Summary: In which all of the Guardians gather, and Tsuna fears for the future of the world... and also his virginity.

This is Part Eight, of several related drabbles that I will be writing about the First Generation Guardians appearing in the present. This is a continuation of the last chapter, from everyone's POV.

Ok, actually, I was wrong. This chapter was way to long, so I decided to divide it into two chapters. Or else it would become a one-shot, you know.

888 words

"JUUDAIME!" Gokudera sped over to his precious boss's house as fast as humanly possible, and then some. His hair was still dripping wet from rushing out of the shower without drying it.

He was also openly blowing up any obstacle that got into his way, including, but definitely not limited to, a parked car, a little old lady crossing the street, a Chihuahua (the one that keeps bothering Juudaime!), and, oddly enough, a large swarm of penguins waddling across the road (what are they even doing in Japan?)

G. followed behind at more leisurely pace behind him, dodging any stray penguins that were sent flying his way. He sighed in exasperation. "Young people these days… I really need a cigarette…"

Meanwhile, Yamamoto was helping a limping Asari over to Tsuna's house, since it was the closest to the baseball field. Asari looked like he was about to keel over and die in the middle of the road, but Yamamoto laughed cheerfully.

"Don't worry, don't worry! We're almost at Tsuna's! You can rest when we're there!"

He was answered with a groan that sounded like the dying keen of some animal.

Meanwhile, Hibari and Alaude were jumping on rooftops to Tsuna's house like badass ninjas and glaring at each. Hibird fell behind them, chirping the Namichuu anthem.

"Why are you going this way, herbivore?" Hibari asked stiffly, leaping to another rooftop. "I'm just going to discipline the herbivores who have no doubt crowded there," he added quickly. "I'm not going for his mother's cooking or anything."

Alaude sniffed. "I'm just going because I'm sure that the melon idiot is causing trouble. I'm not going to check on the idiot boss or anything."

Both Cloud Guardians turned away from each other. He's got ulterior motives.






Ryohei and Knuckles were having a race. And when I say race, I mean that they were literally tearing the road apart and leaving small fires in their wake. They were going so fast that no one could actually see them. Every innocent passerby who fell victim to the two Sun Guardians only heard the combined shouts of "Extreme!" and "Maximum!" a millisecond before they were bowled over by the force of two miniature tornadoes and never seen again. Yep. Just a race.

Meanwhile, Lambo and Lampo were… in a compromising position. Somehow, Lambo had gotten gum stuck in his giant afro (which was not unusual), but then when Lampo had tried to help him out, he had somehow also gotten the same gum stuck to his own hair, so now both Lightning Guardians were connected at the top of their heads by a piece of seemingly unbreakable gum.

And yes, it was unbreakable. No matter how hard the two brats tried to pull their tightly stuck-together heads apart, the gum somehow had the elasticity as a rubber band, and their heads would also snapped back together with a painful 'thump!' once they reached a certain distance from each other. Ah, the epicness of chewing gum.

From somewhere above, Reborn smirked evilly and watched the scene through his trusty video camera. "That's it Leon, keep them like that for a while."

Unnoticed by the two lookalikes with similar names, a pair of small eyes suddenly grew out of the gum, and winked back at the infant hitman.

"Kufufu~" You probably thought it this was Mukuro laughing, didn't you? Well, you're wrong. It's not just Mukuro laughing. Our cute, innocent, moe little Chrome was also laughing the same evil laugh as Mukuro, with the same evil smirk as Mukuro plastered on her face.

"Kufufu~ Kufufu no fu~~~~!" Nappo and Patchy sang together, doing circular motions with their hands that was probably supposed to be dancing but looked more like they were wiping an invisible window pane.*

Both Mukuro and Chrome samba-ed towards Tsuna's house in a dense cloud of indigo mist, pineapple hairstyles bobbing in sync as they sang Mukuro's theme song. If you peered very closely through the mist, you could see that the Mist Guardians were dragging a bloody blob in chains behind them. Upon even closer inspection, the blob had a suspicious resemblance to a melon that had been cut up and blown up many, many times. Hmmm, I wonder what it could possibly be?

"I'm going to die. I'm going to die. I'm going to die. I'm going to die." Tsuna banged his head against a nearby wall repeatedly, muttering the same foreboding phrase over and over again.

A seconds earlier, he had heard the war cries of several of his Guardians, heading straight for his house. Our poor boss had no doubt that they were also bringing the First Generation Guardians along with them, which meant twice the amount of destruction and twice the amount of repair bills and headaches for him.

He estimated that the destruction of his house would take about 27 milliseconds. The destruction of the world... well, it definitely wasn't in the distant future either, especially with Hibari, Alaude, Mukuro, and Alaude all in the same room at the same time.

"Tsunayoshi~" Oh, right. The destruction of the world was the least of his problems right now.

Right now, the first thing the worry about was his... virginity and ass.

To be continued...

* Kufufu no Fu is like Mukuro's character song. And I got the dance from the Rebocons. It's seriously hilarious. They really do like the hand motions and everything. If you want to see here's a Youtube link: .com/watch?v=jVu5Fmf-1uw&feature=related (just type in youtube before it). It shows Mukuro's and Dino's seiyuus (voice actors) singing Kufufu no Fu.

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