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Santana and Mercedes appeared on top of the main plane. They looked over it's surface and saw a number of things. Jesse sat a short distance away with his legs crossed. He seemed to be in some sought of deep meditation. Pacing behind him was Terri Schuester. She was bitting the nails quite intensely on her left hand and playing with a throwing star in her right. But the sight that caught the two girls by fear was Mr. Schuester. He lay on the very edge of the right plane's wing, bound by rope and his mouth gaged and was at a huge risk of falling to his death.

Santana looked to her left, distracted by two figures floating in the air. Finn with his arms around Rachel hovered near the Latina. They both took in what Santana and Mercedes just had. As they did so, Quinn had flipped herself onto the plane's surface without making any noise to notify The Sinners of their presence. As the five GLEEKS looked at each other, they all knew what they had to do. After all they hadn't done all that hard and constant training for nothing.

As Quinn braced herself, Santana teleported next to the blonde and took her action stance. Rachel and Finn were suddenly no where to be seen. Mercedes focussed on the substance that the ship was made out of. It seemed to be dense metal. The more Mercedes focussed on it, the more it absorbed into her skin, coating her entire body and clothes in the shinny metal. Santana saw that everyone was ready and knew that it was time to act.

"Hey Honey's!" Santana yelled to the Sinners. Terri stopped her pacing and whipped her head towards Santana, a look of slight puzzlement clear on her face. Jesse however did not react. He remained in his trance with his back firmly towards The GLEEKS.

"Sorry to interrupt" Santana continued, her voice containing hints of sarcasm. "But we's be havin' a slight problem." Terri started to walk towards the cheerleader, no showing any signs of fear but wasn't exactly emitting confidence. Her pace was slow and cautious and she continued to hold her throwing star in her hand, just incase. "And what problem would that be?" Terri asked, eyeing Santana off with as much repulsion as possible.

"Well first of all" Santana informed, starting to count of the reasons on her hand. "Your little army down their kinda knocked down the guidance councillor, which really can not be good karma." Mercedes raised her right hand and shock her finger at the blonde villain.

"Then you tied Schuester up over here after whacking him on the head." Terri looked over to her ex-husband, who still remained bound and gagged on the plane's edge.

"But the most bitchiest act you committed was one you did as soon as you set foot onto our football field." By this time Terri had stopped walking and was focussing all her undivided attention on Santana. They were standing a couple of meters away from one another, both of them on the verge of pouncing. Santana took a slight breath and continued her little speech. "You stupidly interrupted the New Directions before they could finish a song."

Terri was expecting a more impressive argument point then this. "So what if I did, what does it matter?" Santana expressed a little chuckle "Well Misers Schuester, you interrupted Rachel Berry's chance of singing." Terri felt as though something was hovering behind her. "And no one never should ever ruin Rachel Berry's chance of sinning."

Terri then turned around just in time. She was right to think there was something floating behind her. A few feet above the ground was Finn with Rachel wrapped in his arms. Before Terri could even mutter anything for help, Rachel had taken in a deep breath and unlike breathing out like a normal person, a high sonic noise blasted from her vocal chords. The wave of noise crashed into Terri with such force she was thrown back a couple of meters and landed with a thud at Santana's feet. She looked up at The GLEEK, her eyes alive with panic.

"Did I forget to mention that something like karma" Santana began to say before disappearing with a slight pop. Terri got to her feet and starred at the spot where Santana was standing only moments ago. Quinn stood near her, playing with her golden cross around her neck, a little smirk spreading across her face. Terri then heard another pop sound from behind her. She turned to see Santana standing behind her, hands on her hips. "Can be a real bitch" she finished off. She then pulled back her fist and punched the Sinner straight in the face.

Terri stumbled back and barged right into Quinn. "Excuse me" Quinn said, shoving Terri away from her. "Do you know who we are?" Terri held her nose to subdue the pain before comprehending what Quinn had said. "What do you mean 'we'?" Quinn took a few steps forward. With every step, another Quinn appeared behind the authentic Quinn. "We as in the most popular girl in school." The Quinn's formed a circle around Terri, who stood in the centre, throwing stars at the ready. "And no one shoves the popular girl" The Quinn's said in unison sarcastically.

