After ravaging the Teen Titans Archive for fics featuring all the Titans (and finding that the fandom is lacking in such regards), I decided to write one of my own.

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The Party Never Stops

Chapter 1 – The Idea

"Oh! This is most exciting!" Starfire clasped her hands together joyfully.

"What you raving about now, Star?" Cyborg asked as he and Beast Boy walked into the common room.

"Robin has informed me that we will be having a Titans party in a week!" Starfire exclaimed, as she floated happily out of the room.

"A party? Dude, that's so awesome!" Beast Boy crowed.

"A party? Rob, you feeling okay?" Cyborg asked worriedly.

"It's not a party, Cy. It's a gathering to share information and get news. Purely business. I personally thought it would be better to just have the team leaders come and brief with me, but…" Robin trailed off embarrassed.

Cyborg took the hint and sucked it up to its worth. He smirked slyly, "But Star over there changed your mind and invited all the Titans after batting her eyelashes at you."

"No! It wasn't that! I just thought about it more and then concluded that we should all convene together because well…because…" Robin waved his hands manically around, trying to deny everything and anything. Even though he had been dating Starfire for awhile, he still had intimacy issues. That, and Robin did not take teasing well.

"Right Robin. Whatever helps you go to sleep at night." Beast Boy grinned.

Cyborg reflected Beast Boy's grin. "You can just admit that you're…"

"Whipped." The two evilly smiling buds concluded.

"Aw, shuddup." Robin mumbled.

Starfire burst into Raven's room. "Oh, Friend Raven, life is most glorious!"

It was a sign of how close the two girls had become over the years that Raven did not throw Starfire out of her room with her dark energy or ask Starfire about her entrance.

Raven just raised one slanted eyebrow and continued reading. Starfire took this as an encouragement to continue.

"Robin has decided that in a few days, all the Titans should convene here for a party!" Starfire joyfully bubbled.

This got Raven's attention. "What?" Starfire said Robin, didn't she?

"Yes! We will be doing the hanging out with the Titans! It will be most glorious!"

Raven creased her eyebrows together. "Are you sure Robin is okay with this? Having all the Titans here means that there isn't anyone left to protect their respective cities."

Starfire laughed. "Oh Friend Raven! You are most intuitive! Robin has already thought of that and has placed necessary surveillance in those cities! We also have our friend Herald who can transport us wherever the crime shall be!"

"I guess." Raven said, deadpanned, and returned to her book.

Then she suddenly slammed her book. "Wait, everybody is going to be here?"

"Yes! Oh, I'm am so excited, I fear that I cannot wait these few days to pass!" Starfire danced in the air, lost in her bliss. She wasn't so far gone however, as she noticed the flash of fury on Raven's face, before it was carefully smoothed away. "What is the matter, friend?"

"Nothing." Raven's whole body seemed to shut down.

"But you are—" Starfire started.

Raven suddenly and unexpectedly exploded. "Nothing! I need to meditate. Can you leave now?"

To say Starfire was shocked was an understatement. "Raven, are you sure you are alright?"

"Yes, Starfire. I need a little time to myself. I need to meditate." Raven brusquely answered her. Seeing the slight downward droop of Starfire's shoulders, she hastily amended. "I'll see you later. We can go get some dinner together or something."

Starfire perked back up a bit. "Okay! Well, if you quite insist you are alright, I will leave you to be." And with one last look, she floated out of the room.

As soon as Starfire left, Raven chucked her book across the room. She could feel her anger building again.

It wasn't having all the Titans over that bothered her, no. She was quite looking forward to talking with Jinx about hexes again and wanted to hear about how Argent and Hot Spot were doing. It was a certain, blonde haired Titan that got up on her nerves. Terra. The girl Beastboy had a crush on a long time ago.

After it became public that her and Beastboy were together (How the press found out, she never knew. It wasn't like they were proclaiming it on roof tops or anything. They didn't have facebook either, to announce their new relationship status.),Terra suddenly decided to drop her I-don't-remember-anything-about-the-Teen-Titans act and jump on board as a Teen Titan. Maybe she was paranoid, but she felt like Terra came back to snatch Beastboy away from her and take him back.

It helped her nerves when Terra joined Titans North. Terra and Kole somehow bonded instantaneously and after one sleepover together filled with talking about boys, clothes, nails, and everything in between, they had become best friends. Terra and Gnarrk were on good terms too, as they both liked to garden. Gnarrk was strangely fascinated by flowers. Terra also became fast friends with Red Star and Killowat.

Raven felt ashamed after Terra settled in nicely with Titans North and almost wanted to go apologize to Terra. That all changed when Titans North dropped in for a visit the past year. Terra did everything she could to be alone with Beastboy, and Raven felt her anger burst into flames again. She didn't make a scene out of it however, because she knew that she didn't need to. Beastboy's feelings for Terra were in the past, and he would never dump her for Terra. They had gone through so much together, and she knew and he knew that they weren't going to be separated quite that easily. She was however, very, very annoyed at Terra's attempts to corner Beastboy. Needless to say, Robin had to give her some tranquilizers to help keep her emotions in check. She felt much better after Terra left.

She just didn't want to deal with it again. She closed her eyes and tried to meditate.

"Azareth, Metrion, Zinthos."

End of Chapter 1.

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I apologize to those who thought I would be continuing on with my Sailor Moon story. I didn't think it would attract that much attention, and it was to be a short little one-shot.

Because I'm so nice, I've included a who's-in-what-team below. Titans West and East are basically canon, but I made up the rest. Team leaders are listed first.

West: Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, and BB

East: Bumblebee, Speedy, Aqualad, and Mas y Menos

Central: Jinx, Kid Flash, Argent, Hot Spot, Jericho, and Herald

North: Red Star, Kole, Gnarrk, Terra, and Killowat

South: Pantha, Wildebeest, Bushido, Lightning, and Thunder