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This is what she had been waiting for all night under the stars with two of her best friends. When they had gotten back to the hostel, Angela had said goodbye to Ben while Bella gathered their gear for the night—a couple of pillows and two blankets. The four of them had decided to pack minimally and were going to share the bedding. By the time she had made it down to the entryway, Emmett was dropping Rose off—with a kiss—and picked up Ben to chauffer him off to his hotel. There had been no sign of Alice—which wasn't surprising. Bella had known that Alice probably wasn't going to meet up with them until much later. In reality, much later wasn't until the next morning. They were barely able to sneak her into line with them during one of the bathroom breaks.

As predicted, she regaled them with amazing stories of her night with Jasper. She had literally partied like a rock star. Once again, Bella couldn't help but feel slightly jealous of her friends. As much fun as she was having with the girls, she had nothing to brag about except the free upgrade to Economy-plus Class on their flight out to San Diego—free meaning the extra sixty dollars it cost her because that was the only seat they had left when she checked in for their flight.

Bella exited the bathroom just in time to see that not only had her friends moved from their seats, but the lights were being lowered for the Harry Potter trailer. There was no time to look for the rest of her group, so she stayed put. The hall went black and her body sang in anticipation of the new footage that was supposed to be revealed in a ComicCon exclusive.

One word—disappointing. As exciting as it was to see all of the new Harry Potter trailers she'd already seen on YouTube montaged on the big screen, standing in line since two a.m. had not been worth the paltry ten seconds of never-before-seen footage in the three-minute trailer and a mother fucking t-shirt. Last night, rumor at the House of Blues had been that the super top secret surprise panel was going to feature major cast members. Bella harbored a secret weakness for gingers, so if the Weasley twins or Ron made an appearance, it would all be worth it.

Just as the trailer ended, her phone vibrated. She snuck it out of her pocket, hoping a text was finally coming through to tell her where Alice and the others had moved.

"You need to come with me," someone said, and tapped her on her shoulder. She looked up to see a security guard eyeing her with a look of disapproval. Bella sighed and followed him toward a security door. She hadn't done anything wrong, but she knew better than to try to argue with him out in the open.

On the other side of the door was a wide hallway with a dozen or so people lined up against the wall—all with their cameras and phones in hand. Her stomach jolted at the thought of what kind of trouble she could be in, filling her mouth with a small erp that tasted suspiciously like vomit flavored Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans.

"Up against the wall." The guard pointed Bella to the end of the line and then exited through the same door they had just entered.

She followed his direction and stood with the others who were murmuring about the situation in which they found themselves. She stood quietly and waited, preferring to keep to herself—the more she cooperated, the sooner she would be back out in the conference room.

A minute later, a door at the end of the hallway opened up and another security guard stepped through. She had to do a double take—almost dropping her camera when she whipped her head around to get a better look at the man walking toward them. He was wearing one of the more official looking suits instead of the yellow polos worn by most of security, but that's not what caught her attention.

She stood frozen and swore on her signed copy of Goblet of Fire that Cedric Diggory had come to life and was walking straight toward her…er…them.

It was him…only ten years older—if he hadn't been murdered by order of the Dark Lord. He had the same hair, pale skin, and slight flush to his cheeks. He stood tall, wearing his suit with an air of authority and confidence that his almost boyish looks belied. She felt her heart rate and breathing speed up, while her stomach erupted in a flurry of butterflies. Her emotions were escalating to a point where she became concerned she might actually lose control, crossing the line into a fangirl fit. It was all she could do to contain herself—after all, she had to remember, he was just a security guard and not her most secret fantasy come to life.

