Don't you dare threaten my family."

Gordon slammed into the wall with a grunt and stuck there. "Knew you'd go dark side Sammy... the fact that you took your brother with you surprised me."

"I didn't do this to Dean! I would never hurt him!" Sam snapped. "I couldn't stop it. I didn't ask for this either you bastard! We just want to be left alone to live in peace!"

"You're a demon Sammy... and everyone you touch you ruin. Look at Dean... reduced to your personal slut, and this kid... he'll be dead in a year."

"Sammy not demon!" Dean yelled, holding Caleb up. "Caleb not die. You die!"

"Dean's right. We didn't ask for any of this. You asked to die by coming here and truing to harm my family. I'm not a demon Gordon, you are."

Gordon laughed. "You really believe that Sam? My eyes ain't black. Your eyes are. If you kill me, there will be others. Trust me on th-" he didn't get to finish his sentence when a bullet passed through his head. Cameron was standing in the doorway with a smoking gun aimed at Gordon. Some of her endoskeleton was showing from the blast.

Sam let his body fall and then turned to Cameron, practically pouting. "I wasn't finished with him."

"He threw a grenade at Bobby and had John at gunpoint." It was enough for her to Terminate him.

Caleb groaned. "D'n? S'm?"

Dean nuzzled Caleb before fully lifting him into his arms, cradling him to his chest. "Bobby okay?" Dean asked her. Cameron nodded and moved to check on John.

"I'm okay Cameron."

Sam stayed where he was, breathing deeply as he tried to calm down.

"Sammy?" Dean called cautiously and Sam closed his eyes, willing the black to recede.

"It's okay Dean, we're okay. Why don't you help Caleb back to bed while I check on Bobby? Where's Sarah?" Sam asked Cameron.

"Following a lead." Cameron replied.

Caleb nuzzled into Dean's shoulder. "I'm scared..."

Dean laid him down on the bed and then curled around him, making sure anything after Caleb would have to get through him first; Incubi weren't easy to kill after all. "Sammy here, we'll protect you. Gordon dead now." Dean assured him, nuzzling and purring in an attempt to calm him down.

"I'm sorry." Caleb choked out starting to sob. "I should have been able to fight him!"

"Not when sick. Still tried to protect me. Caleb very brave." Dean assured him, kissing him.

"I'm useless!" Caleb just laid there sobbing.

"Not usless! We need you." Dean argued. He had to get through to Caleb somehow! He struggled and fought, trying to remember something that would help. "You saved Sammy from him when he tried blow him up and..." he struggled to clear the memory up, he had to comfort Caleb. "You stopped Sam from shooting me when he was possessed." Dean said, grinning at the complete sentence.

Caleb sniffled and looked at Dean. "You remember that?"

Dean nodded solemnly. "See, not useless."

Caleb nodded then moved, vomiting on the floor once more before collapsing next to Dean.

"Caleb? Want me get Sammy?" Dean asked, scared that Caleb had thrown up again.

Caleb shook his head no. "J-just keep talkin..."

"Kay...bout what?"

"You and me... memories."

"Um...trying. It's hard Caleb. There's fog and it hurts but I'm trying. Want remember." Dean promised.

Caleb smiled a bit. "Speaking better, hard work is most rewarding."

"Trying hard." Dean promised him, curling up around him even closer, nuzzling at him to try and help. He even reached out and petted Caleb's hair since when Sam did it to either of them it always felt good. "Hunting?...ghost. Made a funny face." Dean whispered and then laughed softly.

"Funny face how?" Caleb asked, leaning into the petting.

Dean shrugged, not sure how to describe what Caleb looked like in his memory. "Went through you and you jumped real high. Sammy laughing and digging. I shot it!"

"Oh yeah... felt like shit!" Caleb laughed. "I hate ghosts."

"Ghost not that bad. Demons real bad." Dean shuddered, hugging Caleb tighter.

"Demons don't pass through me and reboot my computer."

Dean cuddled him, not fully understanding what he meant but knowing it made Caleb feel bad. "Re...reboot?" Dean asked.

"Don't worry about it Dean. Just keep talking? Makes me feel better."

"I...um..." Dean struggled to remember more, to make Caleb feel better. "Nervous...you nervous...didn't know." Dean frowned, trying to hang onto the vague memory.

"Didn't know what?' Caleb nuzzled and purred to calm him down.

