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Murrue Ramius looked up as Rau Le Creuset entered the room. She felt La Flaga tense next to her as two of the Mobile Suit pilots entered with him. Commander Creuset sat across from her and La Flaga, looking them over.

"I just finished talking to the pilot of the Strike." Creuset told her.

"What is your decision?" Ramius asked.

"We haven't reached one yet. I wanted to question you two first." Creuset stated.

"About what?" Ramius asked.

"Well I would like more information on the pilot of the Strike." Creuset said.

"Why should we tell you anything? He probably told you everything." La Flaga asked.

"Yes but to officially know the person you're deciding the fate of you should know the opinion of those close to him." Creuset stated with a smirk.

"You could just ask his friends." La Flaga pointed out.

"True, but as officers of the military you can give more of a reference." Creuset stated.

Ramius stared at Creuset before turning her head to La Flaga. He looked at her and just shrugged his shoulders and shook his head. He gave her a reassuring smile which she returned before turning back to Creuset. She looked him straight in the eyes as his expression became serious once again.

"Kira is a hard working boy. He's loyal, smart, kind, and he went against orders to allow a life pod onboard. He's the definition of a good person. Fighting in this war is slowly destroying him. He's not the type of person that should fight." Ramius said.

"He's everything Ramius said. He gets along well with everyone, never starts a fight. He's fun to be around and is also innocent at times." La Flaga added.

"So what would you do if you were in my position?" Creuset asked.

"I'd think about the safety of my ship and crew before deciding. Taking Kira's personality and his good behavior in mind I'd say he is no threat." Ramius answered.

"And you?" Creuset asked turning to La Flaga.

"I'd say since he's behaved, hasn't fought, and he isn't the type to fight then he's good." La Flaga answered.

"I see…Do you think he is a traitor?" Creuset asked.

"Traitor?" Ramius asked.

"To coordinators." Creuset stated.

"I don't see how, he's neutral." Ramius stated.

"Oh?" Creuset asked.

"How can he be a traitor if he has never joined the military? He lived in Heliopolis an ORB colony. The colony was neutral." Ramius explained.

"But he did fight against coordinators." Creuset pointed out.

"He fought because we asked him too…we told him if he didn't then the ship probably wouldn't last and his friends wouldn't either. He only fought because he wished to protect his friends." La Flaga stated.

"So you don't believe he's a traitor?" Creuset asked.

"No, if anyone thinks that boy is a traitor then they're crazy." La Flaga said angrily.

Creuset and La Flaga stared each other in the eyes. The two pilots behind him glanced at each other but remained quiet. Ramius just changed her gaze from the pilots and Creuset.

"Well that's all I needed to know." Creuset said after a while.

Creuset stood and began to make his way to the door. The pilots turned to follow him obediently. Ramius stood quickly causing the pilots to turn to her suddenly. She stopped when she saw them get ready to stop her if she attacked.

"Can you tell me one thing?" She asked Creuset.

"Yes?" Creuset asked turning to her.

"Is Kira okay?" Ramius asked worried.

"He's fine. He's been well behaved, I even allowed him to have something to keep him busy." Creuset stated.

"Why not put him with his friends?" La Flaga asked.

"Because I don't want to." Creuset stated.

"You can't isolate him!" La Flaga stated.

"I can if I want to." Creuset said before he left the office.

La Flaga glared at the door as Ramius sat down.

Creuset walked onto the bridge to see Athrun and Nicol waiting for him. Yzak and Dearka went to stand next to the other two mobile suit pilots. Creuset stood in front of them with a deep look on his face.

"Have you decided what you want to do?" Nicol asked.

"Well what are your impressions of the pilot? He is your age." Creuset asked his team.

"I think he seems like a good kid, he doesn't seem like the type who'd participate willingly in a war." Nicol stated.

"He seems okay…he doesn't seem to be a threat and it's not like he fought for the earth forces but for his friends." Dearka said.

Yzak watched the commander coolly as all of their eyes turned to him.

"Yzak?" Creuset asked.

"As much as I hate to admit it but I have to agree…I do not believe he is a traitor." Yzak said grudgingly.

"I see…" Creuset said in deep thought.

Athrun turned to Creuset his face masked but his eyes hopeful. "Commander?"

Creuset turned to Athrun before turning to the others. "Get someone to set up builds for everyone."

"Commander?" Athrun asked.

"Athrun will you allow Mr. Yamato to reside in your room? Captain Ramius will have her own room and so will the young lady. Lieutenant La Flaga will have his own room while the other two share a room. Nicol can the last boy share with you?" Creuset ordered.

"Commander…" Athrun said in shock.

"I will change my mind." Creuset stated seriously.

"Yes! Kira can stay in my room! Sorry Nicol!" Athrun apologized to the younger boy.

"It's fine! I understand! I'll room with…Tolle." Nicol told Creuset.

"Good dismissed then." Creuset ordered.

The four mobile suit pilots left the room obediently. As soon as they were out in the hall Athrun began to smile. He began to quickly walk down the hallway towards the interrogation rooms.

~End ch. 3~

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