They all unexpectedly jumped high into the air. While doing so, Terri quickly threw throwing stars at random Quinns. Every time it was about to hit one of the clones, she would just vanish. The remaining Quinns descended as quickly as they had jumped. As they did, one by one, they began to disappear, until there was only the original one left, who thrust her leg forward and kicked Terri straight in the chest

Terri fell over onto the floor and gasped for air. She noticed Quinn land next to her so she took her chance. She swung her arm out and knocked The GLEEK right onto her feet. Quinn, who wasn't expect such a sudden thud to the ground, rubbed her side as she tried to sit up. But before she even could, Terri had jumped on top of her and was pinning her to the ground. Quinn watched as The Sinner detached her taser from her belt and held it above her head.

"Sweet dreams Quinnie" Terri said as she was about to lunge the taser into Quinn's exposed neck. The taser was then kicked out of Terri's hand and dropped inches away from Quinn's body. She breathed a sigh of relief.

Santana was standing behind a slightly bemused Terri, who was cradling her hand for comfort. Santana grabbed Terri's hair and pulled her to her feet. Terri winced in pain. "Well lucky for me, most of yours is real, unlike mine" Santana said pulling Terri close enough for her to hear. "So this will hurt twice as hard." Santana swung Terri around using her hair as a handle before lunging her forward.

Terri stumbled over. She regained her balance and looked back towards Santana, who was now running full pace at her. As she ran, Santana jumped through the air and vanished with a pop, before reappearing a second later with her legs directed at Terri. The cheerleader's feet made contact with the villain, making her fall to the ground.

"Ooh, that's gotta hurt" Santana said to Quinn, who had run up next to her team mate. Then, in unison, both Quinn and Santana fell with a thud to the planes surface after having their feet knocked out from under them by Terri. "Should have seen that coming" Santana remarked laying on her back. "Fool me once, shame on you" Quinn said, getting to her feet and extending a hand to Santana. "Fool me twice, shame on me." Terri had also gotten to her feet but was keeled over and was having difficulty catching her breath.

"Look Q" Santana sniggered as she pointed towards Terri. "Looks like grandma will be needing a defibrillator." Both Santana and Quinn laughed at this remark, which also caught Terri's attention. "How dare you" Terri screamed as she detached two throwing stars from her belt. "I'll show you what a grandma can do." Terri threw the stars at the duo, who ducked just in time to avoid being sliced and diced. As they stood back up, the were immediately knocked of their feet once again.

Terri had detached a pen from her belt. A pen that resembled the one Jesse had used earlier. She clicked the top and it became a human sized staff. Terri jumped into the air and shoved the staff into the plane upon landing. The contact created a wave of energy that catapulted Santana and Quinn into the air. Santana landed on the plane with an uncomfortable crash. Quinn however had been closer to the edge of the plane was thrown off the side and began to fall back down towards the football field.

"Quinn!" Santana screamed. She got to her feet ran towards the edge of the plane. She wasn't even concerned with the flying chunk of earth that passed by her. As she reached the edge, she threw herself off with a dive. As she darted towards the ground she saw another chunk of earth pass her and seconds later heard a crashing impact. But that didn't concern her. She had to find a falling Quinn. And there she was, at least one hundred meters away falling through the air and screaming her lungs out. Santana then disappeared with a pop and reappeared with another, right next to Quinn. She grabbed the girls wrist and teleported as quick as she had come.

Both the cheerleaders found themselves back on the planes surface, facing down Terri Schuester. They starred at each other for a slight moment before The Sinner spoke. "So what now? Are we just going to keep fighting back and forth until one of us wins?" Terri asked, standing with her hands on her hips. Her hair was slightly messy and she now had a fat lip. But her eyes looked crazy. More crazier then normal so to speak.

"Santana, go and untie Mister Schue" Quinn whispered before the Latina teleported with a pop and appeared next to their bound glee club teacher, out of his ex-wife's line of sight. "If thats what it takes" Quinn began raising her voice and also putting her hands on her hips "to take you Sinners down, so be it."

Terri giggled a somewhat psychotic laugh. "Oh please, you couldn't beat me two minutes ago, what's changed since then? You gonna bore me to death with a show tune?" Quinn didn't get angry because as much as she would like to, she had to wait.

"Come on Quinn, you've got nothing on me" Terri said while detaching yet another throwing star from her belt.

"Maybe she doesn't. But I do."

