Title: Sealed With A Kiss

Author: miss4nschik
Rating: T
Spoilers: "SWAK" (S02E22)

Summary: When Gibbs said he had never received a love letter Abby felt sorry for him and a few days later she decides to do something about it...

She couldn't make her mind up.

Sitting with the white envelope in a firm grip in her hand, she looked across the street at Gibbs' house.

He wasn't home, she knew that.

She had actually double checked that he was indeed still at the Navy Yard when she made her way over to his house. But once she got here... she couldn't decide whether this really was such a good idea anymore. What if he didn't appreciate it?

"Abigail, you're being stupid. You haven't even signed it! He won't know for sure that it's from you.", she bit her lower lip and looked at the envelope, "And you're talking to yourself again."

She sighed. Annoyed with herself.

What if it would create some kind of a weird awkwardness between them? She'd hate that.
But... it wasn't like she had written everything she could have. Just a few little things that she hoped would make him smile. Sweet nothings, that was all.

Like, how much she loved his blue eyes. How amazing his smile really was. How she admired his determination, honesty and loyalty. How she found his fit body attractive, how she loved his hands, his strong arms... How he knew just the things to say...
Sure, she knew that everyone wouldn't exactly agree with her but he had always been a great friend to her. And she loved him for it.
Nothing in this letter was anything to be worried about. Definitively nothing to be this very worried about. Especially not when you've signed it with "from a secret admirer...".

The plan was to go into his house and leave the letter at his kitchen table or somewhere. Maybe on the coffeemaker? There he'd find it for sure.
But maybe it would be too much of a give-away as to whom the sender was if she went inside? Maybe she should just drop it in his mailbox. Boring, yes, but it would be enough.

Besides, any "secret admirer" that didn't know him like Abby did surely wouldn't go inside when he wasn't home.

Unless they were scary stalkers of course.

"Come on, Abigail, man up! You're being really silly here.".

Determination kicked in and she quickly got out of her red car and crossed the street.

She admired the letter for a moment before she put it into the mailbox. She really felt quite happy with it. The calligraphy in black ink looked beautiful on the front. She had done a very good job on it, she complimented herself. After practicing so many times she had filled a paper with only the words "Leroy", "Jethro" and "Gibbs" she would've been a mess if she had not got it looking amazing. She flipped over to the back and smiled. The red SWAK on the back was absolutely perfect.

She brought the letter briefly up to her lips again, smiled to herself and dropped the letter in the box. When she turned around and began to make her way back to her car, another car coming down the street flashed its lights at her. She threw her arm up at the blinding light and stopped in her tracks. The car turned into Gibbs' parking space.

"Dang.", she hoped he hadn't seen her doing what she had just done. Knowing that she couldn't just run away now, she stood in front of the wooden gate and waited for Gibbs to come and ask her what she was doing here, which he most likely would. Most definitively would. But what to say? There was no more time to think about it.

"Hi Gibbs!", she greeted him as he came walking up to her.

"Hey Abby", even if he seemed surprised, he did look like he was happy to see her, "whatcha doing here?".

"I was...", she started, searching through her mind for something that wouldn't sound too hinky to say, "eh, you know, in the neighborhood and I was getting hungry and I wondered if maybe you'd like to try out that new Chinese place down the road?".

Then she noticed the bag with take-away food he was carrying. "But I see you're already set so I'm gonna go there now and find something for myself. Bye Gibbs! See you tomorrow!", she took off towards her car.

"Abs!", he lifted the white bag ,"I'm pretty sure there's enough in here to feed us both. Stay. Eat. Would be nice to have company."

She hesitated. "You sure?"

He didn't answer, just gave her a look that said "come on, are you kidding me?" and continued to walk to the door.

She really would like to stay... and she really was hungry... so she walked after him.

When she closed the door she couldn't resist glancing at the mailbox which he had just walked by. She couldn't tell if that was a feeling of relief or a disappointment but still, it meant that she'd be able to eat and relax and she would already be gone when he'd see it.
The main idea was after all that he wouldn't know for sure that it was from her, even if he'd probably suspect her. If she was here when he found the letter he would probably ask her if she knew anything about it and she wouldn't be able to fool him.

She never could lie to him.

Not even pretend.

He would know straight away if she wasn't telling the truth, the entire truth and nothing but the truth...

While she put her things in the armchair by the door, Gibbs fetched plates and beers from the kitchen. He hadn't been joking when he said there'd be enough food for two, Abby thought as she took up all the containers out of the bag. She was sure they could've even invited Tony for this meal! Not that she was complaining, not at all, it was all good.

"Is this your version of grocery shopping, Gibbs?". He just cocked his head, neither confirming nor denying, causing her to giggle.

"Try not to pour it all out on me this time.", he teased when he handed her one of the bottles, smirking when he saw her reaction, how the green eyes widened and her jaw dropped.