Dean whimpered, pressing a hand to his forehead as the image flashed before his eyes. He stared at Caleb in horror, pulling at his shirt to get to skin.

Caleb pulled his shirt off for Dean. "It's okay..." He wasn't sure why Dean was so upset.

Dean traced where he could see it in his mind. There'd been a hole, right there, Caleb had fallen, bleeding. Dean could remember the feel of the gun in his hand and it terrified him. "Sh…shot you." Dean whimpered.

"Yeah, hurt like a bitch." Caleb chuckled. "You thought I was a Shape shifter."

"Shape...not mad? Don't hate?" Dean pleaded, clinging to him. He leant over and gently kissed the area. "Kiss better."

Caleb laughed and tickled Dean's ear. "Not mad, never hate you."

"Why? Love Caleb, not hurt." Dean kept tracing where the wound had been, unable to stop seeing the cloudy images.

"Why did you shoot me?" Caleb asked looking down at Dean.

Dean stared at Caleb, trying to remember what he'd been thinking. "Don't...don't know, can't..." Dean stammered, burying his head against Caleb, frustrated and scared.

"It's okay Dean. I kinda scared the shit out of you and Sam." Caleb softly told Dean about their first meeting while Dean listened attentively and tried to remember.

Caleb was asleep, an arm wrapped around Dean. Dean cuddled close, still dealing with everything Caleb had told him. It was weird; hearing what he'd said back then, like it was a different person, but not. Cameron made her way into the room with some soup.

Dean looked at her, watching her and staring at the exposed metal curiously. "Does it hurt?"

"I can sense the injuries; I guess you could call it pain." Cameron replied, placing the soup down on the end table. "But it does not bother me."

"Oh. You protected Bobby, thank you. Soup for Caleb?"

"Soup for Caleb." Cameron replied. "You're welcome. Bobby is a good man. Gordon was not."

"Tried kill Sammy before. Sammy...got Gordon locked up!" Dean grinned as he remembered what Sam had done.

"He should have terminated Gordon." Cameron replied softly. "To protect you, and Caleb."

Dean frowned, blinking hard. "No...Sammy no kill humans. Protect humans. Gordon human." Dean argued.

"Humans will disappoint you." Cameron replied. "Some humans should not be protected."

Dean just shrugged and gently shook Caleb's shoulder. He should eat his soup while it was hot. "Where Sammy?" Dean asked as he shook Caleb.

"I'll go get him." Cameron said as she went looking for the demon.

Caleb groaned and picked his head up to look at Dean. "Hmm?"

"Cameron brought soup, need to eat." Dean told him, nuzzling and purring as he reached over to get the bowl. He got the spoon and held it to Caleb's lips. "Eat Caleb." Caleb whined in the back of his throat and opened his mouth to let Dean feed him the soup. Dean smiled as he carefully fed Caleb, he could do this, he could look after Caleb like Sammy and Caleb looked after him. "Good?" He asked. Caleb nodded and curled with Dean, letting him feed him.

"Sam?" Cameron stood in the doorway of the living room.

Sam looked up at her from where he was preparing the salt and things for burning Gordon's body. "Yeah?"

"Dean is asking for you. I can dispose of the body."

"Okay, we salt and burn to make sure there's no way for him to come back. Soak the body with salt and petrol and burn it out back. Thanks...for everything Cameron. I know you're just protecting John and all but still, thanks." Sam told her before slipping past her and upstairs, pausing to check in on Bobby who had been put to bed with strict orders to stay there. He hadn't been badly injured thanks to Cameron but he had hit his head. Cameron nodded and moved to just that.

Caleb looked over at the door when Sam made his way in blinking blearily.

"Hey, how're you two doing?" Sam asked softly as he approached the bed. Dean looked at him and smiled.

"Caleb eating soup." Dean announced and Sam nodded, kissing Dean softly even as he took Caleb's hand, squeezing gently.

"Feeling better Kitten?"

"Yeah... a little." Caleb pushed himself up on his elbows. "You okay?"

Sam moved around them and then gently helped Caleb sit up higher, letting him lean against Sam's taller form. "Yeah, I felt Dean was in trouble and rushed back. He didn't hurt either of you did he?" Sam asked, worried for his brothers. He kissed the top of Caleb's head, hating seeing him so sick.

"No... he was mainly threatening to shoot John... he wanted you." Caleb croaked snuggling into Sam.

