Willow was returning a book in it's rightful shelf when she selt a cold grip on her heart. Something was wrong. Her PAK was giving a tingling sensation, like it did on Irk. They were here... and her children needed help. But she could not do it alone. After making a few calls, she went to the hospital to pick up some friends.

Red and Dib were doing their best to calm Tak by rubbing her shoulders, which was convienant since they were chined together. Red, Tak, Dib, Purple, Spike,Mimi,Gir, and Gaz were chained in this order. One soilder held Mini-moose and the rest were restraining Zim, their new tallest.

"Let my wife Go!" He would shout.

"Do not worry, sir, we will find you many wives..."

"If you dare hurt my wife or any of my family, I will destroy the other half of Irk!" Zim thrashed, but to no avail.

The soilders behind him came to a stop, throwing the rest in a room. Typing in a code, red bars covered the door-way, leaving them trapped. One irken, who was drinking a soda of some sort, stood looking at the ex-rulers.

"Would you care for a drink?" The pudgy, green-eyed irken offered.

"I would CARE to know the meaning of this!" Purple hissed, surprisng his mate. Red has never heard him sound so dangerous. But the danger was taken when the gaurd threw the drink at him, burning him. Laughing, he walked off leaving the unusual family to wait for the heavy footsteps to cease.

Red rushed to the one he loved, carressing the welt on his face that was forming. Now it was Purple's turn to be surprised, as he never seen Red so tender. Tak and Gaz approached as well.

"Are you ok?" Gaz inquired, as Gir burried his face in her waist.

Tak look troubled," I don't understand, water shouldn't burn us... I've seen you drink all kinds of earth liquids..."

"We were gone from Irk's elements so long it's like Zim experiencing water for the first time..." Red sighed. This was bad.

"I don't understand... You were their rulers, why lock you up?" Dib asked, his arms around Tak's belly, rubbing it as if he thought the child were scared.

Red looked down, with a look that told of his shame. Seeing this Purple placed his hands on his shoulderr and whispered soothing words through the ruby-redwig.

"To explain it best, I suppose you need to know Irk. You know how on your planet, the bigger children pushes around the smaller ones?" Dib nodded., "It's always been this way on Irk... The first irken to invent an anti-gravitational craft was 4'6. But A taller irken name Voot stole it and no one questioned for fear of pain. It was the same in our business relations, politics, religion..."

"Religion?" this perked Gaz's interest as Dib's. What did intelligent life believe in. (no offense to athiets, good for you for not being tied down)

"Of course every culture, no matter how primitive has religion." Purple scoffed., "One wonders how we come to exist... Irk once believed a great being created everything, for it wanted children. It created planets and stars for the children to live on... But the children were sometimes bad and it created a land of torment..."

"We callit hell" Dib nodded.

"Or Bubbafeild Tennessee..." Gaz responded.

"But the smaller irkens thought as long as there was this creatr, they didn't have to listen to the Tallers. So on Taller said HE was the messenger of the maker..."

"And everybody followed him." Tak whispered in disbelief. THIS was what she was once trying to impress?

"Yes," Red continued.," It went that way for centuries. When an irken outgrew the tallest, they were crowned ruler. Me and Purple," he paused holding Purple's hand.
"We knew from the second we met we were meant for eachother.."

"He felt what I felt, I thought what he thought. The moment our eyes met we were one... and we grew as one. We joined, though even Irk wasn't keen on the idea of same-sex marraige then. But the day came we both outgrew the tallest..."Purple continued till Red gaind strength to tell the whole truth again.

"The only problem was Irk demanded an heir... We though long and hard and one of our scientific minds found a solution. Cloning. Just about every Irk is apart of our DNA... But we were afraid, Tak! What would happen when we were outgrown?..." Red's voice cracked., "So, in the PAKS... we...we"

"You kept us from growing..." Taks eyes gleamed. The betrayal!

