*The mayor's ball is two weeks away from events in Chapter 9

Chapter 11 – The Party Never Stops

Titans Together Forever

"Oh Robin, are you sure it is okay for you to be out with me?" Starfire asked worriedly, "It's unusual for you to not be doing any 'hero work' for such a long time."

Robin laughed. "It's fine, Star. And what kind of a boyfriend would I be if I didn't spend time with my beautiful girlfriend?"

Starfire giggled. "You are the best boyfriend any girl could have!"

"Hold on a second before you say that." Robin reached into his pocket and drew out a flat, rectangular box. He handed it to Starfire.

"Open it." He encouraged.

Starfire looked at the box. Starfire had become very accustomed to earthly customs, so her first rational was that Robin was going to propose!

But the next second, she realized the box was too flat and too wide to be a ring box. Unless, Robin got her an unconventional sort of ring?

She gracefully accepted the box from Robin, but hesitated on opening it. What was inside? Was it going to change their relationship, take it to the next level?

How was she going to respond? Was she ready for this sort f commitment?

She looked at Robin's face for clues. He had a poker face on, and his beautiful blue eyes were covered by his mask, since they were in public.

And yet, she could tell he was slightly nervous by the twitch in his jaw and the way he had difficulty swallowing.

She realized in that moment that she was more than ready for the next level. She loved him. She loved Robin with her whole heart and she knew she was never going to love another man as much as she loved Robin again.

She looked down again and opened the box slowly. She gasped.

"GUYS YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE THIS!" Kid Flash zoomed down to the eating area where Jinx, Argent, Bushido, and Herald were sitting.

"What's the news, Flash?" Jinx inquired.

Kid Flash held up his communicator displaying a text message from Thunder. "Lightning and Wonder Girl are DATING!? When and how on earth did this happen?!"

Argent smirked and held up her communicator that displayed the exact same message as Kid Flash's. "Sorry mate, we already knew."

Kid Flash deflated like a kid who got his candy stolen but cheered up quickly. "Still, who saw this one coming?"

Herald shrugged, more interested in his turkey sandwich.

"I always thought Wonder Girl and Speedy had a thing…well, until we found about Cheshire." Argent quipped.

Jinx tapped her chin thoughtfully. "I didn't even know Lightning liked anyone besides himself. He's such a narcissist."

"Oh there were some hints." Bushido said mysteriously.

The rest turned to the serious samurai warrior.

"Apparently, Wonder Girl beat Lightning up real bad as punishment when he gave her a speech about how superior men were in every way. It was brutal. But somehow, Lightning ended up falling in love with her." Bushido explained.

Argent laughed. " 'e fell in love with 'er because she beat 'im up?"

"That's how Speedy fell for Cheshire! Those idiots!" Jinx crowed.

"Isn't that how you and Kid fell in love?" Herald asked innocently as possible.

Kid Flash smiled, "Yeah."

Kid Flash was oblivious to the sudden death glare Jinx was giving him. Argent, Bushido, and Herald started leaning away.

Jinx gave a warning. "Flash…"

Kid Flash continued carelessly. "And when she's mad, she's so cute. Like a kitty."


Kid Flash was thrown across the room and bashed his head into the wall.

Jinx turned to the rest of the group. "Well, I'm happy for Lightning. I wonder what made Wonder Girl say yes though."

"Good question. I'll call her right now for details!" Argent snatched up her communicator.

Bushido whispered to Herald, "Is this a normal occurrence?"

Herald discreetly whispered back. "Kid being hexed and no one reacting? Pretty much."

Speedy walked in at the moment. "Is everyone okay? I heard a crash." He saw Kid Flash lying across the room with Jinx glaring at him. "Ah. I see."

Kid Flash zoomed his way back, albeit a bit slower for him. "Jinx, that hurt. Although, it looks like you are gaining self-control as you didn't throw me hard enough to go through the wall, so good for you! Oh, and hey Speedy!"

"Hey Speedy." Jinx nodded at the newcomer.

Bushido whispered to Herald again, "Your team is crazier than mine." Then louder. "Hello Speedy."

Herald choked on his sandwich and waved at the archer.

"…that is unbelievably cute! Lightning said that? 'e really did? Who knew 'e could be so romantic? What 'appened next? Oh that is so cute! Your powers perfectly suit each other! Oh I wish Spotty and I were able to do that! Yes, and then? That's so cute! And then? Oh come on you 'ave to tell me! Oh that is so cute! Well, Lightning 'as never dated any girl before so that makes sense! Oh you guys are just so cute! Oh you two are going somewhere again? Alright I'll see you soon, right? You two will come to the Mayor's Ball? Okay I will see you then! 'ave fun!" Argent chatted and hung up.