In an effort for self-preservation she looked down, refusing to ogle him, and chanted "it's not Cedric" silently as she stared at her hands. With her attention focused downward, she glanced at her attire, remembering that she had dressed specifically for the Harry Potter panel and was decked out in all her fan finest. It may not be as impressive as some of the die-hards, but it was enough to show her loyalty. Her Hufflepuff scarf was wound stylishly around her neck, with the ends hanging down the front of her custom made "Accio Cedric" t-shirt. It screamed geek. Of course she was at ComicCon which was declaration enough by itself of her allegiance to geekdom, so it probably didn't matter what she was wearing—unless she was parading around in lingerie like those Sucker Punch girls. He'd definitely notice her then…

Why did she care anyway? He probably didn't, and wouldn't care—after all, he's a security guard at ComicCon, he'd probably seen it all. He definitely had if he'd seen the Sucker Punch girls.

So he resembled her favorite Harry Potter crush…big deal. Of course, if she was being honest with herself, she'd admit that he could pass for Cedric's twin. It didn't matter. As he came to a stop in front of the group, she reminded herself to get under control, let the hot man check her camera and phone, then go find her friends.

Bella waited patiently as he made his way through the line; some were dismissed and others were ordered to immediately delete any and all photos on their cameras and phones while Mr. Security Guard watched. The closer he got, the more flustered she became. Just his proximity was unnerving—his raw sex appeal a force of its own, setting off her nerves flip-flopping around in her belly like a bunch of chocolate frogs trying to hop away.

He dismissed the person next to her and her nervousness increased exponentially; they were alone in the hallway. She was alone with Cedric the Security Guard. She kept her head down and chewed on the inside of her bottom lip to contain the small squeal that was desperately trying to escape. She could get through this if she just concentrated on her feet…which were in front of his feet…his big feet…his very long feet…

"Miss?" he quietly asked. "Camera, please."

She continued to look down. His rich voice, devastating to the small amount of composure she clung to, sounded exactly like Cedric's…only without the accent, or at least what she imagined Cedric would sound like if he hadn't had that delicious accent.

"Miss?" he asked again; his hand stretched out in front of him and entered her field of vision. She didn't hear him address her again as her entire focus was on the sight of his hands, so like Cedric's, with long elegant fingers. She wondered what they would look like curled around his wand

"Miss?" His voice, more firm this time, finally broke through her day dream.

"Yeah, sorry," she managed to rasp out, and handed him her camera.

Since she knew he was focused on scrolling through her photos, Bella dared to sneak a peek at him. His face was impassive for the most part, but as he continued to scroll through the photos, the corner of his mouth slowly turned upwards into a small secretive smile.

"So Hufflepuff's your house of choice?" She was so engrossed in the upturned corner of his lips that she jumped when he spoke. Though she was startled, she was able to eke out a simple affirmative—the only thing she was capable of saying at the time. His grin widened, as if he knew the effect he was having on her. "I know it's cliché, but I've always been a fan of Gryffindor myself."

He looked up and met her stare, returning her camera and motioning for her to pass him her phone. Their fingers brushed against each other, sending a jolt of desire right through to her naughty bits, which immediately twitched in response. Her eyes widened at his in surprise. He'd made her kitty twitch…with a simple brush of his fingers—was that even possible? He held her eyes for a few more seconds before shifting down to stare at the "Accio Cedric" that spread across her breasts, which to her embarrassment were perfectly framed by her scarf, then looked back down to inspect her phone. The smile never left his face.

"I've always been partial to Hermione myself. All that long brown hair…" He paused and kept scrolling through her phone for another minute, then looked back up at her abruptly. "Come with me."

"What?" Bella looked at him in surprise. "Why?"

"This way, please." He held his hand out in front of him, indicating that she should precede him.

"I don't understand." Bella started walking, but she kept looking back at him as she spoke. "I didn't take any photos. There's nothing on there. I'm sure I didn't do anything wrong!"

"In here." He indicated a doorway off to their left and pulled out a set of keys.

Thoughts raced through her head. She hadn't done anything wrong; she knew it. This had to be some kind of misunderstanding. Mentally she flashed through all the photos she had on her phone. There was nothing there that could incriminate her in any way…except a few racy snapshots from last night when she and the girls had been messing around in the line for the panel…but nothing illegally obtained.

