Ronald Darwin (nald)

Jasmine Russel

Sandy Meyer

Alice Stork

Mark Smith

Jeremy Darwin (je)

I always remember when I was 16 years old I was always the kind of person who always go to church every Sunday. The sad part is I don't go to church to worship God but to see one of the "KNIGHTS OF THE ALTAR" I know I'm really a bad girl that time but now I go to church every Sunday to pray for him .. Wherever he is I know his pretty much happy.

[8 years BEFORE]


I was rushing to put my best dress on for a Sunday mass and I shout at my cousin "hey sandy! Can you move a little faster" and she replied "you gonna be kidding me! Don't you think you're a little over reacting?" as I put my 2 inch high-healed I ask her "what do you mean by that?", "you just moved here a month ago this April and now your chasing after an Altar boy" I sighed and answer her "you know .. I don't know either. I've never been this inspired before in my life and when I see him my heart just beat so fast" she raised one eyebrow at me and said "that's called love at first sight pain in the ass" after she said those things I look in to my watch and I realize it's already 5pm "oh! Gosh come' on! Mass starts at 5:30"


"it's time to serve again!" I told my friends at the altar! For me my life is Church, Home and School. That's the three things that make's my world go round! I'm pretty much a nerd guy! And I'm a really grade conscious guy! Even now,' cause it's my last year in High school! I need to keep it up so I can be the valedictorian! "okay guys time to line up" said the head of the church! When I line up and join the procession I'm a little bit happy because I always see children turning their heads around to see us. So after the procession I sigh with a smile and look at the altar, when my brother whispered this to me "hey nald! Do you know that gals?" I answered quietly "nope, why?", "ever since, I always notice that girl wearing a white dress noticing you" I sigh and told this to him "you know what I think it's not the right time to talk about that!" then he turn his head to the priest and said this sarcastically "If that's what you say". I always look forward in seeing the old people eat their bread! Cause for me it's a little bit interesting, they put their tongue out and then say aahhh. When it's time for us to assist the priest and the nuns in giving the bread to the people, I fastly pose besides the priest and then their was this girl, She's really pretty! When she enter the line she look directly at me and I have to play dumb that I'm not noticing it! And I remember, is that the girl that my brother told me that was starring at me? Well she has a pretty shiny hair a milky skin and a smile that can make every guy fall in love with. When the priest ask her "body of Christ" before answering she glanced at me and smile "amen" then return to her seat and kneeled.


It's really different seeing his face up-close! His more handsome! And his eyes was pretty tempting! When I kneeled, this is what I pray for God thank you so much for giving this day to me I'm pretty much happy to see him! If this is love please! Give me a sign! Even one glance at me will be nice! after I pray I directly sit to my Seat and look at him! And I was surprised ! Because he was starring at me! When our looks met we smiled to each other and the boy beside him pinch him in the arm and I can see them teasing hi. After the mass me and my cousin decided to let our aunt pick as up, so we decided to stay beside the stair case of the church.


After serving ! Me and my friends have a TAMBAYAN we stay their and wait for our parents to pick us up! Then we saw my brother! Jeremy, he was staring all the way to the girl in the staircase of the church so me and my friends teased him "haha! New victim je?" then he robbed his head "haha! Very funny!"