Three years later, now all three students of team 8 were now chunin and they were age of fifteen. As Hinata was at home she saw Kiba and Shino coming towards her then she asked," Is something wrong is there training today." Kiba shook his head and Shino replied," No, it seems that Lady Tsunade wants team 8 to go to her office so that we can discuss something."

a few minutes later they were in the office waiting for their mission. Tsunade replied," It would appear that I have to send you three as back up because e Kurenai, Asuma, and Anko went on an S-rank mission but for some reason they haven't returned yet so I need you three to go but be careful this is connected to the last mission I sent you three on with your leader when you were all genin." They nodded then they left for the mission.

They were walking through a dark forest but then stopped only to see a lady and four guys standing. Kiba said," This is bad a pair f them are twins and the other three are like S-rank level." Shino said," Kiba, Hinata as crazy as it sounds we have to fight them." Akamaru barked," Kiba said," Kurenai- sensie what are you doing with these guys." The lady did look just like Kurenai then she replied," I'm not Kurenai in fact, I'm her twin older sister what you see here is Kurenai's twin older brothers and her twin Nephews now, prepare to join her."

they began to fight, the woman fought with Shino the older twins fought Kiba and Akamaru but for some reason Hinata was frozen in her tracks. She saw that the younger twins were both wearing the same thing the only difference was their scarves. They both charged then Hinata palmed them both in their stomachs but that wasn't going to hold them so then she ran off to look for Kurenai and the others.

Hinata was away from the younger twins then she paused,' Wait this is my dream that's coming but what was it that I could tell them apart.' She looked up ahead only to see the twins staring at her then they both at the same time said," You fell into our trap Hyuuga now you must suffer." Hinata looked behind her then she saw that she was sinking into her own shadow struggling to break free but there was no way out.

Hinata woke up only to find herself tied up then she saw her team tied up as well. They were all looking at Hinata then they all saw the younger twins coming into the room they were stilling their black clothing with different color of red scarves on. Hinata was scared she was looking at the younger twins trying to find out what she could do to tell them apart.

The younger twins had a whip with them then Hinata said," Please let us go." The twin with the fire red scarf said," Which of us are you talking to?" Kiba yelled," What do you think, she's talking to both of you." The twin with the blood red scarf replied," There's no one here named both of you." Hinata said," I am talking to Kuromaru and Kagemaru."

There was dead silence in the room then the twins together said," Oh really, which of us is Kuromaru and which of us is Kagemaru, can you tell, if you guess correct we'll let you all go but if you fail, your friends will be forced to watch you become our toy until we're happy." Hinata was looking at them then said," The one with the fire scarf is Kagemaru and the one with the blood red scarf is Kuromaru."

The twin with the fire red scarf took the whip but the other twin stopped him saying," She got it right we have to release them." Both twins released the group and the leaf ninja were headed home until Hinata stopped only to see the twin with the blood red scarf was looking at her then she went to him and the others all looked to see what was going on.

Hinata was looking at him then he just hugged her close thanking her but then she thanked for the dream signs and he chuckled then said," Hinata before you go I want to do something with you someday." Hinata was just looking at him then he leaned forward kissing her on the lips and Hinata had her hands on his chest then the kiss broke and Kuromaru said," Lets have a family together." Hinata was shocked then nodded and ran to catch up with her team.

One night in the Hyuuga compound Hinata was sleeping then she felt something on top of her then she opened her eyes only to see Kuromaru leaning over her then she said," Kuromaru what are you doing here." Kuromaru just kissed her with passion as he was doing so he had her hands pinned to the floor. Hinata opened her mouth more so that he could explore her mouth. After the kiss Hinata panted," Kuromaru, please I want you to let carry your child." Kuromaru nodded then they mated.

Two days later Hinata was with Kurenai then she told her teacher that she was pregnant with twins. Kurenai was shocked then she hugged her student congratulating her then Hinata went home but she didn't share any of her joy to her clan because she knew her father was going to make about the babies but she couldn't allow it.