Ricki Sparrow

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Ricki stood at the harbor, gazing up at her ship. She smiled fondly at it; it was exactly what she wanted. Sails as black as night, a good, solid foundation...it looked amazing!

"What do you think?" her first mate and adopted brother, Steven asked.

"It looks great," Ricki approved. "But how's it gonna do on the open sea?"

"Why don't we find out?" Steven asked.

Ricki turned to her brother, and smiled. Sailing was in her blood. She'd lived on the sea until she was five years old; she didn't remember much about it, but she did remember the feel of the wind in her face, the smell of the salt water, the sounds of the seagulls. And she missed it terribly. That was eleven years ago, and she was way ready to start sailing again.

Ricki had been adopted when she was six by a nice family who lived in Port Royale. She'd come to think of them as her real family, and Steven as her real brother. But she knew that they could never replace her real parents. She knew that it wasn't her mom and dad's faults that she hadn't seen them in eleven years, but she was still upset by the fact.

When Ricki was five, her dad's ship was taken. Most of the gold was stolen, and so was Ricki. She was dropped off on the shores of Port Royale to die, but a couple happened to be walking down the beach and they noticed her. Ricki was sure that her parents assumed her dead; how could they not? She remembered her dad better than her mom, but she did remember that her mom was mad at her dad most of the time, and-

Steven cleared his throat (probably for, like, the third time) and Ricki turned to him. "Are you ready to go?" he asked.

"Yeah." Ricki said, smiling. They hopped on board, and set sail.

For any of you who say it's impossible to man a ship with just two people, you're wrong. Captain Jack did it with Will, and Ricki was doing it with Steven now. Ricki had been waiting a long time for this moment; the moment she would be able to track down her dad and find him and tell him that she was okay. She missed him a lot.

At first glance, you would definitely be able to tell that Ricki was Jack's daughter; she was exactly what you would expect her to be. Black, curly hair that had a few beaded strands. A love for the sea. A very joking, cocky, sarcastic attitude; she was her father's daughter.

Ricki and Steven sailed for two weeks before they spotted her dad's ship. He had (apparently) reclaimed the Black Pearl, and they were docked at the harbor of an uncharted (yet very used) island. Ricki had Steven tie the boat up, while she ran down to shore.

She took one look at the Pearl, and smiled. She had missed it so much! She didn't see anyone on board, so she climbed up.

She had been mostly right; the deck of the ship was mostly empty. There was just one man there, a middle-aged man with a gut and a beard. He hadn't been paying much attention, so he was scared out of his mind when he heard Ricki ask, "Gibbs?"

"Aye? Who's there?" Gibbs asked, standing up, his eyes on red-alert.

"Gibbs, relax. It's just me." Ricki said, laughing as she leaned up against a bunch of stacked up boxes.

"And who be ye?" Gibbs asked again.

"Aw, Gibbs? You don't recognize me? I'm disappointed." Ricki said, pretending to pout.

"I won't ask ye again! Who be ye!" Gibbs shouted, trying to look threatning.

"Whoa, easy tiger. It's me; Ricki." Ricki said, bowing cockily at Gibbs and smiling.

"Ricki who?" Gibbs asked.

"Sparrow?" Ricki said, as if it was the most obvious thing in the entire world.

"That's impossible." Gibbs sighed, sounding seriously tired. "Ricki Sparrow died eleven years ago."

"No, I didn't." Ricki said. "I lived. I'm here, now. I want to see my dad."

Gibbs said in reply, "Prove it. How do I know you're Miss Sparra?"

"I have nothing to prove to you, man! Tell me where me dad is or I'll take you to the noose!" Ricki yelled. She didn't mean it, of course, but she sounded exactly like her dad when she said it, and that was what Ricki had been aiming for.

"My gosh. You are Ricki." Gibbs said in astonishment.

"Thank you for recognizing me. And it's Captain. Captain Ricki Sparrow." Ricki said, emphasising that she was a Captain.

"You are your father's daughter." Gibbs muttered. "And ye won't be Captain for long. Your dad will surely want ye and your crew aboard the Pearl once he's seen ye."

"Not much of a crew." Ricki mumbled. "Just me and me adopted brother; crew of two."

"Okay." Gibbs said. "Anyway, ye dad is at the rum tender, at the inn, of course."

"Of course." Ricki said, laughing. "I wouldn't expect anything less from me dad. He couldn't have changed that much."

Ricki then jumped off the Pearl, and headed to the inn.

It was easy to find her dad. Jack wasn't exactly what you'd call 'inconspicuous'. Especially not with that stupid hat on.

Ricki took a seat next to her dad, and saw him take a huge swig of rum. She chuckled slightly to herself; she knew her dad better than anyone, and didn't expect anything less from him.

"What you staring at, lass?" Jack asked, eyeing Ricki from the side.

"What's it to you?" Ricki asked, almost disappointed that her dad didn't recognize her right away.

Jack threw his hands up in innocence, and took another drink of rum. Then, he spoke again.

"You do seem fairly familiar, though, love. Have I threatened you before?"

"Not that I can remember." Ricki laughed.

"Then where have I seen you before?" Jack wondered.

"I reckon the last time I saw you was about eleven years ago, right off the shore of Port Royale." Ricki said, praying her dad would pick up the hint.

"Hm." Jack said.

It was quiet for a minute, and Jack just drank his rum. Ricki was getting a little bit annoyed; why the heck wasn't her dad recognizing her? She looked just like him for-

"What's your name?" Jack asked, interrupting Ricki's train of thought.

"Ricki." Ricki said, glancing sideways at her dad to smile at her.

"Last name?" Jack asked, staring intently at Ricki.

"Now, I think we both know that, Captain." Ricki laughed, saluting her dad.

"Impossible." Jack murmured.

"So was coming back from the dead. But I heard that you did that." Ricki said.

Jack just stared at his daughter for a minute; he was almost positive that it was her. But just to be sure-

"Your mum's name?" Jack asked.

"I know you know this one, but I'll humor you, anyway." Ricki chuckled. "Angelica is me mum's name."

"Ricki?" Jack asked incredulously.

"'Course it's me, dad. Who did you expect?"

And then - unexpectadly - Jack pulled his girl in for a hug.

Ricki felt the wind blow through her hair as the sun began to rise. She saw the crew coming out to work on the deck, and Gibbs took a look through the telescope. Steven was mopping the deck, but he paused for a minute to smile up at his adopted sister, who was eagerly steering the ship. Then, Jack came up to his daughter.

"'Ello, love." he said.

"Hello, dad." Ricki said, loving that she could say that again.

"Are we on course?" Jack asked.

Ricki checked her compass, a carbon copy of Jack's, and replied, "Yeah. We're right on course."

"Then...keep going the right way, love." Jack said, winking at Ricki.

"Aye-aye, Captain." Ricki replied. Then she thought for a second before saying, "Where are we going, anyway?"

"The place that will make us both famous." Jack replied, grinning.

"And where might that be?"

"The Fountain of Youth." Jack said.

That stunned Ricki into silence.

What neither of them knew was that they'd be seeing Ricki's mom very, very soon. And they would embark on the adventure of a lifetime that would copy both of their names into history forever.

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