Hey Y'all! Well, I've decided that since I've gotten my mojo back somewhat and my writer's block has seemed to gone missing for a while, I'd start on this little tale that's been sitting and stewing in my head. I have to warn you all that Bella is NOT her sweet lil ol' self in this story and if bad language and some other citrusy things that are gona show up in later chapter's might offend you, then I recommend that you don't read this fic. For everyone else who doesn't give a shit about proper-folk speak and might enjoy a bit of bad assed Bella and sexy biker/cowboy Jasper, I hope you enjoy my little tale J


He broke me. He took everything I was, wadded it up into a tight little ball of nothing and tossed me away in the middle of that damned forest. I knew it wasn't because he didn't want me; he was too damn self righteous and noble to be so selfishly cruel. He did it to safe guard me from the big bad sparkly fucking vampires; because, as everyone who's ever met that poor pathetic version of me knew, I was as breakable as that sugar glass shit they used in the movies. But I'll tell you one thing; I am not the same Bella fucking Swan I was in Forks.

Sure, I'd had my few months of pity party, woe-is-me suffer fest, as any other love sick fool would have had in my situation. I did the whole crying into my pillow in the middle of the night thing, along with the sad little zombie shuffle, making everyone around me worry their brows and high tail it away as soon as they saw me coming. And yeah, I had been your typical sobbing emotastic teenage girl. What happened next though, in the middle of a busy street in Port Angeles of all places, is what snapped my downtrodden ass right out of it.

My father, the overprotective worrier that he was, had been on my back since the moment Mr. Perfect had taken off, trying to get me to once again join the land of the living, to no avail. He tried every sly maneuver he could think of to break me out of my funk. He even went so far as to try talking me into robbing the cradle with his best friends son, who was kinda hot in a young overenthusiastic sorta way, but my sappy ass was having none of it.

It wasn't until he went and pulled the "I'll send you back to your mother" card, that I finally decided to put on my big girl panties and make some weekend plans. I'd rather become a social freakin butterfly than endure the torture of Renee's overzealous attempts at bringing me around.

I figured I'd just start with a simple movie night with a simple friend just to reassure Charlie that I wasn't gona go completely off the deep end…simple enough…Haha, yeah right…

I had just left the god-awful gory movie with Jessica I-need-to-be-a-chipper-motor-mouth-or-I'll-die Stanley, still feeling all sorry for myself, when I saw a very familiar looking group of bikers standing in front of the bar across the street. Familiar as in 'my would-have-been attackers if not for my Ex-knight in glittery assed shining armor coming to the rescue'.

I'm still not a hundred percent sure why I did it; maybe it was my need to confront my demons by showing them I wasn't gona let fear rule me anymore, or maybe I just had a death wish, I don't know, all that matters is that I grew a pair that night. I squared up my sad little slumped-over shoulders, popped in my non-existent backbone and started across the street.

I had made it about five steps when something happened that finally put the last nail in the coffin and once and for all buried that pathetic excuse for a girl that I was. Set over the whiney pleas that Jessica was sending me from her side of the road I heard His voice.

"Bella, no…Go back." his words slithered out all silky suave and smooth like honey. For a fraction of a second I startled and stopped in my tracks before I realized what was going on and let out a low growl. Even after he took my heart and shredded it to pieces, I was still letting that son of a bitch control me. Nuh uh…not gona happen.

I picked up my pace then, ignoring whatever else He had to say, and with nothing but sheer determination to rid myself of that fiend I called my broken heart I finished crossing the street. As I drew closer to the rowdy men who were now letting out cat calls and whistles for my benefit I noticed with a slight disappointment that these weren't the ass holes I thought they had been but just a bunch of bikers out for a good time. 'Oh well' I had thought to myself as I stepped up onto the curb in front of them, I'd take what I could get.

"Hey baby, you look thirsty. Why don't you let ol' Sid buy you a drink" The one closest to me said as he stepped forward. He was actually sorta cute, in a gruff tatted up kinda way as he gave me his puppy dog begging for a bone look, so I gave him a small laugh and a bold smile before declining his offer.

"Nice bike" I said as I noticed the shiny, black cherry Harley he'd been leaning against a moment before, and put out my hand as if asking permission to touch it.

"Go right on ahead, she don't bite" He said with a sly grin as his friends all let out chuckles of amusement.

I ran my hand along the smooth dark red body of the bike and then let my fingers graze along down to the still-warm leather seat. I ran my fingers over the metal studs along the side of the seat and up the cool steel of the sissy bar. It was beautiful.

I hadn't been on the back of a bike since I was fourteen and my mother had, for a short time, dated a biker named Preacher who use to feed my teenage rebellion by taking me for a ride through the desert every weekend. I missed it; The purr of the engine vibrating under my legs, the wind whipping my hair around like a banshee, the pure exhilaration of speeding through wide open assed air…Damn had I missed it.

The bike's owner, "Sid" he'd called himself, must have picked up on my thoughts cause the next thing I knew I felt the cool metal of a helmet in my hands.

