Hank crept into his bedroom, the form of Kate vivid and silent beneath a blanket on his side of the bed. Her dark hair was loose and scattered around her and her tiny fingers were wrapped tightly around her cell phone. Hank sat next to her and stared at the loveliness that illuminated from her fair face and took the phone from her fingers gently. She groaned and rolled over sleepily, her eyes opening.

"Hank?" Kate whispered in the darkness.

"It's me," he whispered back, brushing a long dark strand of hair from her face. She yawned and sat up, pulling the blanket around her.

"Did you talk to Bobby? Is everything ok?" She asked sleepily, her bright blue eyes heavy. Hank touched her face where the bruise was and let his hand fall to her slim waist. She inched closer to him and rested her chin on his shoulder.

"Everything's fine," he assured her as he petted her back. "We talked and everything's fine now," she was so warm next to him and he could feel her heart beating steadily in her chest. Hank Hill was not the kind of man to talk so openly, but she was dragging this new found being out of him. It was frightening yet fantastic.

"Come to bed."


"Good morning, Mr. Hill," came a warm, erotic voice from behind Hank as he slept. Hank's eyes fluttered against the waves of sunlight that pierced the room and he rolled slowly to follow the voice that seemed to accumulate at the bathroom door. His eyes crashed upon a delicious sight and his body reacted quickly. He could feel his blood pressure rising and a stiffness exploding from his shorts. Oh. My. God. He thought to himself. Kate leaned against the bathroom door, a look of pure hunger devouring her face. Her little body only covered by Hank's white dress shirt unbuttoned and hanging open just enough to see a plump bit of her breasts and pink panties, a shade darker than her own skin color. She was looking down, her dark hair cascading over her face and a plane white cowboy hat so Hank couldn't see her eyes and lips.

"Morning…" he managed to squeak out. She looked up and their eyes met and Hank was struck by the stunning way the sun caught her features. Her arms crossed and she went to the bed and got on her knees. Hank began to sit up, but she pushed him back down, her ruby lips coming at the edge of a smile.

"Let me do all the work, baby," she whispered, her voice husky with need. She tugged at his shorts and then completely yanked them down past his feet and threw them on the floor. Hank's body was pulsating and heat filled to his head, as she wrapped her hand around his manhood and stroked it gently. Hank's eyes rolled back and he gasped loudly as she ran the tip of her tongue all over the head of his penis, before sucking it completely into her hot mouth. Hank's fingers gripped the bed sheets as she worked up and down from tip to base over and over again. He pushed her hair back and held it up, allowing her more freedom to move now. Oh God. Oh God. Oh God, Hank's mind screamed violently as she brought him to the edge of ecstasy. He clutched her hair hard and pushed her face down, only to be disappointed when she slowed and stopped. His heart was beating out of control and his vision was blurred from lack of blood in his head. He watched her stand on the bed and pull her panties off, revealing a small patch of dark hair above her beautiful pink opening. Hank sat up on his elbows and watched her straddle him in wonder, silence being his only form of sanity.

"Lay back," she pushed him back again and smiled before sinking down on his thickness. She groaned and moaned as he filled her to the top, her heat drinking every inch of him in like a wild fire spreading throughout a dry Texas forest. He grasped her hips as she bucked roughly against him, the white shirt hanging open just enough to see the pale rose colored nipples that stood firm. Hank couldn't stand it, he ran his fingers up her bare, taut stomach to the valley that separated her full breasts and held her throat softly, bringing her face in to meet his lips for a deep and passionate kiss. Her mouth gave a deep guttural growl as she continued throwing herself up and down over him. She looked amazing and beautiful and perfect. This was a side of Kate, Hank had never seen before. This wild, maniacal side, hell bent on satisfaction and gratification, it was unusual to see her behave this way. She was a tigress deep down beneath the conservative façade and the flowery, educated words and in a way it was nice to see her in this light. In control. In control. Out of control as she pulled him over the brink of orgasm. Hank gave a profound moan and allowed himself to burst violently inside her as she screamed to her own release, her face contorting into almost a painful expression, surrendering to a smile slowly. She fell to the side of him and sighed, her naked chest laying exposed.

"Wow," was all he could muster. She giggled and snuggled close to him. "That was… amazing." He grunted and threw a hand on her flat tummy. Her eyes were closed softly and she was still panting a bit, Hank kissed her mouth, sucking her bottom lip in. She wrapped her arms around him and groaned.

"You are full of surprises, I tell you what!" Kate licked her lips and sighed. "Well, I should probably get up and get ready for work," Hank said sadly.

"Aw, do you have to?" she rolled on the bed under the cover. Hank stood up and adjusted himself.

"Yeah, I do," He answered. "But I'll be home a little after 5." She smiled and pulled him to her, their bodies crushing together once more. She kissed his cheek leaving a smear of red lipstick on him.

"Okay, sweetheart. I'll probably just spend some time reading," Hank pulled his blue jeans on and buckled his belt.

"Alright, maybe tonight we can watch the Propane special on PBS," He said excitedly. Kate looked over at him as he buttoned his shirt carefully and giggled.

"Okay, that sounds great," She said giggling louder and pointing at his shoe. He looked down at what she was pointing at and chuckled nervously. Her pink panties were stuck around his shoe. He peeled them off and tossed them to the floor, a tint of red washing over his face before he exited the room clumsily.