She stopped as soon as she went through the door he indicated. The lights were off and she only caught a glimpse of what was in front of her before the door closed, leaving them in complete darkness. She wasn't sure what to do, so she waited. She knew he was right behind her. She could feel the heat of his body. He was so close she wouldn't even be able to take a step backward; all she would have to do was lean into him.

"Do you know why I brought you in here?" She felt her hair slide through his fingers as he moved it out of the way to whisper in her ear.

"No," she whispered back and shook her head.

"Let me show you." He pulled her hair away from the right side of her face then pressed his body gently against her back as he brought his left arm around her, loosely anchoring her to him. She saw a small flash of light and then recognized her phone as he held it up in front of them. The screen displayed one of the pictures she and her friends had taken last night.

"You're quite good with a wand…" Bella stared at the picture of her licking her replica of Hermione's wand that she had brought with her on their trip.

And the chocolate frogs were back…only this time her heart was thumping so hard she thought they were trying to jump out of her chest. His body was so warm up against hers, his presence and words muddling her brain. She didn't know what to say, and even if she did, she didn't think she could speak.

Bella felt his head lean forward and rest against her own. She could feel his chest rising and falling with every deep breath that he took—the hand that held her phone disappeared as he took the next.

"I'm sorry." He paused, his chest shuddering against her back. "I shouldn't have brought you in here, but…" His warm breath skimming across her neck made it hard for her to concentrate, but she held still, waiting for him to continue. "When I saw you standing there…it was like you were my fantasy come to life. I know I might look kind of…scary…" He paused again, fortifying his resolve with another deep breath before he continued. "It's part of the job. I'm just as much of a geek as anyone else attending the conference. I actually volunteered for this job hoping to catch a glimpse of Emma Watson…but then I saw you.

"I saw you standing there against the wall in your house colors…your Hufflepuff scarf framing your tits…" He moaned and pressed closer. "…your beautiful brown hair and then when I saw that picture with the wand…" He tightened his arm around her waist, and she could feel every inch of his hard planes pressed against her. His lips were so close she could feel the movement of them against her ear as he continued to whisper. "It was all I could do to keep my hands to myself. Do you have any idea how hard you've made me?"

The breath she hadn't known she'd been holding whooshed out.

"Are you afraid?" he whispered.

"No," she whispered back.

"Will you be my Hermione?"

All she could do was nod her head in affirmation. Bella couldn't believe this was happening to her—right here, right now. Things like this didn't ever come her way, and there was no way she was going to refuse.

He buried his face where her shoulder met her neck and sighed in relief. When he lifted his head back up, she could feel his lips brushing against the outside of her ear.

"Say it. Out loud."


That one small word, uttered in a breathy moan, was the point of no return. There was no going back, and she didn't want to—ever. No regrets.

As soon as the word passed her lips, he turned her around, grasping her cheeks in his palms and attacked her lips with the same passion she was feeling. It was a perfect kiss—lips parted, perfectly moist, and enough force to convey his desire without banging their teeth together. His lips were soft and lush. They molded perfectly to hers in a way that let her gently suck on his full, bottom lip.

While they kissed, he caressed her cheekbones with his thumbs. The small movement was reassuring. She felt safe and it made the moment more intimate than an average random hook-up. The few one-night stands that she'd had in her life were more about getting off than making any kind of personal connection. They were impersonal business transactions—I'll give you yours if you give me mine—but this felt different. This wasn't just about personal satisfaction. It was fantasy—which only served to heighten her desire.

As they continued to kiss, she stepped in closer and brought her hands up to skim along the edge of his jaw, her fingers sliding into his hair at the nape of his neck. His hair was soft and silky against her skin, and she suddenly had an overwhelming urge to sniff it. So as much as she wanted to keep her mouth on his, she tore her lips away and kissed along the edge of his jaw and up to his ear so she could bury her nose in his hair as she nibbled at his lobe and the sensitive spot on his neck just below.

