Ichariku seemed like a nice place. It was a small café nearby the school. It was cosy and had a pleasant atmosphere. Not to mention the food was great. However even though it was a relaxing atmosphere, I was still tense. We were all sitting at a table nearby the window. The waitress was a girl named Ino who Kiba had a crush on. She had blonde hair and was constantly talking to our group. Not to mention she was also the café owners daughter. I could see Naruto chatting animatedly to Hinata from the corner of my eye, but she seemed on edge. It soon came apparent why. "Hinata!"

Hinata's head shot round. There stood a tall boy. He had brown long hair and the same coloured eyes as Hinata. He had a girl hanging off his arm. She had brown hair which was tied into two buns on each side of her head. "N-Neji!" Hinata looked shocked.

"Hinata what are you doing here? Hiashi will not be happy. He was expecting you home nearly an hour ago." Neji told her, he looked at her sympathetically.

"I-I err…c-came h-here w-with m-my f-friends…a-and w-why w-was h-he e-expecting m-me h-home s-so e-early…?" She asked fear lurking in her eyes.

"He had guests round, he wanted you to join them. There's an upcoming meeting with Uchiha Inc and he wants you to be there." Neji answered. Hinata nodded slowly.

"I-I understand." She said. Understood what though? She slowly got up from her seat. "U-Um bye e-everyone." I watched her leave disappointed she didn't stick around longer.

"You like her don't you?" I turned around to here the voice had come from no other than Shino.

"I err I, I don't know, she seems nice, but I hardly know her." I responded. He sighed.

" It's kind of obvious that you do, the way you gawp at her. Just a warning though, you're not the only one who does. Hinata has a whole group of boys that like her." He paused, "Be careful, others are bound to notice and when they do they won't be happy." Slowly he got up and left the table along with Kiba. A whole group of boys? Great. Chances just got slimmer. Like I'll have any chance.

"Hey Gaara?" Shikamaru began.

"Mm?" I didn't like the sound of that.

"Can me and Chouji go round your house?" He asked. There was no point in staying here any longer. Now that Hinata had gone. "Yeah I guess." I shrugged and we all got up and left. It made me glad my house was near the school. I couldn't be bothered to do much walking. I'd used up all my energy on asking Hinata for her number. Stepping through the front door the smell of Temari's hopeless cooking hit me.

"Woah!" Shikamaru said as he struggled to breathe. Chouji on the other hand embraced the smell. "Mm! That smells good." He said as he raced through to the kitchen. Shikamaru and I followed him. "Hey Gaara how was your first day at school?" Temari asked smiling kindly.

"Eh…it was okay…by the way this is Chouji and Shikamaru. I invited them round." I slung my bag onto the table and sat down.

"It's nice to meet you both." She said smiling. Shikamaru stood frozen at the door to the kitchen.

"I erm better leave, just remembered my err mom wants me home early, for erm dinner?" Shikamaru made a prompt exit.

"Is your friend okay?" Temari asked. I shrugged and walked through to the living room. Kankuro walked in sluggishly and sat down next to me.

"Temari I think your cooking just scared off Gaara's new friend." He joked. Temari glared at him.

"Found a job yet?" She asked as she tended to Chouji.

"Nope, but I've got an interview tomorrow at Hyuuga corp." He replied, with a smug grin on his face.

"Oh what as?" I asked.

"…A cleaner." He answered, seeing the look on my face he added, "…but it's only temporary!"

I smirked, I'd be able to tease Kankuro for days.

"Hey Chouji take a seat." I shouted into the kitchen. He came in carrying a pile of different snacks. "Dude your sister is awesome!"

"I guess, just wish her cooking was…"

"What happened to Shikamaru?"

"He said something about his mom wanting him home early."

"That's strange."


"His parents are on holiday."

Kankuro smirked, "I think it was the cooking…takeaway anyone?"

Hinata wasn't in school for the rest of the week, and I started to actually wonder if I had imagined her or not. The only thing that made her real was the number on my phone that belonged to her.

"So Gaara what's the answer to that question?" Snapping back to reality I looked at Mrs Mitarashi who had asked the question.