"Yeah, Gordon decided I was gonna be the anti-Christ or something. Never stopped to think that I have the ability to say no to demonic plans." Speaking of he should check to see how those demons tracking Skynet down were doing.

"He did something really stupid." Caleb chuckled. "He threatened John."

"I was gonna kill him anyway for the grenade at Bobby. Threatening the three of you just meant it was gonna be slow, pity Cameron shot him." Sam grumbled.

"Slow gives them a chance to escape." Caleb replied. "Just let the Terminator do what she does best."

"Fine, she's handling body disposal anyway. Bobby's okay too, hit his head in the mad rush to avoid being blown up. House could do with some work now. Half the kitchen's unusable and the front doors gone." Sam explained.

"Eat more!" Dean cut in, holding the spoon up for Caleb. Yes he was listening but Caleb needed to eat!

Caleb blinked and opened his mouth obediently for Dean to feed him. Letting Dean do so while being held by Sam. This was heaven. Sam nuzzled the back of Caleb's neck as his brother let Dean feed him. Seeing Dean do that was just...it was incredible to hear Dean so assertive again. Sam smiled at him and Dean smiled happily in return.

"How about once Caleb's better the three of us go on a trip? Just us and somewhere nice and peaceful?" Sam offered.

"Like where?" Caleb asked between bites. When the soup was gone he pulled Dean to him.

"I don't know, a beach maybe? Just somewhere for the three of us." Sam told him, reaching over to gently pet Dean's hair, smiling when he purred at the attention.

"What about Bobby?" Caleb looked up at Sam.

"He'll be happy to have his house back for a while. Just a week or so."

"It needs to be fixed...? Or you gonna have Sarah stay with him?"

"After the house is fixed. Up to him if the others stay for that time. Bobby's not used to having so many people here all the time after all." Sam explained, kissing Caleb softly.

"Go holiday?" Dean asked and Sam smiled at him.


"Where would you wanna go for a holiday Dean? Aside from a nude beach." Caleb grinned.

Dean shrugged, cuddling close, nuzzling Caleb's neck. "With you two." Dean answered.

Caleb purred at that, yeah, he was a kitten. He nipped at Dean's ear as he started to drift back to sleep. "Always wanted a family..."

"You'll always have us." Sam whispered, cradling Caleb close as he slept.

"Caleb get better?" Dean whispered and Sam nodded.

"Yeah Dean, he'll be okay in a few days." Sam assured him.

Caleb pulled Dean closer, he needed his teddy bear. Dean giggled but snuggled in and Sam smiled, relaxing to keep watch.

Sarah poked her head in a few hours later to check on everyone. Sam opened his eyes at feeling someone there but then smiled at her, the empty soup bowl floating over to her. Sarah blinked at that new trick before sighing and taking the bowl. She shook her head at Sam and chuckled. "Thanks Sam." She turned to leave.

"Sarah?" He called softly, not wanting to wake his brothers.

She stopped and looked over her shoulder at him. "Yeah Sam?"

"Thanks, for everything. Still can't believe you've just accepted all this but I'm glad. Missed you a lot." Sam told her, blushing slightly.

Sarah blinked before making her way over and hugging Sam gently. "I live with the same thing that tried to kill me years ago. I've learned to accept that life will never be normal Sam. As long as I have John and you guys, things will be fine." She kissed his temple.

Sam hugged her as tightly as he dared, not wanting to hurt her. He mentally reached out and commanded more demons to join the search. He would keep Sarah and John safe, no matter what it took. He would protect his family.

"Thanks. I'll do whatever I can to keep John safe for you." Sam promised, he wasn't planning to tell anyone about his demons, at all if possible.

Sarah chuckled. "That's sweet Sam."

Sam shrugged. "You're family Sarah, we do anything for family. Besides, I can do a lot more stuff now, might as do something worthwhile with my abilities."

"You sound like John towards Cameron." She smiled and moved some of his hair behind his ear. "You always did have a good heart."

Sam smiled at that. "Lot of people will see my eyes and say I don't have one anymore." He whispered, leaning into her, loving the feel of a mothering touch.

"Then you just have them look into the eyes of a Terminator." Sarah replied. "Cause from what I read, Demons have emotions, which means you can manipulate them. Can't do that with a Terminator."

"You...you don't think I'll end up like a demon...consumed by hate and rage?" Sam asked hesitantly.

