A voice said in his head said don't do it, it might ruin everything you worked so hard to keep, but his heart said do it, it will be the best choice you're going to make in your life. He chose to follow his so called heart.

After a restless and hectic day at work Mac was finally able to go home and rest, but he had to make a stop first. It was only 6pm, so by the time he get to Stella's it would be 6;30pm and by the time dinner would be served it would be 7pm. He knew Stella would have a hard time knowing that she can no longer be as independent as she was before the incident that nearly killed and crippled her.

When he arrived he saw Stella sitting there, in her living room watching her favourite movie, nearing to sleep. he couldn't blame her, staying home with nothing to do but watching TV could get really boring and repetitive, especially for Stella, in only one day. She could never stay away from the lab too long. Only during her days off, after working a double shift or just when she needed a holiday out of the boring loud city.

After dinner Mac helped Stella in her own bed, being carful to not hurt her more, including her pride. He then made sure Stella was sleeping before he made his own way out and remembering to lock the door on his way out. During Stella's last birthday she decided to buy herself a treat, in doing so she bought herself a new apartment, a bigger and better quality building. Better security and the lobby looks like it's from a 5 star hotel, she got this with a good price, still able to afford her daily needs and all.

Mac took a cab to his apartment and also turned in for the night, he would have to wake up early the next morning to make Stella breakfast at her place. He woke up at only 5:30 past. He rushed to get ready and be there by 6.

When he made his way inside her apartment, the first thing he heard was soft groaning coming from the bedroom. He realized that Stella was trying to get in her wheelchair by herself, or worse, she was trying to walk without giving her injuries a chance to heal, then he heard a thump. He tried to smile but the concern for her wellbeing was overtaking his urge to give her an "I told you so" look. He rushed to her room and saw something that made his blood boil with fear.

Stella was lying on the floor, her chair far from the bed. Same place where he left it last night. Stella being stubborn and independent tried to reach there with obviously no help. The thump was from when she fell from her bed, onto the cold, hard wood floor. She tried to crawl to her chair but not achieving any distance. Mac ran towards Stella to carry her to her chair and wheel her to the dinning room, but she refused, and profusely said she could do it herself. After about 5 minutes and countless failed attempts Stella finally gave up and asked Mac to help her.

Once breakfast was finished Mac left for work and worked on another meaningless case, the only thing that was in his mind was Stella, if she was okay. Of course he felt sympathy for the dead the family but he never put his full ability in the work he done. The only thing he was looking forward to was dinner; it felt like he lived with Stella even though they do not share the same apartment. He cooked a simple dinner, pasta and Carbonara. The things accompanied were romantic. He was planning on telling Stella today and tonight. Stella wheeled herself close to the prepared meal and waited for Mac to sit down with her. She saw all the extra effort in making this meal compared to the others and she knew, well sort of knew what he was planning. She felt the same for Mac and she was hoping that was what he wanted to get through to her tonight.

When it came time to confess his feelings for Stella, he chocked. He couldn't get even one complete sentence out without screwing up. He hated that, so instead of embarrassing himself more Mac simply stood up and brought his lips closer to Stella's and kissed her with all the passion and heart he had. He gave his full trust and loved towards that woman and knew it won't ever be a mistake because she kissed him back with all she had.

When morning came they woke up together in the same bed. Mac was the first to wake up and he was watching Stella peacefully sleep, using his chest as her pillow. Right when he was ready to get up and make breakfast for them there was a knock at the door, he thought maybe is one of the team members but he was mistaken. He never thought she would find him here, and see him in the state he was when he opened the door. You could never be too careful.