"Err…Erm…Err…" Damn it what did she ask. I looked like a right idiot. I was in the middle of maths and to be completely honest I don't think the teacher likes me. I used to be quite good at it in my defence! I do know the answers to most of the questions but she always asks me when I daydream. It's like she watches until I daydream so she can embarrass me in front of the whole class…

"Gaara what was the answer?" She shouts. She must think I'm trying to make an idiot of her or something, oh boy. If I had the slightest idea what she was talking about I wouldn't hesitate to answer. "Err what was the question again?" I ask. She sighs.

"2 numbers are first added together and then multiplied together. The numbers added together = 18 and the numbers multiplied together = 45. What are the 2 numbers?" I sat there dumbfounded.

What. The. Hell? Thankfully the bell rang. I gathered up my books quickly and ran to meet my friends who were waiting for me at the door. Earning me a few glares from my teacher. "Whoa dude I think that she's got it out for you!" Kiba said as he laughed. I sighed.

"It seems she has…" I mumbled.

"God where's Hinata she's really good at maths…" Naruto shouted loudly. Shino's words flashed into my head. Just a warning, you're not the only one who does. Hinata has a whole group of boys that like her and she doesn't even notice. Did Naruto fancy her? Well I guess there was only one way to find out. And that's not a fight. "Why the sudden interest?" I asked Naruto. He smiled.

"She's my best mate." He replied.

"Is that all she is to you?" I asked calmly. Suddenly everyone stopped and burst out laughing. I stood there puzzled. Shino was the only one not laughing. "Guys he's new how would he know?" He said.

How would I know what? Chouji put his hand on my shoulder and shook his head holding back his laughter. "Well Gaara the thing is…" He started.

"…Naruto's gay Gaara," Shikamaru finished. Naruto…was…gay? Huh?

"You're gay?" I asked calmly. Naruto nodded blushing furiously, "Whatever you're into I guess." I shrugged and carried on walking. At the end of the corridor I could see Sasuke approaching us with his little gang. Except there was one new addition to it. A pink haired girl with green eyes. She was following Sasuke like he was a god.

"Hey, you guys Hinata's friends yeah?" He asked monotonously.

"Yeah. What of it Uchiha?" Kiba sneered. Obviously he didn't like him. Don't blame him, guy seemed like a jerk.

"Nothing. I was just wondering if you'd seen any sign of Hinata?" He smirked. She didn't like him why couldn't he understand that?

"No now get out our way." Kiba growled as he pushed Sasuke out of the way, we followed him.

"She's not interested anyway mate. Stay away." I murmured. Sasuke stopped me.

"What did you just say punk?" He snarled as his mates surrounded me. I smirked.

"Nothing. Nothing that you don't know anyway." Sasuke clicked his fingers and Jugo pushed me up against the wall and raised his fist.

"Hey!" I heard. Footsteps ran down the corridor towards us. I could see a group of college kids looking at us.

"Jugo, leave him he's not worth our time." Sasuke said as he started to walk away with his other followers. Jugo lowered his fist. "Next time, I'll hurt you so bad you won't be able to recognise yourself." He said as he let go of my shirt and caught up with Sasuke. Wow great threat.

"You okay?" Shikamaru asked as he and the others watched me intently.

"Yeah I'm fine." I muttered. I turned to the group of college students, "Thanks."

"No worries I know what an idiot Sasuke can be, yeah." A blonde haired boy replied. His hair hung over his left eye. His mates included a boy who looked strangely like Sasuke, a guy with messy red hair similar to my own, a girl with long blue hair, a boy with loads of piercings, and a guy who had white long hair which he had slung back.

"Err so who are you guys?" I asked. The girl smiled at me.

"We're part of the colleges art program, called the Akatsuki." The girl replied.

"Cool…" I nodded.

"Sorry my brother was troubling you. He's often like that." The boy who looked like Sasuke mentioned emotionlessly.

"Hey no problems, anyway I guess it was my fault. You guys got names?" I asked curiously.

"Konan ." The girl answered.

"Sasori." The red haired boy answered.

"Itachi," Sasuke's brother answered.

"Deidara," The blonde haired boy replied.

"Pein," The guy with the piercings answered. I looked at the guy with white hair. He was staring idly into space.

"I'm Hidan," He answered finally.

"Nice to meet you all." I replied smiling. Soon enough it was the end of the day. I left the school to see a familiar face. One that was beautiful, but my eyes couldn't help but look at the bruise that run over her left eye. "H-Hinata?"