Summary: Wonderland has lain undisturbed since the death of Alice Liddell in 1930, exactly 55years after the events revolving around the mysterious character known as the Dollmaker. No one was quite sure what happened to her, as she had disappeared from the public's view some years beforehand. But now, Wonderland has been discovered once more. Who is this girl that looks so much like the late Alice Liddell?

Warning: Female Harry, Alice: Madness Returns crossover and spoilers. If you don't like it, go away. I merely laugh at flames.

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Chapter Six

"Albus!" Professor Sinistra burst into Albus Dumbledore's office suddenly, interrupting the conversation he was currently holding with Professor McGonagall about the Muggleborn's she had shown around that day, including the young Miss Granger. Albus looked up at the young Professor and smiled pleasantly, silently assuring her she had done nothing wrong despite what Minerva's glare said. "I found Harry Potter! She's alive!"

Time stopped for a moment, before Albus's brain caught up to what his ears were hearing, and he stood. "Tell me everything."

Hari gently set the teacup down, smiling at the young woman across from her. The Queen of Hearts reminded her of someone, someone who her mind insisted that she shouldn't have forgotten but did anyway. The woman's green-grey eyes were light and happy, though seemed to hold a shadow deep inside as she placed her own tea down with a tentacled hand.

"Alice my dear, it has truly been lovely having tea with you once more." She stated, and Hari smiled again.

"It has. I wish I could do this always, but I must return to the other world, or my foster carers shall miss me." She said. The Queen snorted and poured herself another cup of tea.

"You could stay forever if you truly wanted to. Even before you never really stayed. Always only halfway, Alice?" She asked, and Hari rolled her eyes good-naturedly.

"Always, Queen Elizabeth." She said, before leaving Wonderland.

Hari sighed as she sat back on her bed at number 13, Sheepcote Road, and pulled her shoes off. It was late in the evening, as evidenced by the dark skies and the almost full moon hanging high in the night sky. The house was quiet as she sat in her dark room.

Chester's eyes opened from her pillow, and they glowed orange. She saw them move upwards, and knew he was shifting into his larger form. "Did you have fun with the Queen?"

"I did." She confirmed. "Though that niggle at the back of my head can be very distracting, which isn't something you want when dealing with her."

"Oh? And which niggle is this?" He asked.

"The one that says I should remember her. She seems so familiar, but for the life of me I can't think who she reminds me of." Hari frowned as she thought, trying to chase down the memory of where she might have seen the Queen before.

"Perhaps you will remember it if your death is on the line?" Chester asked slyly, and she shot him a look.

"Don't even contemplate it, Chester. I am quite happy being alive, thank you, but I would like to die some day. You cannot take my death away from me." She commanded him. She pushed him off the pillow, and he faded away before hitting the floor, reappearing on her desk chair. He watched her climb under the covers and quickly fall asleep, his eyes glinting in the darkness.

"Oh Alice, don't you know? I already have." He purred.

"Mrs Roberts?" Her foster mother looked up at the question. The Roberts family was currently sitting at the breakfast table, eating, and Hari had decided to tell them of her decision. "I'm going to go to Hogwarts."

Mrs Roberts blinked in confusion. "Sorry?"

"One week ago, I received a letter inviting me to Hogwarts. Do you remember?" She asked, and the Roberts nodded. Their daughter, Amelia, looked between Hari and her parents in confusion. "I have decided to accept their invitation. It is a prestigious boarding school located in Scotland, and apparently my parents went there. I have already sent my acceptance letter back."

Mr Roberts frowned at this. "Shouldn't you have spoken to us about this before sending your acceptance? We are your legal guardians after all. We should have discussed whether or not you would be allowed to drop out of Dedworth's to attend this…Hogwarts was it?"

"It wasn't your decision to make." Hari declared, and he spluttered. "It is my education, and I am not your child. It is my decision whether I wanted to go to a boarding school that my parents went to instead of some public school. This school is invite only."

"Harry, it is our decision. You may not like it, but we are your legal guardians." Mrs Roberts gently chided her, before switching tactics. "Think about it this way – would your parents want you to simply decide you were going to a different school, or would they simply accept it?"

"I wouldn't know." Hari hissed, pushing herself away from the table. "They're dead. I'm going to Hogwarts. You can't change this. You have no say."

She strode out of the kitchen and through the back door, quickly grabbing her bike and wheeling it around the front. Mr and Mrs Roberts ran out the front, calling after her but she ignored them, riding into the early-morning sun.

Justin was surprised when the knock came at the front door. It was only eight-thirty in the morning, so it was much too early for Hari to come over, and the post wasn't due for another two hours. His mum hadn't told him of any guests that were coming and his dad had left early to work at the office.

"Hello?" He asked, only for any other words to die in his throat. Hari stood on his doorstep, dressed in nothing more than a shirt and jeans. Her nose and ears were red from the wind and her eyes were bright, her mouth set in a firm line.

"Good morning, Justin." She greeted him. "Can I come inside?"