"They would've killed us! The only reason we weren't killed for loving a member of the same sex was our height!" Purple defended.

"b..but I've seen many invaders in training in love with the other!" She brought her hands to her hand, trying to comprehend what she was hearing.

"It's fine now, but it wasn't then... and by the time we were tallests we kicked so many of our own around, they would pounce at the chance to be rid of us.." Red looked at her, pleading. Tak sneered at the thought of all the torment her people went through because of them. Then a tear fled Red's eye. His eye's sparkled with remorse, and she gazed at her hateful reflection in those crimson eyes...crimson.

ZIM! He has Zim's eyes... or rather, Zim has his... Tak took her watch off to reveal her irken form. Taking a mirror from her PAK she looked at her eyes. Purple... They were a darker shade but still. She looked at the ex-rulers. Her parents.

"That'swhy you didn't execute Zim..." She said in a whisper as Dib and Gaz looked at eachother, confused. Red nodded.

"I remember, Me and Red had a fight... about what I don't know. I went for a walk. Before I knew it I got lost... I came to a room with the smeets. Realizing how lost I was, I went to turn back when I heard a crash. I turned to see a small, small thing hugging the robotic arm. I laughed, knowing it had Red's DNA, it had my personality. Then I heard another crash. And there you were... fighting the arm. You had my eyes but you had Red's spirit.

I took you both for Red to see you. We never handled the smeets before, but I knew he had to see you two. At first he didn't want to look at you. There was this soda-bot in the corner Zim was eying. Then he said, "I don't like it." and you said,"Who cares if you like it." And we laughed so hard because we had a fight like that... in fact that was the fight we had... So we made sure you two got the best. Best education, lodgings, jobs, even punishments." Purple wiped a tear from his eye. Tak's eyes sparkled with tears before hugging her parents.

"This is really sweet... But what about Zim?" Gaz asked, biting her lip.

"They won't hurt him... But to do what they want they'll get rid of what's standing in their way. And that'sus."Red sighed. And he prayed a silent prayer to that mystic creator.

"Willow!" A short woman embraced the elder. Her blue hair was in pig-tails and he greenish-grey scrubs nearly blended against her greyish skin.

"I'm so glad you could help, Maya. It's dire.."

"With the irken massive, it always is. Good thing I got Zen to cover for me at the hospital." she said hauling her stuff in her SUV., "Zen and Daz have spotted the ship in the woods, it hasn't taken off yet."

"Good. You have brought everything in case she delivers?"

"Yes, but lets hope to God we can get her out first." Maya worried.

"Let's hope we can get the all out..."

Gaz leaned her head on Dib's shoulder, watching Tak and her parents.

"Does your arm hurt?" Dib looked down at his sister.

"Alittle. If it hadn't of happened in public, Zim could've fixed it. but people insisted on going to ER..." Her breath stopped short when they heard a deep growl.

"Gaz, it'll be ok..." Dib soothed, reaching in his coat. But Gaz started crying.

"Dib, I'm so sorry... I haven't been honest..."

"What do you mean?" Dib's body stilled.

"the lighthouse... it wasn't the first time this stuff happened. But it's gotten worse." She chocked a sob as Gir and Mimi rand to Tak.

"Worse since when?" Dib gripped her shoulders.

"Dad! when he... He would be mad...but then he died and it got worse!" Gaz was in hysterics.

The realisation hit like an explosion. Demons were drawn to negative activity. Hopelessness, loneliness, pain. And Dad provided plenty of that. His years with Dad was full of neglect, except critism. Gaz... What did he do?...More than neglect. He could see him using her, hurting her, blaming HIS insanity on her, then leave her with nothing but her thoughts on why... Zim was right. Dib wasn't there when she needed him... then Dad died leaving all those feelings unresolved, feeding this demon...the only reason it hadn't killed them all by now was love... Zim's love. But still it wouldn't leave. And then Dib got an idea... one to save them all.

