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What if Jasper slipped up and killed someone? What if he locked himself in his room and refusing to speak to anyone? What if being overprotective Edward refusing to let Bella come to the house? What if when they go away on a long hunting trip Bella goes to see Jasper feeling that she can help him? What if Bella takes Jasper away to help him? What if they fall in love?



"I don't care if it is dangerous Edward! Jasper needs help", I shout at him.

"We are helping him", Edward replies

"Why is it that he is still locked in his room and not speaking to anyone then", I yell at him

"Just stay out of it Bella it's not safe. Your not going and that's final", he says storming out of my room.

I'm pretty sure his family is planning to go hunting far away but just to make sure I better check.

I dial Jake's number. He owes me a favor anyway. He is now thinking as me has sister now that he has found his Imprint.


"Hi Jake can you do me a favor and go and check if the Cullen's have gone hunting?" I ask him sweetly

"Why Bells?"

"I need to check on Jasper. And if they aren't there can you stick around so they won't see me coming?" I ask nicely again

He sighs, "Sure, Sure, I'll call you back"

I hang up and wait. I know Jake won't let me down.

15 minutes later my phone rings.

"They are all gone Bells. Except one of them", he says

"Thanks I'll be there in ten minutes. Can you say add least a mile away. That way Alice won't be able to see me", I beg

He sighs again, "Fine, but if that bloodsucker hurts you there will be hell to pay"

"Fine", I say hanging up and running to my truck.

I floor it all the way to the house. I just know Jasper needs me. I also know I'm the only one that might be able to get through to him…

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