"What did she say? Tell me!" Jinx demanded.

"Lightning told 'er the day before she and Wonder Woman left that he truly was sorry and that 'e was really sorry about what 'e said in the past and 'ow 'e is so glad someone as wonderful and magnificent like 'er was the one who taught 'im to see differently and 'ow 'e 'as changed because of 'er. And then 'e asked 'er if she wanted to go flying with 'im and since they can both fly they went and 'e took 'er to this cliff top overlooking the city and it was night and there were stars and it's so cheesy but you know the cliché situation when the girl says the stars are beautiful and the guy says yes but 'e's not looking at the stars, 'e's looking at 'er and then 'e leaned in the kiss 'er but 'e didn't really know 'ow to kiss a girl and their noses smashed but then they tilted their 'eads and then they kissed and it was perfect!" Argent poured out the news without breathing, it seemed like to Bushido.

Speedy cracked up. "What a loser! He never kissed a girl before? Pshh."

"He's got a lot to learn, doesn't he? We manly men could teach him a few things." Kid Flash grinned.

Speedy raised his fist and Kid Flash bumped it. "Oh yeah!"

Jinx rolled her eyes.

Argent glared. "It's adorable! Don't you spoil it."

"I'm happy Lightning got the girl he always wanted." Bushido smiled contently.

Herald nodded in agreement.

"Well, now that that curiosity has been resolved…" Jinx turned to Speedy. "Is Cheshire coming to the Mayor's Ball?"

Speedy turned uncomfortable. "I don't think she would like that. For one, nobody knows about us except you guys."

Terra walked in the eating area at that moment, sparing Speedy of further interrogation. "Hi guys! No training today for you all?"

"We're taking a break." Herald answered.

"Hey Terra, you joining us?" Speedy smiled charmingly at the blonde.

Terra opened the refrigerator. "Sorry. Me and Aqualad are watching Blue Planet on Netflix."

"Typical fish boy." Speedy snorted.

"You and Aqualad have been spending a lot of time lately." Jinx stated bluntly.

"Yeah. He helped me with a rough spot in my life so I guess we're close friends now!" Terra pointedly ignored Jinx's double meaning. She picked up two apples and two bottles of water. "Well, see you!"

"Bye Terra!" Argent called after her retreating figure.

"She so likes him." Jinx stated immediately after Terra left.

Argent nodded her head. "Totally."

"She just said he's a close friend. Maybe you two are reading too much into it?" Kid Flash suggested.

"We're girls, I think we understand better than you would, Flash." Jinx patted his head.

"They're always near each other or next to each other. You don't act that way unless you are dating or about to be dating." Argent said matter-of-factly.

Herald sighed. "Another Titan girl taken."

"You into Terra, dude?" Speedy asked.

"No. Just commenting that all the Titan girls are involved with Titan guys."

"True. And we have more guys than girls." Kid Flash said thoughtfully.

"Yup." Herald said, drawing out the last syllable.

Argent turned to Herald and Bushido. "You poor boys! There aren't any girls left for you!"

Bushido laughed. "It's alright, Argent. Being a hero serving two countries is a demanding job."

"Still…" Argent pondered. "Maybe we should recruit more female super 'eros."

Herald sighed. "Well until then, I'll be resolutely single."

"You could try dating a civi." Kid Flash put in, "Thunder is."

"Or a villain." Speedy grinned.

"It would be difficult dating a civilian. It would be dangerous. What if the villains knew and used them as hostages? Also, all the civilian girls I meet are more interested in me as a super hero then as an actual guy. And villains? Don't even go there, Speedy." Herald crossed his arms.

"Villainesses and ex-villainesses are the hottest women in the world. They're beautiful, feisty, and powerful. And they can beat you up. What's not to love?" Kid Flash stressed ex-villainesses under Jinx's watchful eye.

"Excuse me? Are you implying 'eroines cannot be beautiful, feisty, or powerful?" Argent crossed her arms.

"Argent, you are one of the exceptions." Speedy condolingly threw an arm around her shoulder.

Argent huffed, but relaxed her shoulders. "Alright. Now get your arm off me, you pig."

"Feisty!" Speedy joked, but did as she wished.



"Thanks for watching Blue Planet with me. My team doesn't really find enjoyment watching this."

"I didn't think so. I can't imagine Mas y Menos or Speedy wanting to watch a documentary. Maybe Bumblebee, but I know she prefers chick flicks secretly."

