Okay, everybody, here's a request from Numbuh362 aka Kaitlin Todd. I don't think anyone's ever thought of these two as friends and, frankly, it's about as odd as 4/362 friendship. Oh well. Here we go.

"COME ON, YOU MAGGOTS! IT'S ONLY LEVEL 1! SHOOT THOSE TARGETS!" Numbuh 60 barked to his cadets, who were trying to shoot at cardboard cutouts of Grandfather, Dimentia, and Malladus.

"NUMBUH 60!"

"AH!" Patton screamed when Kuki snuck up behind him.

"Can you help me with my math?" she whined.

"Numbuh 3! Can't you see I'm busy?"

"But it's haaaard."

"Well, can't you ask someone else?"

"Well, I WAS going to ask Numbuh 5, but she, Eva, and Katie are at a sleepover. Then I was going to ask Numbuh 2, but he accidentally turned Harvey into a mouse with his animal ray and he's trying to keep Violet from eating him, then I was going to ask Ace, but he's treasure hunting with Henrietta, then I was going to ask Numbuh 1, but he, Zim, Dib, and Rachel took Lizzie and Herbie to Nightmare Land, then I was going to ask Fanny, but she's playing video games with Wally, Bartie, and Virginia, then I was going to ask Virginia, but, like I said, she's-"



"Now, what do you have?" With that, he took the paper and studied the first problem. "'If (83 + 84) squared = 0, what are the two coordinates?'" (A/N: I can't quite remember how these math problems work, but it involved changing positives into negatives and vice versa. "Kuki, this is easy! Since you can't add or subtract zero, you just change the positives into negatives and vice versa!"

"OH! So, like, the two coordinates would be -83 and -84 or something?"


"And this next one, where the numbers are -4 and -362, they'd just become 4 and 362?"


"Okay! I get it now! Thanks, Numbuh 60!"

"Uh, you can call me Patton."

"Okay, Patton! See ya!" With that, the Japanese girl skipped away while reading the next problem aloud. "If (119 + 363) squared = 0, what areā€¦"

There's something odd about those numbers. Numbuh 60 thought to himself. "Oh well. COME ON, YOU BABIES! SHOOT THAT SPACE CLOWN! BURN THAT DEMON! UNDELAY! UNDELAY!"

Well, there's the first ever 3/60 friendship (I think). Do YOU know what the numbers mean? Also, what two do you think Patton referred to when he shouted, "Shoot that space clown" and "Burn that demon"?