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"Kaito." I tried to be calm. "Put the gun down."

Rin's eyes were bright and anticipating. She quivered, her eyes transfixed on the muzzle of the gun.

Rinto looked oddly unsurprised. A look passed between him and me.

And then we knew.

One of us was going to die today. And we both knew it couldn't be Rin.

My eyes flickered down to her.

If Rin died, there'd be absolutely no point for me anymore.

Every laugh, every smile, every moment and memory passed between us.

Rin's eyes met mine, and she flew into my open arms.

"Kaito." I said again.

He looked at each one of us, unruffled. His eyes were cold.

"Oh, look. Two in one."

He aimed the gun at Rin's head, and I held her tighter.

He cocked the gun.







Rinto flew between us, using his backpack to deflect the bullet. I heard the faint whiz, and Kaito cursed, looking only mildly irritated.

"Why?" Rin asked openly, her head pressed against my chest. "Why?" It was plain and pleading at the same time.

"I'm gonna do this for Miku." He said. "I really am. This is for her."

Rinto's bag broke open, and a bunch of stuff tumbled out. Books, papers, writing utensils, a cell phone, and a picture of him and Rin, smiling.

I shut my eyes.


My arms tightened around Len, and he shook his head.

My real brother? Or my best friend/boyfriend/adoptive brother/future husband?


I lifted my head to see Kaito aim the gun.

This time, at my brother.

"No! Rinto!"

Kaito pulled the trigger again, and Rinto staggered back, hit.

I punched Kaito, hard, across the jaw. "Leave him alone!" I was screaming and crying, but it was all simultaneous.

Kaito aimed the gun at Len, pushing me aside easily. I threw my hand out to receive the bullet, but it slipped through my open fingers.

Len quickly held out a picture of Rinto and I. The bullet smashed the glass, then, reflected bounced back to Kaito and caught him in the chest.

I sunk to my knees next to my brother.

"Rin..." he whispered. "...you."

"No, no, no, no, no." I said frantically. "No way! I just found you. DO NOT leave me again!"

I grabbed his arms and tried to lift him to his feet.

"Move it!" I gasped out, in a strangled voice. "Get UP!" Finally, I had to drop him down.

"I love you..." he said again, more clearly.

Then he fell back, his eyes closed.

"No!" I screamed, grabbing Len. "Help him, stupid! Don't just stand there!"

Len was frozen. Then, his eyes met mine.

"It's over, Rin."

He enfolded me into a tight hug. I sobbed over everything in our lives that had gone wrong.

He tilted my face up.

"It's finally, finally, over."





10 years later...

"Mrs. Kagamine, your child..."

Rin looked up at the doctor, who was holding her beautiful son. Her eyes welled up with tears.

"He's deaf."

Oh, no. She thought in despair. I... I brought this child into a world of merciless teasing...

"Isn't there a way?" She gasped. "Please, I can't make him suffer."

Len took her son into his arms, his eyes teary too.

"He's... He's..."

Rin clenched her teeth, knowing Len would be horrified that she'd caused unintentional suffering to the baby.


Rin released with a shocked, "WHAT?"

"He's perfect... the most beautiful child, ever."

Rin started crying. "Oh, Len..."

"We got through you, didn't we?" He had a teasing smile on his handsome face. "We'll get through him, too."

"Give him to me, please." Rin said, her voice hushed.

She fingered the plump cheeks, stroked the blond fuzz that framed his tiny heart-shaped face.

"You're right, Len. He's beautiful."

"And so is his mother." All notes of teasing were gone, and his blue eyes were serious.

She cradled him, not even avoiding the blush that rose to her cheeks when he complimented her like that.

A smile crossed her face as a green haired girl came running in.

"RIN!" Gumi squealed. "Your baby is so cute!"

Rin felt her hand being squeezed by Gumi's, and her eyes were warm and joking.

"He's just like me."

"I know! So cute!... Oh...!" Gumi eyes grew wide as her head snapped up to meet Len's eyes.

"He's deaf...?"

Rin nodded.

Gumi smiled. "I love him."

Shortly after, Rei and Neru walked in, hand in hand.

"Hello, guys." Rei greeted them warmly. "Rin, pretty as ever I see. Congratulations to both of you..."

Neru displayed the engagement ring on her finger to everyone, and then cooed over the baby with Gumi.

Rin and Len shared a peaceful smile.

Everything was finally, finally, perfect.