"Uh, sure." He stepped aside and Hari entered, and he realised she wasn't wearing any shoes. "Hari? Are you alright?"

The girl stood in his entryway for a moment, and he noticed her hands clenching and unclenching. Chester appeared from nowhere beside her and meowed, gaining her attention. They seemed to hold a conversation of blinks, twitches and hisses, before tension that Justin hadn't noticed before bled out of the girl's shoulders and she glanced at him.

"I must seem a right mess to you." She stated, sighing, and he frowned in concern.

"A bit." He conceded. "What's got you all angry-like? I've never seen you like this before."

"My foster carers decided that they had a right to choose whether or not I went to Hogwarts." She spat, and he almost recoiled at the venom laced in her words. "They thought they were my parents now. That they had the final say in what I do or where I complete my education."

Her eyes almost seemed to glow with the emotion she was showing, and he found himself somehow missing the emotionless face she usually had. His mum appeared in the doorway behind Hari and blinked in surprise at the girl.

"Hari? What are you doing here so early? We weren't expecting you for a few hours yet." She exclaimed, and Hari turned to her.

"I…" The girl stopped suddenly, looking around the modest entryway with a small frown. "I do not know. I was upset and… angry… and I needed to get away from the instigators. Why am I here, Chester?"

The cat shrugged its shoulders and meowed imperatively, before pinning Justin with an orange gaze. Justin blinked in surprise and Hari turned to him as well, before nodding. "I see."

"What? What do you see?" He cried, before checking himself over frantically. "What did I do? Is there something on my shirt?"

A foreign sound reached his ears, like water running over a brook, and he looked up at Hari. She was hiding her face behind her hand, but her shoulders shook with amusement and he realised he'd heard her laugh for the first time. He smiled nervously back at her as she quickly regained control of her emotions and flashed him that barely-there smile she seemed so fond of, before turning to his mum.

"I apologise for rudely interrupting your morning, Mrs Finch-Fletchley." She said. His mum just shook her head in confusion.

"Alright, but you have to tell me what on Earth is going on here."

"Oh, Hari…" Mrs Finch-Fletchley sighed, and Hari lowered her eyes at the tone of disappointment she heard. "The Roberts are right, you know. They are your legal guardians, and thus can decide whether or not you go to Hogwarts, whether you like it or not. All you have done by not allowing them to take part in this decision is place a gap between you and make them even more against your attendance."

"It wouldn't have mattered whether I told them or not!" Hari cried. "They won't be my guardians anymore in a few months, and they'll know about magic, which Professor Sinistra said is a bad thing. Add to the fact that they would have disagreed and rejected the invitation anyway, and you have problems all around!"

"Hari," Justin's mother started, but Hari cut her off.

"No! I know what they're like; you don't! I know they wouldn't have let me go, I know it!" She turned and ran before seeming jumping into something. Mrs Finch-Fletchley was startled by the sudden burst of blue butterflies that the girl turned into before they disappeared as well, and Justin turned to his mother.

"You had to push, didn't you?" He asked, angry. "You couldn't be happy thinking that she knows the Roberts better than you, you just had to push your silly adult thinking ways at her!"

He ran out of the room as well and up the stairs, flinging himself into his bedroom. Mrs Finch-Fletchley winced as his door slammed, and sighed. The doorbell rang suddenly, and she stood up again.

"Now what?" She opened it to see a strangely dressed old man with twinkling blue eyes on her doorstep.

"Ah, Mrs Finch-Fletchley I presume. My name is Albus Dumbledore. Professor Sinistra told me you might be able to help me find Harry Potter?"

Justin angrily punched his pillow as he thought about the strange mess Hari had gotten herself into. First arguing with her foster carers and running away, and then arguing with his mum and retreating into Wonderland. For that was where she had gone – he recognised the blue butterflies. She always turned into those in Wonderland. She enjoyed cliff jumping, and the ability allowed her to get back to safety easily.

Chester jumped onto his bed and pawed at him, before turning into his larger form. "What are you doing laying around? Alice needs someone to talk to, and the inhabitants are hardly the best people for it."

"What?" He asked, and the Cheshire Cat rolled his eyes.

"Hold on." Chester's tail suddenly wrapped around his waist and the cat leapt at the wall beside him, dragging Justin with him. Justin yelled in shock and he felt himself disappear and became weightless before reappearing on a domino. The domino was floating around thirty feet above a dark lake of water. He could see a pathway of dominoes leading up a waterfall, and someone wearing a blue dress was dangling their feet.

The nearest domino was too far for him to jump, and he turned to the Cheshire Cat. "How on Earth am I meant to get up there? I can't jump like Hari, or do her butterfly thing."

The Cat stared at him for a moment before grinning widely. "Oh, I think you can. Think fast."

The cat suddenly barrelled into the boy, and he staggered back a few steps before slipping off the domino and falling. The water rushed up at him and he felt fear and the need to be back on top of the domino, before he fell apart with a flurry of yellow and black and reassembled on the domino beside the Cheshire Cat. He stepped away from the grinning feline in horror.