And God, he smelled good. Fresh and clean, like soap and man.

He finally let go of her face, trailing his hands down to the ends of her scarf, letting his knuckles graze across her tits as they moved down. When his hands reached the ends, he stepped away. She immediately craved the feel of her lips on his skin and whimpered at the loss of contact as he led her forward using her scarf to pull her along.

Her eyes had finally adjusted to the darkness, and she could make out dim shapes that appeared to be stacks of chairs and tables pushed up against the walls. He stopped near a table and used her scarf to pull her back toward him until her lips were once again pressed against his.

This time as he assaulted her mouth, he was less gentle, nipping and biting at her lips while they kissed, causing breathy moans to escape with each slant of his mouth. He released his grip on her scarf, letting his hands explore her body. He started with her waist, gripping it on both sides and pulling her flush against him. His chest was warm and firm against her breasts. She liked the feel of him against her body. His hands moved up, stroking her sides up, down, and then back up again until he reached the sides of her breasts. He paused for a moment in his exploration then timidly caressed her breasts with his thumbs before confidently palming them.

Each pass of his hands on her body elicited small moans of pleasure. She hadn't felt this good in longer than she cared to remember, and she was going to make the most of it. Becoming bolder, she passed her hands over his body in much the same way he had explored hers. His body was firm, the muscles taut as they flexed with the building sexual tension.

Soon touching wasn't enough. He released her breasts, rubbing his thumbs over her nipples one more time before carefully unwinding her scarf from around her neck. As soon as it was discarded, he trailed his hands back down to the hem of her shirt, only breaking their kiss as he lifted it up and over her head. As soon as he had started divesting her of her clothing, she reciprocated, shoving his jacket off his shoulders then fumbled with the buttons on his shirt.

Piece by piece their clothing fell to the floor. Skin met hot skin, tongue met tongue, and body rubbed against body. As soon as the last piece fell, his hands grasped her ass and lifted her up onto the table behind them. His head dipped as he kissed along her exposed chest while his hands crept forward along her hips. The thumbs that had once shyly caressed her nipples now inched forward to the creases of her thighs, closing in on her most intimate place.

There were no thoughts in her head, just pure lust guiding her every action and response. Her hands ran over the soft skin of his shoulders, moving as if of their own free will, seeking out whatever his body had to offer. And he had a lot to offer. She may not have been able to see him in the dark, but her hands could feel his lightly defined muscles, the hard planes of his chest and his firm backside. He was exquisite.

The tips of his thumbs finally reached her kitty just as his lips closed over one of her nipples. The simultaneous sensations triggered another whimper and a series of pants to burst forth from between her lips. She moved her hands back up to his head to anchor him to her breasts. Normally she didn't care much for breast play, but whatever he was doing with his tongue and his teeth was surely going to drive her insane.

Her legs parted in encouragement as his thumbs continued their gentle exploration. They stroked over top of her slit and down toward her center, teasing her softly and making her burn for more. On the way back up, the tip of one thumb slipped in between, gathering her moisture and slid back up where he slowly massaged her clit with the slightest of pressures.

He moaned against her breasts as he continued to manipulate her body with his hands and tongue. Words that sounded like "hot" and "wet" mingled with incoherent babble as he moved from one breast to the other, turning her on even more.

She pulled his lips back to hers just as he thrust a finger inside of her and moaned into his mouth in response to the new pleasure he was assaulting her with. She felt her kitty twitch again at the new sensations. Just like her fantasy, he had long elegant fingers that were put to good use, stroking in and out of her in a steady rhythm. With each twitch of her inner muscles, she knew it wouldn't take much to find her release. As much as she loved what he was currently doing to her body, she not only wanted to prolong the pleasure, but she wanted him inside her when she came. So, she scraped her nails lightly down his torso, following the light dusting of hair that led south until she could wrap her fingers around his cock—a sure way to grab his attention.

