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Sam ceased his speed a few feet away from Miss Pillsbury, who was still being attacked by the Carmel student that had broken free from the pack earlier. As she lay on the ground unconscious, Sam's blood began to boil. He raised his fist in front of him. "Hey you!" he yelled as the Carmel student turned around to find the source of the noise. A split second later Sam had travel those last few feet at the speed of light, his fist making a pounding contact with the drone's face.

Sam bent down to his guidance councillor to see if she was okay. Apart from some bruising and a cut lip, she seemed fine. Well, Sam thought so anyway. She was still breathing after all.

"Oh my god, is she okay?" Kurt had just flown up beside Sam on his podium turned flying vehicle. Sam was slightly bemused at this form of transportation. "What?" Kurt asked as the podium lowered to the floor and he gracefully jumped off it, placing his hands on his hips. "If I tried to run here, snow would've been fallen by the time I arrived."

"Whatever" Sam said, returning his attention to the matter at hand. "She seems to be breathing and is only a little beat up." Kurt gave a sigh of relief which was then replaced with a gasp of fright. "Um Sam, I think things are about to become a lot worse."

"What d'you mean?" Sam asked as he stood up from his crouching position, but keeping his focus on Miss Pillsbury. When Kurt didn't respond, Sam turned to face him only to find Kurt pointing back towards the school.

"Oh shit!"

More student's and staff were pouring out of the back doors and windows of the school. And those who had been tied up but by Emma earlier were now free from their vines holding them down and were steadily making their way towards the two GLEEKS.

"Any ideas?" Kurt asked, who had now snapped out of his phase and had stepped closer towards Sam. "Yeah, one" Sam answered. He then had suddenly taken off at a sprint towards the Carmel students and staff. And like a bowling ball knocks down the pins in its path, members from the hypnotized army flew off in all directions as they came into contact with The Bullet.

"Well thats one way of doing it" Kurt said. He turned towards the podium that lay on the ground near his designer boots. Lifting his right arm behind him, he then swung it forward. As he did, the podium, mimicking Sam, flew towards the army and knocked down anything in its path. Kurt smiled at his accomplishment. This feeling was then literally knocked down as he was abruptly tackled by the drone Sam had punched earlier.

Kurt and the student began to roll around on the ground, both of them punching and smacking to the hardest of their abilities. As they did, some members of the army made it past an occupied Kurt and headed towards Tina and Mike.

The drone then bit into Kurt's shoulder, his teeth attached to the GLEEKS jacket he wore. Kurt screamed in detest, and with all his might, he pushed the drone off him and stood up, as did the Carmel student. Kurt looked to his shoulder and rage suddenly smeared itself on his face, sweat dripping from his forehead supplied by the heat from the fire ring.

"Do you know how expensive it is to restitch a Marc Jacobs creation!" Kurt exclaimed. The drone held a puzzled look on his face. "I'll tell you" Kurt said, raising his voice and hands at the same time. The drone was thrown a colossal length across the field and towards the back of the hypnotized crowd. "A price well out of your range."

Sam then suddenly appeared back at Kurt's side. "Where have you been?" Sam had sweat dripping from his forehead, which was rare for him and he was huffing and puffing deeply. "I ran through the whole school" Sam said, clutching a slight stitch that was starting to form in his side. "Kurt, the school is full of drones. All the way back to the front car park."

"That is impossible." Kurt said is a disbelieving tone. "Carmel does not have enough people in its walls to pack McKinley." Sam was nodding in agreement. "I know. But Lima, Ohio does."

Kurt clutched a hand to his mouth. "They couldn't have" he said as he lowered his hand. "Well it sure looks like they did" Sam said, as his breathing was becoming more steady. "Im telling you there are so-"


Kurt and Sam halted their conversation and turned to where the high scream had come from. "Oh no" Kurt half whispered half gasped. Sam however had now taken off towards the falling figure of Rachel Berry. He flew past Puck and Artie who were shooting anything in their ways with electricity and lasers. Sam kept running, hoping with all his might to catch the falling star.


