X-Men: Restoration

DISCLAIMER: I don't own X-Men: Evolution. OCs however, yes I do own mine and the other owners below own them.

If your character was chosen then look at my profile for a link to their drawings!I am doing it chap by chap so please be patient, dears! ^^

Dear OC submitters, thank you for submitting so many lovely OCs. I have decided to dedicate a chapter to each one and work through the story that way. This is the rosters for all three groups. There are some OCs that are not listed that will make short cameo appearances because I know you all worked so hard at creating them. I just can't write for them all. I am deeply sorry if I didn't accept your OC. Apologies all around.

Sincerely. Anonymous

Xavier's Institute of Gifted Youngsters Roster (CLOSED)

Zane Anderson- Technopath submitted by Anonymous Person

Noah Beech- Invisibility submitted by Desk Jet

Trent Bamback- Sound Amplification submitted by Sincerely Anonymous

Allison 'Allie' Daily-Gravity Manipulation submitted by S7even

Ella Chance- Time Manipulation submitted by Sincerely Anonymous

Camlin Dante- Mediumship submitted by cullenflower

Coralie Dante- Mediumship submitted by Sincerely Anonymous

Sarah Goldman- Sublimation submitted by XxxCloudyxxX

Grace Harper- Plant manipulation submitted by RougueRecruit

Marina Johnson- Telekinesis and Force field generation submitted by PotterGal14

Richard King- Dinosaur morphing submitted by greenstag

Reagan Mitchells- Superhuman tracking and reflexes submitted by dark-charmer. xo

Eric Roberts- Electric manipulation submitted by callofduty1944

Sakura Shimizu- Water Manipulation submitted by Spaceman

Ansleigh Shokat- Explosions submitted by Anonymous Person

Mark Silders- Probability Manipulation submitted by Sincerely Anonymous

The Boardinghouse of Brotherhood of Bayville Roster (CLOSED)

Sean Carter- Acidic Generation submitted by Anonymous Person

Natalie Foster- Superhuman Persausion submitted by PotterGal14

Abigail Abby Maywood- Possession of Physical Movements submitted by XxxCloudyxxX

Levi Miller- Kinetic Energy Absorbing submitted by John77

April Stone- Hair Manipulation submitted by YAY Productions!

Rainier Turow- Super strength punches by S.G.

Marcos Vega- Electric Transport by XxxCloudyxxX

Vanessa Warren- Portal Manifestation by bettycrocker540

Hope Winters- Superhuman Calculator submitted by Desk Jet

Morlocks Attendance Sheet (CLOSED)

Hmm...they must be hiding.

Lyra Bell- Chromokinesis submitted by Muse of Storytelling

Shiloh Carrie- Animal Dominance submitted by animazing23

Laura Francess- Dehydration submitted by Anonymous Person

Zenith Franklin- Gas creation submitted by Sincerely Anonymous

Aria Hawkins-superhuman translation submitted by Irish Ghost

Lila Hawk- Rainbow teleportation submitted by PotterGal14

Vince Marino- Liquifaction submitted by HokkaidoMaster

Mila O'Henry- Ivy Transformation submitted by PotterGal14

RJ Peters- Elasticity submitted by Cat9