Dib sniffed.,"Did I ever tell you about when you were born?"

Gaz shook her head.

"Well, Mom was everything to my,my sun, and she said i was her when she told me she was having another baby i was pretty upset. I didn't talk to her the whole nine months. then you were born and dad was gone to who knows where... Mom was so depressed she took us to stay with this Grandma person. But she was mainly taking care of mom, and you were crying and crying. finally I got so mad, I went and looked you in the eye to see what you wanted. And I gasped... You were so sweet. Your little doll face, and golden eyes. you stopped crying. I decided that moment you were my baby. Not Mom's Not Dad's... My baby Gaz..." He smile and he hugged him tight. He always was her family. Friend, brother, father.

"After all these years... I am tallest...," Zim's eyes turned blood cold. "Gim!"

"Yes sir!" an irken saluted.

"I have many plans to bring this disgrace back to the top... but first bring me the prisoners..." Zim paced, his gold cloak trailing behind him.

"We should wait till we leave so we can shoot them out the air vacuum.."

"Silence! Those THINGS have made mt life on Earth hell. I want to make sure their carcuses are on the planet before I destroy it..." Zim smiled, revealing his pointed teeth.

"Yes, sir!" And eagerly, the servant went to snatch the captives.

Willow, Maya,Zen, and Daz creeped on the ship. After saying a prayer, they discussed their plan.

"What kind of explosives did you bring?" Willow asked Daz, A half-alien witha pyromania problem.

"None...This is a special occasion, i made them myself." He smiled.

"Dare I ask what's in them?" Maya crossed her arms.

"If I told you, you'd tell mom..." He opened Zen's head (a sir-unit) and handed Willow the dynamite.,"Now you know what you're doing?"

"I was an irken way before you were born, I know this place like my own hand."

"But you're senile..." This earned the teen a smack on the head.

"Just don't worry about my part, worry about your's!" She warned with a finger in his face. ,"Save that family at all costs..."

"Grandmother Willow, what about you, this is dangerous..."Maya started.

"Child, I lived along happy life, annd Irk sends it's people to die all the time. At least I'm doing something I believe in." She kissed them all and headed to the base of the ship.

Gaz was thrown to Zim'sfeet. but his eyes froze her blood. Dib seethed. He should've known not to trust him. Zims teeth gleamed.

"So you thought you got the best of me,Little Gaz? Pain, humilation? Now it's your turn..." He circled the group like a vulture. Gir bursted out in tears.


"SILENCE!"Zim shouted. Red glared at Zim, as if a stare could kill. Mimi was holding Gir and Spike was licking Mimi.

"You think you could defeat me with your little demon?" He laughed, eyes averting to the corner.

"I'llfind a way to tak it from you... and then the irken elite will be all powerful!" Diblooked in the corner to see Mini-moose, gesturing to play along.

"Oh no, Zim, please not that! Not our greatest power of all!" Dib clasped his hands dramatically. Gaz soon understood the jest.

"Please don't steal the demon for the irken armada, almighty Zim! It would destroy everything and make all beings worship irk!" This caught the minds of the irken gaurds.

"YOU! Tell Tallest Zim how to possess this demon, or be killed!" one held a bladed staff to her throat.

"Well, first you light this sage..." Dib did as he talked. He circled Gaz and the other's(i know nothing of exorcisms)., " I expell this demon to leave this insignifigant child!" Then Dib gave the sage to the irken and blew it out.

"Now say you want it's power...challenge it, tell it you do not think it can be as powerful as you..." Zim smiled."And say it load, too."


"Hey, what is-"The poor irken never knew what happend, before he was snapped in half. Dib had transfered the demon from Gaz to Irk.

"God, Zim you almost had me convinced!" Gaz breathed as they ran.

"Please... I knew you and Dib had a plan...I could feel it...*pant* I wasn't so scared!" He flashed her a smile as they turned a corridor., "But We need to get out of here and this back in space or the demon might come back!" Gaz slowed him down.

