Her Dream to Dance

This chapter is kinda short, but i know exactley what i want in the next chapter but I can't add it in here. I've added all I can, but I promise the next chapter will be longer.

Chapter 1.

Doing the splits, I chatted with my best friend, Liliana.

"Seriously, Lilli, my red lipstick would look fab on you."

"Seriously? Well, my purple eye shadow would really bring out your eye colour."

"Ok, swap?"

"Yeah, totally!"

Liliana Wills has been my best friend ever since she moved to my school in Year 5. She has deep brown curly hair and emerald green eyes. And like me, she was short. She has a freckle on either side of her lip (about the size of this: O) and is adventurous and loves to climb trees. She also loves YouTubeing horror movies. And like me, she is short and slim.

I have lived in Newcastle my whole life, and love it. I have straight, blonde hair and blue eyes. I have a birth marks on each of my upper arms. I have a good sense of humour, and I'm very punny(sorry :P, gotta love puns) and also adventurous like Liliana. Oh, and my full name is Melissa Talia Smith.


Walking home from dancing, I wondered why Lily Mason (NOT my bff, another Lily) didn't like me.

I didn't do anything wrong, did I? I asked myself. Ever since Grade 3, Lily had ignored me. She acted jealous all the time, and occasionally said mean things.

Oh well, I thought, and I put it aside.

I looked up from the pavement, hoping for a distraction. And boy, did I get one. I slowed down as I passed Matthew Garners house. My heart skipped a beat, as he was outside, playing soccer with his older brother, Ben, and his younger sister, Taylor.

Matt has always been in my class at school, and has always been my has light brown-blondish hair and brown eyes. And he is also waaay taller than me. His little sister Taylor is a mini Matt, and the cutest thing on earth. She has the same light brown-blondish hair, the same brown eyes, and is so cute you just want to squeeze her! And Ben is like a bigger version of Matt, but half as handsome.

He's such a sweetheart, I thought, as he 'slipped' reaching for the ball, and Taylor had scored a goal. As he got up, he saw me. Jogging over, he gave me a wave.

"Hey", he said.

"Yo", I replied nervously.

"What's up?"

"Nothing much, really. I just came home from dancing."

"Ahhhh. I was wondering why your hair looked so pretty...Uh, I mean... neat.", he blushed. "Anyway, wanna come over for dinner? Mums making spaghetti and meatballs with salad... That's... if you want..."

"Uh, yeah, thanks. Just give me ten minutes to go home and change into something more..."I looked down at my old trackies and IL2D (I love to dance) jumper "...appropriate."

"That's Ok, I could ki...uh, keep you over at my house no matter what your wearing."

"Thanks, but really, I need to change. I'll be back in ten. Bye!"

"See ya"

I waved and walked off, wondering if he meant to say kiss instead of keep.

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