Kurenai was with her students Kiba, Hinata, Shino and Akamaru the puppy. They were on a mission to look for a group called the ' Shi kuro renden' but there was a problem, the people in the village were scared out of their minds because this group were multiple killers. So team 8 was staying in a hotel. The girls were in one room while the guys shared the other.

Kurenai told Hinata to take a bath first so she did. While she was in there, Kurenai got on her phone.

" Hey I can't go with you guys tonight, I have my students with me."

" Aw come on you can't just drug them? Have you forgotten who you are in the group?"

" I haven't forgotten but at the same time they can sense something wrong."

" Kurenai the Kisser of death that is you when they are asleep you can kill a few people and act like nothing even happened. I'll meet you at the entrance of the hotel at midnight."

Kurenai heard the bathroom door open so she hung up then turned to her student who was wearing a robe. Kurenai grinned when Hinata sat down on her bed then Hinata asked," sensie what is this group we have to find out about? Like is there something we should know while looking for them?"

"Hinata the murdering group that we have to look for is very frightening and if we aren't careful we could either be killed or taken hostage."

"You're making sound like you know them personally do you know their names?"

" I think their names are Kisser of Death, Master of Flames, Dark side Swords, Queen of the Shadows and Door to the Unknown "

" Why is one named the Kisser of Death."

" There has been records of people missing, most of the time it was men, and when they were found, they were already dead with a kiss mark on their forehead. There has been news of women and children as well but the majority of the time it was the men."

Kurenai looked at Hinata was frozen in her bed then Kurenai walked over to her asking," Would a cup of tea cheer you up a little bit?" Hinata nodded then Kurenai went to go make some tea. As she was making it, Kurenai thought about what the things were that she was just sharing with Hinata then she thought,' I gave her more than enough information about me but I still have to keep my secret away from her and besides, There's no way I can love someone like Hinata.' Then she put a powder drug in Hinata's tea then she walked back into the room Hinata was in.

Kurenai sat on the edge of Hinata's bed handing the cup of tea to her. Kurenai began to just stare at the wall on the other hand Hinata asked," sensie are you okay? Did I trouble you for asking about the group." Kurenai shook her head replying," It was nothing Hinata I was just thinking about something." Hinata looked at her tea then drank it down and suddenly passed out. Kurenai leaned to her saying in her ear," Sorry but I don't want you to find my true self being."

Kurenai tucked Hinata in her bed then went to her own bed then grabbed an all black suit and got out four guns. Kurenai went through her make-up kit then got her blood red lipstick then replied," Mommy has missed you dear now time to go and have a nice time." she hid her case back under her bed and was leaving but stopped to look at Hinata one more time then she was gone.

Kurenai went to the entrance only to see a man and a boy who looked no older than thirteen. Kurenai walked to him saying," Hello big brother, Kishidomaru, and who is this kid?" Kishidomaru replied," This is Kagemaru he goes by the nick name ' Leader of Terror' and he has a younger twin brother named Kuromaru who is ' Wing of Heartless' they are our nephews so their father is our brother, Crimsonmaru."

They left to meet the rest of the group soon enough Kurenai met the younger twin, Kuromaru he seemed to be a huge prince ladies man so that's where he got his nick name. They all got started on their killing that didn't last until 3:30 in the morning so Kurenai walked back to the hotel to fresh up and go to sleep. She didn't realize that Kuromaru had followed her into her room he saw Hinata and thought that she was so beautiful that he kissed her on her forehead and on her cheek because she had moved in her sleep then he left back to his home.

When he got there, he thought,' oh man she is so adorable I wish I could see her everyday and ask her to be my girlfriend but I'm a killer but I still want her to be with me and we could have a family together.' then he went to sleep.