Sarah looked at him silently for a moment and then looked down to the 'twins' he was curled with. She looked back at him with a raised eyebrow and knowing smile. "What do you think?"

Sam looked at his brothers and smiled before smiling at Sarah. "Thank you."


"Still believing in me. For being here." Sam answered. "How's John after having a gun at his head?"

"He lit the body on fire if that tells you anything." Sarah chuckled. "He's fine, he's had a gun pointed at his head before," She blinked when she realized what she said. "That didn't come out right."

Sam chuckled, still leaning into her, he wouldn't move until she asked or made him. Dean grumbled in his sleep, a hand moving until it reached Sam's face, covering his mouth.

"Shh." Dean mumbled.

Sarah chuckled, pulling Dean's hand from Sam's mouth. "Cute Dean."

Dean blinked sleepily, looking over at them. He stared at her and then frowned. "Sarah?" He asked sleepily.

"Yeah Dean. How you feeling?"

"Tired, sleep, quiet." He grumbled and Sam chuckled again.

"Sorry to wake you grumpy."

"No wake Caleb." Dean warned and then hid his head.

"He's so cute..." Sarah chuckled. "What will you do if we wake Caleb?"

Dean moved to glare at them and then snapped at them and Sam blinked.

"Hey, no biting Dean, those fangs may be small but they'd do a bit of damage." Sam warned him, reaching over to gently run his fingers through Dean's hair. "Settle down Dean." Sam told him and Dean relaxed instantly, pouting slightly.

"Bobby said he was pretty docile..." Sarah watched Dean, both eyebrows up in astonishment.

"Incubi puberty." Sam answered. "Hush Dean, just relax." Sam ordered and Dean slumped, muscles relaxing totally. "You don't try to bite family, only bad guys." Sam warned and Dean nodded lethargically.

"Incubi puberty? What's that?" Sarah asked, reaching to run a hand through Dean's hair, letting her nails scratch his scalp lightly. Dean purred, arching into his touch as much as he could with Sam ordering him to be relaxed.

"Basically Dean's becoming an adult incubus, it should have happened within a month or so of his transformation but...since he's been feeding regularly and well its happening now. That's why his fangs finally appeared, depending on exactly what type he is he might even get wings. He'll be more aggressive until it finishes. Thanks to the bonds that's not really a problem though."

"What're the different types of Incubi?" She smiled at Dean's purring and arching. "He's like a giant kitten.

"Yeah he is most of the time." Sam answered, reaching over to gently rub Dean's back. The two of them doing that was enough and gradually Dean's eyes slid shut, breathing deepening as he fell asleep. "Well there are two main types and a few sub-species. The two main types are divided by something rather obvious...it uh...how they feed...Dean feeds by..." Sam blushed; talking about sex still embarrassed him.

"Sex." Caleb slurred as he started to wake up, blinking up at the two.

"Shh Caleb, go back to sleep kitten." Sam whispered, leaning down to kiss him softly. Caleb purred and nuzzled into Dean's neck.

"So they feed off of sex..." Sarah replied. "And the other?"

"No they all feed off sex, it's the..." Sam took a deep breath. "Dean feeds when we...when he's on the bottom. The other type feeds when they're the ones to...penetrate their partner." Sam finally got out.

"Ah. Okay." Sarah cleared her throat blushing a bit. "What about the subspecies?"

"Mainly it's just in the abilities and physical characteristics that separate them."

Sarah nodded and traced a hand over Dean's back. "Wings huh?"

"Maybe." Sam answered. "Most have fangs so there's no way to narrow it down from them. Wings...they'll be dark and leathery, not feathered. He might be bale to fly, might not. Another difference in sub-species."

Sarah nodded, tracing her hand down Dean's spine. "He still seems very protective."

"Yeah, part of it's the bond; he literally needs us to live. If Caleb and I died...he'd go insane and have to be killed. But I like to think a lot of it is just Dean, no matter how he's changed." Sam whispered.

"I'd say it's just Dean." Sarah replied.

Sam smiled at her and nodded. "Don't suppose you know anything about building? Figured it'd be good if the place was fixed up before Bobby was up and about."

"No... sorry, I'll put Cameron on it." Sarah chuckled.

"There's tools and timber around. I can help too in the morning."

"Okay. She kissed his forehead again." Get some sleep.

Sam smiled at her and then moved on the bed, cuddling up to his brothers. He settled in, kissing both brothers softly to say goodnight despite the fact they were already asleep.

The end