Terri turned around to see Will unbounded and standing with Santana a few feet behind him. "You!" Terri said, anger rising in her voice. She threw her throwing star towards the man who once loved her. Will threw his hands in front of himself and chanted. "Latrop Gnihsinav." A swarming blue portal appeared at his hands and the starts flew right into it. Will lowered his hands as Quinn went to stand next to him as Santana was. The portal had vanished

"Fine, that was a good move I'll give you that" Terri said shrugging before grabbing three small pods from her belt. "But try to vanish this." She then threw the three pods at the three heroes feet and waited.

At first the pods did nothing, and Santana along with her allies thought they were faulty. But then clouds of black smoke spurted out of them right into the heroes faces. Santana suddenly felt dizzy. She saw Quinn and Mr. Schue faint next to her and felt like she was about to do the same thing.

"No me gusta" Santana said before she collapsed to the ground. Terri walked over to her three victims. She detached a rope from her belt and tied the three of them together. As she completed her last knot, she heard a scream and watched as Rachel Berry fell from the planes edge.

Mercedes watched as Santana punched Terri in the face who then knocked right into Quinn. Deciding not to get distracted by the fight, she noticed that Jesse had not risen from his meditating position. Mercedes then took of towards the villain. As she ran, she pulled back her fists next to her sides. She grew closer and closer towards Jesse, who remained as still as ever. When she was at least two meters away, she thrust her metal coated hands forward, directed at Jesse's back. "Prepare to feel pain pretty white boy" Mercedes yelled, confidence pushing her forward to make contact with Jesse. The Sinner then abruptly spun around, a shinny shield placed in front of him. Instead of making contact with her desired target, Mercedes hands pounded right into the shield, which did much more then block attacks.

As soon as her hands had touched the shields surface, her body went into electric shock. Currents of electricity ran through the diva's body, making her convulse intensely. Jesse simply smirked as the girl continued to shake. "How lucky am I?" Jesse teased as Mercedes wailed in pain. "To have the hero who absorbs substances make contact with my personal shield that emits electricity." Mercedes' wails turned into screams of torture. She couldn't hold it in any longer. The discomfort was unbearable that all she could do was yell.

The electrical current suddenly ceased. Jesse yelped as his head was kicked by a foot that seemed to be wearing a ballet flat. He grasped his head as Finn and Rachel flew over him. Finn released Rachel from his arms and she dropped to the floor, barrel rolling as she made impact. Finn flew up into the clouds as Rachel ran over to Mercedes, who was stumbling around a little. Rachel clasped the girl's arm for balance. "Mercedes, are you alright?" Rachel asked, concern clear in her voice as she tried to regain the lightheaded girls focus.

"Ooh Rachel" Mercedes said as she held on to the smaller girl's arm. "We are in a hot damn mess." With that Mercedes toppled over, Rachel not being able to support the unconscious girl. Rachel bent down to her, tears forming in her eyes, fearing for the worst. "What did you do to her?" Rachel screamed as she looked over at Jesse, who was rubbing his head. "Relax, it would have taken a lot more to knock down a girl of her size. She'll be fine in about half an hour. Check her pulse if you don't believe me." He gave his hand that held his shield a flick and the shield shrunk itself back into a shinny ring. Rachel bent down, keeping her eyes on Jesse. She placed her hand against Mercedes' throat. Against her fingers she felt a slight pulse. A faint one, but it was there. Rachel felt nothing but pure hatred for her ex. "How could he be so cruel?" Rachel thought, rising to her feet.

"What?" Jesse said, shrugging his shoulders as he walked towards Rachel, noticing the look of disgust on her face. "I know that was mean, but hey, life is mean" he continued as he stood right up in Rachel's face. The brunette did not back away. She remained rooted in her place "Life deals you your cards and you use them to the best of your abilities."

Rachel stood up on her tip toes, staring Jesse straight in the face. "Well I hope you can deal with this." Rachel sneered as she quickly took a few steps back from Jesse. Rachel looked up to the sky and screamed, activating her power. "FINN NOW!" Jesse gazed into the sky as a figure flew straight towards him. Before he could even react, Finn, with his fists stretched out in front, swooped down on Jesse. The power of the collision propelled Jesse across the planes surface and crashed him into it with a strong thump.

"You've just been Orbitized!" Finn remarked as he landed next to his girlfriend. Jesse got to his feet with a moan. He stared at the two GLEEKS with such hate the both of them had never seen. "You're going to regret doing that for the rest of your life" Jesse yelled at the couple. He then began to laugh maliciously as Finn and Rachel just stood there.

"Wow" Rachel said with a blank look on his face shared by her boyfriend. "Dramatic much." Finn gave a little chuckle "I know...and you used to date him!" Rachel gave Finn a little smack on the arm.

