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She would never love him the way she loved Eli. She could never love anyone else the way she loved him.

But she messed up and there was no going back. Nightmares plagued her of that night. She said things she didn't mean and she wanted to fix it so badly but it was too late to fix it.

Now a whole year had passed and everything was different, except for the uniforms. Clare adjusted her red polo, trying to look presentable for her first day back after Spring Break.

"You look great, babe," a voice said behind her.

Clare turned around and saw Jake Martin leaning against her door with a smile on his face. She returned the smile as she walked up to him and greeted him with a quick kiss.

"Red looks good on you," he complimented, "But then again, every color looks good on you."

She blushed. He always knew all the right things to say. With him, she really was treated like a princess.

She went to all his games. He went to all her recitals. She helped him with school. He helped with her extracurricular clubs.

Jake Martin was a gentleman. Her parents loved him. She loved him.

But she could never really love him like she did with Eli.

"Thanks," she replied, "Blue looks nice on you. I always liked it when you wore polo shirts."

Jake chuckled, "I'll keep that in mind for a… certain date coming up."

Clare smiled, she knew exactly what date that was – their one year anniversary. She had never been in a relationship for that long and it excited her. She could only imagine what Jake had planned for that date. Every date they had was perfect. He really took care of her.

He was tentative, patient, fun-loving yet serious, funny, and not to mention very good looking. The moment Jake transferred to Degrassi, all the girls were after him but he only had eyes for one girl - his childhood best friend. They took things slow and he never seemed to mind. He was faithful.

He was almost perfect.

But something was missing. Clare always knew that something was missing. Jake didn't know, though, she hid it pretty well.

Jake never challenged her, never pushed her limits. He was supportive but it only reached the surface. The sparks were there but there was never a fire that emerged.

Their relationship was good… stable… stagnant. It was ok but it was never enough.

She looked at him – there was no doubt he was good looking – his smile made her heart melt, his eyes made it hard for her to stay mad, his hair looked messy but in the right way.

Maybe… One day… She could love him more.

Clare got on her toes to give him another kiss. Jake didn't seem to mind and replied.

As she pulled away, he asked, "What was that for?"

She shrugged, "I love you."

"I love you too," he kissed her forehead.

They stayed like that for a few minutes, taking everything in.

Softly, Jake spoke, "Are you ready to go?"

Clare took one last look in her room. Her eyes landed on the calendar and a particular date stood out – April 22. She sighed to herself and tried to hold back her tears.

Gently, Clare grabbed Jake's hand, "Let's go."

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