Tina vanished her forcefield sphere around her and landed on the ground with a slight thud. Mike had stretched himself next to his girlfriend and grasped her hand tightly. They both found themselves literally in the centre of the screaming audience members who had planned to watch their children and friends graduate but were now running around like chickens who had just lost their heads

"T, what do we do?" Mike asked, looking around at the screaming crowed. "We do exactly what Sam said; Protect our citizens." They both looked at each other at this point. Mike leaned in and gave Tina a peck on the lips. "Be safe."

"I will" Tina replied, knowing that she shouldn't smile at a serious time like this. But she couldn't help it. Mike was so cute when he was all protective of her. As she watched her boyfriend stretch off to help some civilians who were surrounded by some of the army members, Tina felt a gust of wind pass her. She turned to find the source and she watched as Kurt flew past her on a podium.

"You go get 'em Kurt!" Said a gruff voice a few feet away. Tina turned to see the older Hummel and his new wife watching their son pass them.

"Mr. and Mrs. Hummel-Hudson" Tina said as she approached the couple. Carole and Burt turned around to see who had called their name. "Tina" Carole yelped as Madame Shield stood in front of them. "Have you seen Finn? Is he alright?"

"No" Tina answered as tears began to form in the mothers eyes. "But I'm one hundred percent sure that he is fine." This seemed to calm the parents of the two step-brothers. "But if you don't mind, I need your help with something."

"You got it" Burt replied, not bothering to ask what the task was first. "Get groups of around twenty together, in clumps, as quickly as possible" Tina informed. Without another word, the couple were off, getting as many civilians together as they could. Tina then looked over towards her other half.

Mike was spinning on the spot as quickly as possible. As he did so, his arms stretched out and spun with him, resembling a giant propeller. The arms turned weapons continued to knock out any of the drones who approached. "Hope you're enjoying my fists of fury...ASIAN STYLE" he yelled over the top of the surrounding noise towards his attackers.

Tina approached Mike, who had just knocked out the last on coming drone in the group. He turned towards Tina and smiled. "Now what?" He asked, looking down at his girlfriend. "Place multiple forcefields over the groups of people" Tina answered.

"Well you might wanna start now" Mike advised as he pointed his hand past her. Tina looked to see a giant earth clump flying towards one of the planes hovering in the air. Even before it had tried to make contact, Tina knew it was going to miss.

"CAROLE. BURT. GET TO A GROUP" Tina called to the couple who were in the centre of the field organizing the last few people. Burt grabbed his wife's hand and they ran towards the closest group. "They're not going to make it" Tina cried as she watched them run. "Not on my watch" Mike said. "If I owned a watch" he added. Mike shot his arms forward at lightning speed. They reached the couple who had stopped in their tracks as the two arms wrapped around their torsos. They were then pulled off their feet back towards Tina and Mike.

"Tina now!" Mike yelled as he untangled his arms from Carole and Burt. Tina stepped forward and closed her eyes. She quickly raise her arms. She didn't open her eyes until she heard an enormous crash hit the ground. As she gazed out of the area, waiting for the dust to clear, she prayed it had worked. And it had. At least twenty half spheres of forcefield were sitting on the field, covering the groups of unharmed citizens.

Tina went to lower her arms but Carole had run forward and had grabbed them to keep them held up. Before she could even ask what the woman was doing, Carole had already began to explain. "I wouldn't be so fast to do that" she said keeping a firm grip on Tina's arms. "It looks like pieces of planes are about to come crashing down." And she was right.

The four of them gasped as a second clump of earth flew through the air, this time making contact with it's desired target. The plane exploded and hunks of metal a flashes of fire fell towards the ground. As Carole released her, Tina once again concentrated with all her might as she closed her eyes a second time, this time not opening her eyes even after she heard the crash landing. She then felt Mikes arms wrap around as a source of comfort. "It's okay T, they're safe." And Tina saw for herself that her forcefields were still standing and the civilians were still alive. The smaller asian turned to the taler one and smiled a wide grin. They were about to embrace when Carole suddenly gasped.

"Oh my god" Carole said as Burt, Tina and Mike looked to where she gazed. "Rachel!"

They all watched in stunned fear as the little brunette screamed while she pelted towards the earths surface.

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