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Summary: What could have happened in the graveyard? This is what I think should have happened during the third task.

Harry POV

"Harry!" I hear, "Wait up!" I stop and turn around. The only person I see is Cedric.

Why would Cedric want to talk to me?

"Harry, have you worked out the clue yet?"

"No," I answer.

"Then go get and meet me on the third floor by the statue of Wilson the Witty."

I do so and when I get there, Cedric whispers something to the statue, and a passage way opens up.

We walk through and the doorway closes up behind us. After a couple of minutes I see where we are. We are in a gigantic bathroom.

There are tall walls full of engraving that lead up to a high, vaulted ceiling. At fist I think that the floor is shimmering, and then I realize that it's the bath.

Cedric tells me to wait there and that he will be right back.

When he gets back he is wearing a swimsuit, and he throws me one as well.

I quickly get changed, and we sit on the edge of the bath, as he explains everything to me.

"I was thinking," Cedric says, "Even if we tie, there is a Hogwarts victory. What if we work together?"

"I would really like that," I answer.

We talk some more, and then Cedric shows me how to hear what my egg is really saying. We each write it down, and then make a plan to start working on how to hold our breath for an hour.

The Next Day

Cedric wants to use the bubble charm in order to breath. This is a char m the makes it so that you are in a bubble for however long you need.

There is a problem with that. We cannot seem like we are working together. That would be cheating. That charm is actually not even taught at NEWT level unless you have perfect grades. Apparently Cedric should have been in Ravenclaw.

Three Days Later

Ron and Hermione are mad at me. They think that I am ignoring them or something. I don't understand why they cannot understand that I just want to survive this task.

Two Days Later

It's been six days since Cedric and I decided to work together. We still have no solution. What are we going to do?

Today in class I found out that there is going to be a Christmas ball. I also found out that I will have to bring a date.

When I get to the library I notice that Cedric looks nervous.

"What's wrong," I ask.

"I don't know who to ask to the ball!" is what Cedric replies. That definitely was not what I expected.