"We can watch whatever you want to watch, if you want."

She smiled shyly. "It's okay, Aqualad. I don't care what we watch. It's nice just to watch anything with you."

"Why are we doing this?" Hot Spot lamented.

"Dudes! We got to look good for this ball thing. Now, what color tie looks better?" Beast Boy held up a purple tie and a blue tie.

"I can't believe Beast Boy dragged us into this." Hot Spot mumbled.

Jericho shrugged his arm into a tuxedo jacket.

"Now listen here. Robin isn't into publicity, but he stressed to us that this even was very important to the teams. He said that we should take time to look good so we can bring in good publicity. Not only that, your girlfriends will want to see you looking good." Beast Boy waved down Jericho's protest at the word 'girlfriend' here. "I don't care if you say Kole's not your girl, Jericho, the girls are going to really appreciate it if you take your time to look good. Last, all three of you need some fashion advice, and this is where you start to thank me, Beast Boy, for my helpfulness."

"Who said we needed your help?" Hot Spot grumbled.

"Were you going to ask your dear Argent for help? She'd probably drag you to every single tuxedo shop in the city and make you try every single suit on." Beast Boy smiled smugly.

Jericho motioned to the jacket he was wearing. Looks okay?

Beast Boy eyed Jericho critically. "It looks a bit snug on the shoulders. It might rip if you raise your arms any higher." He looked at Hot Spot. "Are you going to try on suits or what?"

Hot Spot sighed. "Let's just get this over with."

"This is really sweet." Bumblebee inspected the red convertible in the garage.

Cyborg blushed. "Thanks. I've been working on it for a while."

Bumblebee suddenly procured the keys out of nowhere. "You in for a spin?"

"Hey where did you—that's my car!" Cyborg pretended to fume.

Bumblebee laughed and got in the driver's seat.

Cyborg shook his head and got in on the passenger side.

And off they rode, into the…city.

"Raven, is something going on between you and Terra?" Kole asked innocently.

Raven looked up from the book she was reading. "Why do you ask?"

Kole fidgeted. "Well...two weeks ago, Terra wasn't as happy as usual and she seemed to deflate in your presence…"

Raven said nothing.

"But…lately, she seems happier. She spends a lot of time with Aqualad."

Raven looked up from her book. "Does she?"

Kole looked at Raven for a minute and seemed to understand something.

"Raven…Terra has moved on from Beast Boy. Truly. She doesn't want to come between you two. She loved him once, but that was a long time ago."

Raven looked away. "You assume too much."

"No." Kole's firm voice made Raven turn back to the pink haired girl. "I think I'm right on target."

"Why does she always want to try and talk to Beast Boy? She always seem to want to catch him alone." Raven said, frustrated.

"She wants to talk to him, just to talk about the past and now, and how she's moved on and how she's happy he has as well."

"How do you know all this?"

"Terra is my teammate and my best friend."

Raven turned away. "She probably hates me."

"No she doesn't!"

"I called her a slut."

"It was a misunderstanding. If you told her your side and apologize, I think you two will be okay."

"And what if she doesn't accept?"

"Raven, you forgave her for becoming a traitor. I don't think Terra would hold such a grudge against you."

"You think so?"

"I know so."

"Oh, Robin, it's beautiful." Starfire gasped.

Robin let out a breath. "I'm glad you think so."

"Where did you get this? Why are you giving this to me?"

"It belonged to my mother. She told me my father gave it to her when they were dating, saying it was from his mother to give to one very special girl. So, I'm passing on tradition." Robin finished blushing.

"Me?" Starfire asked with wide eyes.

"Of course it's you."

Starfire looked at the beautiful necklace in wonder.

Robin coughed. "Do you want me to put it on you?"

"Yes!" Starfire lifted her hair and turned around.

Robin smiled and wrapped the necklace around Starfire's neck and closed the tiny metal clutch. She turned around and let her hair fall down.


"It really is."

Robin laughed. "It is, but I meant you."

Starfire smiled widely as Robin neared his head to hers. She closed her eyes in contentment as he gave her a gentle kiss radiating with devotion.

Suddenly, Robin pulled back.


"You thought it was going to be a ring, didn't you?" Robin looked at her in amusement.


Robin raised an eyebrow. "Admit it."

"Yes." She blushed and looked away.

Robin placed his fingers underneath her chin and turned her back to him.

"Someday." And he leaned in to kiss her again.

The room was more crowded than usual, as Red Star, Mas y Menos, Wildebeest, Lightning, Thunder, and Pantha all came back to Jump City in time for the ball.