"Hey! That was... I was... I tripped!"

"Right...", he nodded and took a sip of his beer before sitting down by the table.

"Yes! And you know it. Besides, it was my birthday so you really shouldn't blame me."

"It wasn't passed midnight so technically it wasn't your birthday yet."

"Semantics, Gibbs, semantics. It was my birthday that was the occasion anyway. And it was lovely, thank you.".

"Anytime.". The look he gave her had such warmth that she almost forgot why she was there, she just wanted to drown in those blue eyes... but when her stomach grumbled so loud even Gibbs heard it, it was well time to get those chop-sticks working.

Conversation came easily. The talk mostly concerned work but they took a few turns into science when Abby mentioned some things she'd read. Then they came to talk about Tony, who was still and who should still recuperate at home for at least a few days more.

It had been a horrible two days with the nightmare starting when Tony opened that letter. First not knowing what to do, then not knowing if it was all too late, then just waiting...

She leaned back in her chair, quietly sipping her beer. He silently watched her from opposite the table and could see that something was on her mind. So he waited.

Even though she tried to sound normal he could hear sadness in her voice when she spoke up,
"I don't think anyone would be as impatient and downright pushy as you were if it would've been me..."

Leaning back in his own chair, stretching his back slightly, he took in her words.

Honestly, he was surprised that she thought so. He'd think there'd be a line full of people that would do anything for her.

"Not even McGee? Thought you two were still...?"

She looked up.

"Oh no no, we're not. Just friends. I don't doubt he'd try but McGee is more likely to be the one ending up at the hospital with me than being the one coming to my rescue.", she said with a bit of her usual spark in her eyes. He smirked at her comment.

Seeing that he was amused made her smile. She loved that smirk. And his loop-sided grins. They had been getting rarer lately, ever since that terrorist had first appeared.

He turned serious again and looked her right in the eyes.

"I would.", he made a nod as to really accentuate the meaning of his words.

She smiled. "I feel safer already.".

He followed her to her car, even though he didn't have to, and he waited until she was well on her way before he returned inside. She saw him for a while in the rear-view mirror but when she had to turn he was still in the street so she had no idea if he checked his mail or not.
She hoped he would.

She felt as one does when giving someone a gift and you just can't wait to know if they liked it or not. But it wasn't like she could call him later and ask.

"Hey Gibbs, have you got something interesting in the post lately?", she laughed at herself and settled for being patient.

Maybe he'd bring it to her to check for fingerprints in the morning?

When she got home it was getting close to 11 PM and she still couldn't stop thinking of Gibbs and the dinner and their talks... And wondering whether of not he had read her letter... It had been a nice evening. She was glad she had stayed, glad that he had wanted her to.

She changed into one of her pj's with skulls on and started to get ready for bed, even though she'd probably stay up several hours more. As usual. She washed off the make-up and brushed her teeth.

Before heading for the bedroom she went to the hallway to double-check that the door was properly locked. It was as it should be so she turned around to go, but as she started walking there was a knock on the door that made her jump. She stopped, thinking maybe she was just imagining things. But it knocked again. It was quiet, gentle knocks but there was no mistaking that someone was indeed making them. On her door.

She quietly stepped back up to the door and looked through the peephole.
"Oh my god."

It was him. The man of her thoughts. Gibbs. Standing right outside her door.

"Talk about gimme gimme a man after midnight...", she giggled.

She took a deep breath before opening the door.

"Gibbs!", he held up her letter so that she could see it but she did her best not to give herself away, "What are-".

More she didn't have time to say before her mouth was covered by his. The amount of feelings that bombarded her senses made her head spin. He was kissing her!
Holding on to him she gasped for air and let the initial shock to her system fade out. She wasn't really sure what was going on, feeling this was too surreal to be real, she caught his gaze to at least try to read his thoughts... but when she saw no trace of worry or hesitation in his eyes, only a deep beautiful blue and something else she couldn't put a finger on but she knew she had never seen before, any trace of her own hesitation quickly vaporized... and she sought out his lips again.

She stepped back, pulling him with her and he used a foot to kick the door to close behind them.

When the kiss naturally came to a stop, they stood still, just holding each other. He stroked her back gently and she rested her head against his shoulder, hiding her face in the crock of his neck. Closing her eyes she tried to understand that this was happening.

She leaned back so she could face him again, a question gnawing on her mind. "What gave me away?"

He smirked and leaned down to press his forehead against hers.
"You called me your 'silver-haired fox'."

"Oh.", she smiled coyly, realizing that she had indeed overlooked that when she read through the letter. "Doesn't all women call you that?"

A short laugh that warmed her heart escaped him and that smile that she loved so much already made another appearance. "No, I wouldn't say that. Most women tend to call me something else."

"Something that starts with a 'B'?"



"That too.", and then he kissed her again.

~ end ~