"Protection?" She slowly pumped his hard length, exploring the silky skin, reveling in the warmth—if she couldn't see it, she at least wanted to memorize every inch with her touch.

"Got it covered," he moaned against her lips.

As she sped up, he slowed his movements between her legs and moved his hands to her breasts, kneading the flesh and flicking her nipples, mimicking the movement of her hand on his cock. As her palm flicked over his tip, he shivered and released her breasts, moving his hands up to grasp her face.

He sucked her bottom lip roughly then thrust his tongue against hers; his kiss was rough and hungry as he devoured her mouth. His hands moved over her until one was tangled in her hair at the nape of her neck and the other cradled her lower back. He gently lowered her down to the table, kissing along her jaw and her chest, her kitty nestling against his hardness. She could hear the crinkling of plastic as he rubbed himself against her, felt the absence of his heat for a mere moment then his hands gripped her thighs, sliding her closer to the edge of the table. He quickly repositioned her legs—wrapping one around his waist and draping one over his shoulder.

The head of his cock rubbed against her, sliding up to circle her clit, down to probe gently at her entrance, and then up again in pleasant torture. She was tired of waiting, so on the next pass down, she thrust her hips, taking him just inside. They moaned together in satisfaction, and he continued to push forward until he was fully embedded.

His pace started out slow but steadily built to increase the friction between their bodies. He held her secure with the hand that still held her hip and grazed the other up past her opposite thigh to the ankle that rested on his shoulder. She felt his lips kiss and nip at her calf as he held her leg in place.

She had been right to hold off her release. The pressure of her orgasm built with each thrust of his hips. She could feel the heat of it building as she met him thrust for thrust. "Uh…Cedric!" she screamed as the fire spread from her center outward until it washed over her entire body.

"Hermione—" he yelled as her muscles twitched and gripped him inside, pushing him over the edge as well.

He kissed his way down her leg as he lowered it off his shoulder and moved it to join the other already at his waist. His hands made a circuit around her body, as if memorizing it, then rubbed her thighs and lowered his lips to hers for another kiss before disengaging their bodies.

She felt oddly empty, wishing they had more time, but knowing they would have to part soon. They quietly gathered their clothes. She had to get back to the hall; the girls were probably worried about her since she hadn't returned.

She dressed, not the slightest worried about modesty since it was dark. Besides, she wanted to catch whatever glimpses she could of him in the time they had left, even if it was just shadows for her memories. When she was done, she had gathered everything except for her phone. She couldn't seem to find any trace of it in the dark.

"Umm…I can't find my phone. Have you seen it?" she asked nervously.

"I, ah…I think I dropped it over here. Just a second, let me get it."

A few short moments later, he was standing in front of her. He reached out for her, rubbing his thumb across her palm before placing her phone in her hand. "Here."

"Thanks." She didn't know what else to say. She didn't feel awkward at all, not even about calling him Cedric as she came. She just didn't know how to say goodbye to someone she would probably never see again, though she wanted to…

Fortunately he knew what to say, or how to say it even though he didn't use words. Before he let go of her hand, he pulled her into one more embrace. Cupping her cheek with one hand, he pressed his lips to hers and languidly stroked his tongue against hers in a final kiss. With a whispered "thank you" against her lips, he pulled away and led her out of the room.

Even though the corridor was clear, they parted once they entered the hallway, quietly walking to the doors leading back to the conference room. He smiled at her and reached out to give her hand a squeeze then strode down the hall and back through the door she had first seen him enter. Still dazed and slightly weak in the knees from their encounter, Bella re-entered the hall and took out her phone to try to text Alice again. The small amount of charge she'd gotten was almost gone again, but there was just enough to catch an incoming text:

Fr: Accio Edward

Just in case… Use your…wand. I'll answer.

July 24, 12:04 pm

Bella smiled and headed to the bathroom to try to get more charge to text him back.

Best fucking vacation…ever. They we're so coming back next year.