"C'mon honey, I'll take you for a ride" I looked up at him with my eyes narrowed slightly in suspicion at his motives, I'd just met him after all and I wasn't too keen on being raped and dumped on the side of the rode, but when I saw a look that I could've sworn was sad understanding in his eyes I nodded and put the helmet on.

"Bella! What the hell are you doing!" I turned my head in shock and looked towards the shreaky voice that had just screamed out my name saw Jessica all up in a fiery uproar and couldn't help the laugh that escaped me at the sight of her scared little self trying to be brave with her hands on her hips and a scowl on her face.

"What does it look like I'm doing, Jess?" I asked her with a smirk. She started to sputter out nonsensical words as I climbed up in the seat and wrapped my arms around Sid's waist. "I'm getting outa here"

I heard the guys behind us start calling out to Jessica and decided that she needed my help getting out of a situation she couldn't handle. I yelled to them over their shouts, "Uh uh boys, she's got a curfew." to which they replied by laughing louder.

"Go on, Jess I'll be alright" I said with a reassuring but excited smile, trying to shoo her away as I heard the bike start up and roar to life. She gave a deep growl and threw up her hands up in defeat before muttering something that sounded a lot like "It's your funeral" and storming away.

Sid walked the bike off the curb and then with another roar and a twist of the handles started us rolling forward. I felt every sad shattered piece of myself disappear at that moment and the only thing I could think about was the thrill I was about to receive tonight just sitting on the back of that beautiful machine as I soared through the streets.

As we passed Jessica while she was opening her car door, I yelled out "If Charlie calls, tell him not to wait up!" and gave a happy laugh at the look of pure scandal on her face as we sped away. Absolutely priceless.

Sid drove us down along the coast and we rode for what felt like hours without saying a word. It was the most beautiful kind of peace I could have ever asked for. The roar of the bike, the wind whipping by, the taste and smell of the salt air…It was a therapy that I had longed for without knowing what I'd needed. It was perfect. I didn't want it to end.

I was slightly disappointed when I felt the bike slow and pull of to the side of the road but since we were in the middle of pretty much nowhere, with the ocean in front of us I didn't complain. I knew I'd be back on that bike again to head back home later.

"I thought we could walk and talk a while" Sid said in a sincere tone as he helped me take off the helmet. "You looked like you needed it back there" I don't know why I wasn't afraid to be all the way out here with a perfect stranger, but for some reason I felt like I could trust the man who had just given me a good dose of therapeutic release. I smiled up at him and nodded before we headed down the dunes to the sand below.

We walked and talked until we saw the sun starting to peek out of the waters edge and in that time, though I didn't spill too much of my own crazy past, I did get to learn quite a bit about him. It turned out he was a pretty cool guy. He was a body artist, specializing in body murals and portrait tats but also did piercing. He said that his dream had always been to pack up whatever shit he could carry on his bike, haul ass over to Sturgis, South Dakota and set up shop in what he called "a biker's paradise" where the money he'd make off of the first week in August alone, could set him up pretty nicely for most of the year.

He smiled proudly when he told me that he had one last tat to drill out before he'd have enough money to make his dream a reality. He looked so happy in that moment that I couldn't help but smile back just as big and hug him. I asked him if he new anyone out there and when he told me no I asked "Won't you be lonely all on your own?" he laughed at that and joked that I was more than welcome to come along and then let out a snort when I punched his arm lightly and told him he was crazy.

He took me home not long after that and gave me his cell phone number, saying with a bit less of a joking tone, that the offer to come along still stood. I laughed again and told him goodnight before I looked up and saw a furious red faced Charlie standing in the doorway. At that point I wish I would have excepted Sid's offer.

Charlie let me have it as soon as the door slammed shut behind me and the verbal slaughter that rang out between us that night would probably one day find it's way into the history books. I was so over done at this point that I ran upstairs, packed a bag and flew out the door to my truck.

I pulled over at the first phone booth I saw and called the number Sid had given me earlier that night not caring that it was now eight in the morning and he'd probably be sleeping after our long night. When he answered the phone groggily I told him what happened and he gave me the directions to his place. He told me I could crash there until I decided what I wanted to do and not to worry about trying to carry my load cause he'd have plenty of work for me once I got settled in.

I ended up staying with Sid over the next two months until it was time for him to pack up and leave for South Dakota. Over that time he had become a true friend and confidant and I couldn't imagine not having him in my life after he left. He had taught me to toughen up. He gave me my first tat, an eagle soaring over the ocean across my back that hurt like a bitch but was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. He taught me how to ride his bike and went with me to take the test for my license, which I passed with flying colors after his smooth ass teaching.

He also listened when I needed to rant and he held me when I needed to cry. He'd become the best friend I'd ever had over that short time and there was no way in hell I was gona let him go without me. So I decided I'd had enough of life in fuck-it-all Washington and agreed to make the long assed journey with him out into the wild unknown biker's paradise. And that, my friends, is where this crazy little story of mine begins.


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