Yamanaka Inoichi walked into the boy's room, picked up the clipboard from the slot on the back of the door, and reviewed the Doctor's notes. Sighing with relief, he walked over to the shaking boy's bedside. Dealing with a brat from an unsanctioned militia with a serious Gai phobia would be easy after what he'd been stuck dealing with over the past few days.

Those poor shinobi who'd followed Manda's path of destruction through the village and witnessed that crime against nature firsthand had been driven mad, and he'd been recruited in order to help bring order back to their minds and get them back to a point where they could be sent out into the field and be trusted to not promptly attempt to commit Suicide by Ninja their first mission out.

Getting back to his usual work was a relief after that, especially since he'd been forced to witness The Incident secondhand so many times that he'd become almost completely desensitized to it.

Naruto stared in awe at the egg that Bawk hadn't allowed anyone else get close to. It looked like the eggs that he used to get in a carton, except for the fact that it was twice the size of his head. After giving him a good look at the egg, Bawk sat back down on it to keep it warm. Smiling, Naruto turned around and raced home.

"Mikoto-kaasan! Guess what! Bawk's gonna have a baby!" Naruto yelled as he pulled off his sandals.

There was a loud crash from the kitchen, and an even louder one from Fugaku's private study which was rather strange considering the fact that Fugaku hadn't been home for a long while, having taken to sleeping at the station after the Hawk summoning incident.

"I'm gonna name him Shisui!" Naruto yelled as he put his sandals away.

Manda sighed as he listened to the congratulations he'd received from the emissary from the Toads who'd apparently received word from their senile prophet that he was to be a father again. Not being very paternal, since few snakes were, the only feeling he had about the news that he'd sired a crime against nature was the vague hope that his offspring wouldn't do anything that would reflect poorly on him.

He'd say that his last mission for Orochimaru had been the strangest he'd ever been given, but he had vague memories involving something to do with the eldest son of the Sage of the Six Paths that had occurred back when he was a hatchling.