"Zim...You were tallest. They were ready to do anything you said...why not?" Gaz looked in his eyes, her heart exploding with emotion.

"I could be king of Irk... But Id'd be nothing withou my Earth queen... I give you this Gaz, the world." He pulled her head into a passionate kiss. tears fell down her cheeks. A yelp cut their moment short.

"I...think my water just broke." Tak grasped her stomach with wide eyes.

"Shit! How do we get out of here?" Dib picked Tak up, carrying her with amazing strength.

"Uh, this way, I think.." Red pointed.

"You don't know?" Gas hissed.

"Squeek!" Mini-moose should wash his mouth out

"Hey, I just ruled the place, I didn't build it!" Luckily the shouts attrcted Maya and Daz.

"Finally! come on, we're friends with Willow..." Daz pulled at them

"Ahhh, it's coming!" Tak cried.

"Don't worry,I'm a doctor! Now follow us..." Maya led them out and 12 minutes later they were all in the SUV.

"Where's Willow?" Tak cried frantically.

The ship started to hum and hover, leaving the Earth's atmosphere... before exploding.


"Maya, Zen was up there!" Daz cried.

"I know," she drived," he wanted to die with his mistress. Willow wanted to make Earth a safe place from the irken armada..."

Silence was load as everyone mourned a woman who helped them all in many ways.

"Push, Tak!" Maya encouraged. Dib was holding her hand telling her to breath.

"IT HURTS!" She screamed. Gaz, who was holding Tak's other hand, laughed.

"Of course it hurts, you're pushing out a living being through a small opening."

"Those teachers were right, sex is baaad!" Tak whimpered.

"One more push!" and with a grunt her screams blended with an infants.

"IT'SA GIRL!" Maya said. She wrapped her in a lilac blanket and handed Tak her child.

Dib cried. She was beautiful. Her skin was pale, but had a minty green tint to it. Soft tuffs of black hair were starting to curl. Her crying died down and he could see her eyes. They looked human, but with purple irises. She looked mostly human except her pale,mint skin.

"She's like a little pixie.."He said in awe. Gaz smiled, and went to the waiting room to deliver the news.

"She's beautiful." Maya nodded. Dib looked at her.

"I know you've seen a lot of weird stuff... but why aren't you shocke that she has green skin?"

The doctor pressed a button on her watch revealing her vortion form.

"We're more comon than you think..."

later everyone was gathered around tak and her child. The room was filled with flowers, balloons and toys. After much discussion, they decided, Kentucky had too many dire memories. And the tallest had a surprise.

"You know, Red and purple are kinda weird names. Even for humans." Purple started.

"So let me introduce ourselves, formaly... Reta and Paul Willows!" Red curtsied.

"I like it... Hmmm... Zim Willows, What do you think, Pet?" He turned to his bride who nodded in aprovement.

"You know..." Dib started looking at his daughter.," I wouldn't want to live in the legacy of my father's name either."

Tak sighed contently., " I know what to name you baby girl...Maya Rose Willows."

It was a perfect name.

"We have one last surprise... It was a wedding gift to Zim and Gaz, but now it can be a gift for the baby too..."Paul announced., "While we were going to Vegas, we stumbled upon an abondoned hotel... It's in the middle of the dessert, plenty of room, was prime in 1920's splendor... we bought it. The town it's in is known for immigrants to Earth and is protected by the goverment."

"You bought a hotel? I don't know if we could run one.." Zim started.

"Well, we weren't thinking of running it,but this is a big family..."Red explained.

"And this place is so dreary, Dib..."pleaded tak.

"And We're a family... We should stick together as a family..." Gaz concured.

Zim and Din thought as Gir, Mimi, Spike, and Mini-moose held their breaths.

"ARIZONA, IT IS!" Zim yelled, fist in the air. thus starting their new life