The Inevitable Sunset

"Portal / real life crossover: Portal: The 4th Millennium franchise is nowhere to be developed, and the Business Magnet needs to find a new cliché to build around. It just doesn't get well."

Another actual morning rose over the Lithuanian skies. It made visible the "to-be" Aperture Science Business Magnet's room, with a strange new detail: a white-colored Dell laptop, with a deviantART page opened.

As the page loaded, a great picture was uncovered. Thirteen people, who anyone following (but of course no one is actually following) Portal: The 4th Millennium franchise should know about, were drawn with different expressions which made them unique. The drawing itself was captioned by the words "Portal: The 4th Millennium franchise" and "2008 12 24 - 2010 10 26" written in a highly stylistic script. The summary of the drawing was:

The Eleven

by ~ASBusinessMagnet

Traditional Art / Drawings / People (c)2011 ~ASBusinessMagnet

Here, let me copy this SLIGHTLY MODIFIED list in.

(Sorry, I can't find the list. You'll have to do on your own.)

Now here's a FAQ, or if you prefer, FUCK YOU:

Q: Why 2010 10 26?

A: Portal 2: The Stupidest Sequel of All Time was released then. It all went downhill after that.

Q: (asked by irenicPie) so im not in your franchise? awwwwww

A: No. You are and were a nightmare for me.

Q: (asked by a Lithuanian) PORTAL SUCKS

A: No, it doesn't.

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*Turns on Notepad again*

With that done, the Business Magnet knew this two-and-a-half-year-long fail-train had to derail and crash. There was something new to have to write about that would still be related to Portal. Or maybe Minecraft. Oh, was the Business Magnet addicted to Minecraft.

He had thought out several new ideas to build on.

One was a "retarded comic based on a retarded fan fiction", a Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff-styled ITS MY LIFE! parody "Sweet Chell and Hella Marrissa". Six episodes were made to date (seven if you count an alternate version of the fifth fitting the Portal 2 canon more), revolving around the same Mary Sue every Portal fan on already knew about. But if anything serious needed to happen, that wasn't it.

A second idea was a Portal - Minecraft crossover. After the events of Portal 2, which the Business Magnet started favoring over Portal 2: The Stupidest Sequel of All Time, Chell would find herself in a Minecraft-like world, begin living and eventually meet and make friends with Herobrine. It was only an idea, an actual scripture wasn't started yet, but it also felt like out of place.

The Business Magnet turned on another tab on the computer running Windows XP running Mozilla Firefox 3.6, the certain forums revolving around alternate histories, and gazed around. His idea, which was that Gorbachev never became the General Secretary of the Soviet Union Communist Party and hence Lithuanian Sąjūdis never formed and hence the Soviet Union survived until this day, also wasn't going anywhere. He read through the other alternate histories that were there, but none caught his attention.

And then, being seriously tired after staying up overnight, he fell asleep.