"You tried to kill me!" He accused, and the cat raised an eyebrow, licking its teeth.

"You wouldn't be the first." He mused. "Might I suggest you don't Shift around me? All those finches… might make me a little peckish."

Justin stared open mouthed as the cat faded away, before the words fully penetrated his brain. "Holy Macaroni, I turn into finches!" The irony was not lost on him, and he grumbled a bit before looking up at the blue figure far above him. "Alright, Justin. You can do this. You can turn into finches the ways she turns into butterflies, after all. What's to say you can't… twirl too?"

He grimaced at the girly name before taking a running jump and jumping again in mid air. He didn't Twirl; instead he Flipped through the air as though he was a hero from an action movie, and he grinned when he landed. "Cool!"

Hari was dangling her feet, staring into the sky above. Grey clouds drifted by aimlessly as she watched, and she sighed.

"Hari!" A shout pulled her from her thoughts, and she looked down to see Justin leaping from domino to domino. She watched in surprise as he Flipped in mid air, reaching a domino that was too far for a normal jump, before jumping to the Cliffside. "Hari! There you are. Are you okay?"

She stared at him in surprise before looking at his clothing and smirking. "Do you realise that you look like a yellow leprechaun?"

"Eh?" He looked down at his outfit, and jumped in surprise at the yellow suit he was wearing. "Why on Earth am I wearing this?"

"It's traditional." Hari stated with a shrug. "It's why I wear a dress and apron. Wonderland has it's own rules, and a dress code is one of them. You got away without wearing the suit before simply because you always tagged along with me – Wonderland only registered one person entering and exiting. But now that you are here, Wonderland will always recognise you. The suit is part of the Twirl and Shift abilities."

Justin nodded in understanding and sat next to her, staring up at the sky. "So…where are we?"

"We're in Wonderland, Justin. I thought you knew that?"

"I know that!" He protested before realising she was teasing him. "I meant, where in Wonderland are we?"

"We're in the first Vale of Tears. Up the pathway behind us is the source of the water. Unfortunately, not all the Vales are this clean – there are a few with oil leaking from them. I'm not sure why this is though." She explained. Justin leant back and looked, but couldn't see anything past another, smaller, waterfall.

"Huh." He stated before standing. "You wanna head back to my place?"

Hari stared at him in surprise, before looking around herself. "I suppose. I am no longer as upset, and your mother truly does deserve an apology. But first, answer a question if you will."

"Okay, sure."

"How did you get in here?" She stared up at him as she stood, her hands on her hips. Justin blinked before waving in the direction of the lake.

"Oh, you know. Chester brought me." He said offhandedly. Hari stared at him for a moment before giving a soft snort of laughter.

"Always one to look after his interests." She stated. "Alright, Justin. Let's go back to your place."

She grabbed his shoulder and Shifted them back to the Finch-Fletchley lounge room, in front of a surprised Mrs Finch-Fletchley and old man.

AN: This chapter is very choppy, full of little blocks that are important but have no way of being linked together properly. It's a bit of an interlude chapter. Sorry about that, but it was needed. And I realise it's summer in England in July (darn you! I have to put up with freezing winds and a lot of rain. I prefer the heat) but that doesn't mean anything really, as it rains sporadically. And besides, who doesn't grab a jacket, 'just in case'? It's summer. It can rain any time. Seriously.

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The Queen in A: MR is kind of creepy with all those tentacles, and she is supposedly modelled after Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Liddell. That's why Hari calls her Queen Elizabeth – she doesn't remember Lizzie, and doesn't know her well enough to call her that. And what a weird conversation Hari has with Chester! I have no idea where that came from lol. And Chester = creepy! Very creepy. Evil laughter abounds!

Hari doesn't really respect her foster parents that much, as evident by the morning talk. Unfortunately, this is a problem, and probably one of the reasons why she hasn't stayed with a family for all that long before. However, she is a young child, only eleven years old. Her parents and family were all murdered. She hasn't lived with anyone long enough to truly grow attached to them, as she believes deep down that they will either die or give her up. Of course she is going to have problems with parental figures. I tried to show that she's being childish, but within bounds and with an adult mentality.

She generally goes into Wonderland when she is annoyed or angry or upset, as it's 'her place', as it were. So when she finds herself at Justin's, she's a bit confused. Then, when she gets upset with Julie, she goes to Wonderland, which is where she would have gone if she hadn't met Justin. Huzzah! And yes, Chester can take people into Wonderland himself. He just doesn't do it often.

I couldn't resist Justin's shifting form. Seriously, his name is Finch-Fletchley. Honestly. But no, his shifting form won't be able to carry over into the real world – it's a Wonderland-only thing for him. Hari is the only one who can use Wonderland powers outside of Wonderland. Along this line, Justin can't enter Wonderland willy-nilly, he still requires Hari's or Chester's help.

Everyone who goes to Wonderland has a Wonderland ability. Justin has the ability to Shift and Flip. Everyone will be able to Shift, but not everyone can Flip or Twirl. They'll have other abilities. My secret though. Only I shall know. Mwahahahaha.