"Silence!" Jesse yelled, and both Finn and Rachel ceased their conversation. Jesse aimed his left arm at them and pulled back his sleeve on his coat, to reveal a little arrow gun attached to his wrist. "My god, how many of those things does he have hidden away?" Rachel asked to her boyfriend. Before Finn could respond, Jesse yelled again. "Berry I said be quiet. God you are getting on my nerves." Jesse aimed his wrist gun at her and pulled the trigger handle clasped in his hand. Luckily, Finn acted fast. He quickly grabbed Rachel and flew away from the mini arrow that flew right through the position Rachel had been standing.

"Finn I think he's loosing it" Rachel yelled over the roaring wind as they flew. She then looked past Jesse on the main plane and saw Santana running towards the edge of it ready to dive. As she hurtled towards the ground, she vanished into thin air. Quinn however was no where to be seen. Finn continued to dodge the arrows that streamed bast them. "Finn, look out." Finn flew out of the path of a flying clump of earth that dropped towards the ground. "What the hell was that?" Finn asked, getting slightly distracted. Rachel looked down at the plane the clump of earth had just missed but then gasped. It had suddenly exploded into a sea of falling fire, metal and earth thanks to another clump of flying ground. Both Finn and Rachel coughed and spluttered as they flew through the smokey air.

After regaining focus of the situation but before Rachel could ask Finn if he could see Quinn, he had gone into a deep dive and was yelling instructions. "Rachel, prepare yourself for a landing."

Rachel forgot her current thought and prepared herself for what was coming next. She felt Finn once again loosen his hold on her and she plummeted towards the plane. As she fell, she took in a breath and directed her attention towards Jesse. A sonic scream produced itself through Rachel's voice. Jesse, unlike Terri avoided the sonic blast. He jumped high into the air and landed back on the plane as Rachel combat rolled onto in from her fall. She went to get to her feet but Jesse had already reached her.

He grabbed her shoulders and turned her around so her back was to his front. He quickly but one arm around her upper body and aimed the other with the wrist gun in front of him. They waited as Rachel began to panic. Then Jesse whispered in her ear. "What, aren't you gonna scream for your boyfriend? Gonna tell him to fly off and save himself." Rachel tried to struggle against Jesse's grip, but he was to strong. "Go on, I dare you" Jesse taunted as he held the little brunette tight. Although she sobbed and was scared, she was not going let anything happen to Finn. She would tell him to fly off. To go get help. She took in a breath and went to speak her sonic voice

"FINN-" But she was suddenly cut off. Jesse had placed his hand over Rachel's mouth, so she couldn't finish her sentence of warning. "Ah, ah, ah" Jesse informed as Rachel struggled even harder to finish her sentence through the hand over her mouth. "All I needed you to do was to call his name. I can't have him flying off to get help now, can I?" Jesse teased as Rachel's sobs turned to muffled cry's. "Where was Santana? Where was Quinn? Mercedes please wake up." Rachel screamed to herself. She then herd a swishing noise from up above the clouds. Finn was approaching and Rachel could do nothing to stop his arrival. The Quarterback then flew into view and Rachel just stood their with Jesse holding her tight. She tried to bite down on Jesse's hand but, she could even open her mouth to do so. Then it happened

Jesse shot an arrow at Finn. It flew straight at him at full pace. Finn saw it approaching and tried to fly out of its path. But he was to late. The arrow pierced Finn in the chest and he fell to the plane with a crash. Rachel burst into tears that did not stop running. She watched as her boyfriend lay on the plane with his torso spreading slowly with blood. "And now for you" Rachel heard Jesse say over her cries.

He dragged her towards the edge of the plane where Mr. Schuester had been tied up. Through her cries and struggle, she noticed he wasn't there anymore. Jesse then stopped walking and held Rachel in front of him. "You know, seeing as we went out, I'm going to be nice enough to give you the chance to beg for your life" Jesse informed as he positioned Rachel on the front of her feet on the planes edge.

Through her tears and gasps for air, Rachel looked up into Jesse's evil eyes. She starred deep into his face before giving what seemed to be her final words.

"Drop Dead!"

Jesse gave a little smirk. His face then contorted with rage. He pulled Rachel Berry towards him and then thrust her forward with all his might. As she fell she let out a high pitched scream, activating her powers in the process, using them for what seemed to be the last time.

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