"The girls take so long to get ready. Seriously." Hot Spot sighed.

Kid Flash patted him condescendingly. "Come on Spotty, you know you love to see Argent all dolled up."

Jericho nervously pulled on his collar.

"We're going to be late." Bushido crossed his arms.

"You know we're not late. Everyone else is just early." Argent's clipped voice drifted in as the girls all came in the room.

"Wow." Speedy summed up all the Titan guys' thoughts in one word.

"You ladies look beautiful." Aqualad courteously praised them, offering Terra, who was wearing a long blue strapless gown, an arm. She smiled at the Atlantean.

"May I?" Cyborg asked Bumblebee clothed in a brilliant golden robe as he held up an arm.

"You may." She giggled.

Mas y Menos were quick to speed to the pink witch decked in a shimmering violet dress and praise her beauty.

"Oi. Away from my girl, you monsters." Kid Flash was quick to speed Jinx away.

Robin took charge. "Let's all head to the limo!" He held a hand to Starfire, who smiled and grabbed his hand.

The Titans' limo pulled up to the ball. There were hundreds of photographers, journalists, and fans lined up on either sides of the red carpet.

"Who wants to go first—" Robin started to say as the twins sped out of the limo, relishing the attention.

Robin chuckled and looked at Starfire, who was wearing a periwinkle colored gown. "Ready?"

"Always." Starfire said, and Robin helped her out the limo. Beast Boy and Raven, wearing a midnight blue gown, followed.

"Look at those vipers! Well, better get it over with." Jinx said as she pushed Kid Flash out the limo door. Argent, in a loud red dress, and Hot Spot followed. Herald walked after them.

Jericho swallowed and then held his hand out to Kole. They silently left the limo together. Gnarrk, Wildebeest, Red Star, and Pantha followed. Lighting and Wonder Girl went together, with Thunder following them chuckling. Bushido followed after his team leader. Bumblebee then walked out of the limo with Cyborg, and Speedy followed them.

"You ready Terra?" Aqualad helped her out of the limo.

Terra looked at the mass chaos of reporters. "No, but we're going to have to face them sometime."

"Together then." Aqualad smiled as he reached for her hand.

"Mas y Menos! You two are so cute! Will you look over here, please?"

"Robin! Starfire! Are you two going to get married anytime soon?"

"Starfire, we heard you are engaged to another man on your home planet! Robin, what is your reaction to this?"

"Beast Boy! Is it true you will be modeling for Calvin Klein underwear?"

"Raven, look over here and smile!"

"Beast Boy, is it true you and Raven are going through tough times? What do you have to say?"

"Jinx, how are you and Kid Flash doing? We heard rumors of him having a hot tub party with three blondes last weekend."

"Kid Flash, are you secretly pining for a teammate—Wonder Girl?"

"Look over here!"

"Argent and Hot Spot! What have you two been up to?"

"Herald please look over here! Smile for us, please!"

"Jericho and Kole, are you two together?"

"Red Star and Pantha, tell us when you two got together!"

"Bushido, do you have a specific lady on your mind?"

"Thunder, how do you feel about your brother being taken away from you my an Amazonian?"

"Bumblebee, what made you interested in a metal man?"

"Herald, how do you feel about Bumblebee and Cyborg getting together?"

"Speedy, we heard you picked up a middle school girl last week! Any comments?"

Then Terra and Aqualad came, holding hands.

"Aqualad, are you using her as a cover?"

"What does Speedy think about this?"

"Is Beast Boy okay with this?"

"Terra, are you trying to make someone jealous?"

"When did you two get together?"

Finally, the Titans made it into the hall.

"That was awful." Speedy glowered.

"Well, at least it's over with." Beast Boy shrugged. "Why on earth would anyone think I would model in underwear?"

A staff of caterers came to take their coats and lead them to the ballroom. "Teen Titans! Please! This way!"

The ball was surprisingly enjoyable, Jericho thought. The other Titans were all having a grand time dancing and eating and laughing with fellow Titans and Jump City invitees.

"I didn't know you were such a good dancer, Jericho." Kole giggled.

He smiled and let go of their hands for a moment. It's one of my many hidden talents.

"I hope to discover them all someday." Kole blushed.

Jericho smiled and drew her closer.

Red Star suddenly appeared at his elbow. "Please maintain an arm's distance away from Kole, if you please."

Jericho blushed and hurriedly drew away from Kole.

Kole was indignant. "Red Star! Don't frighten Jericho!" Red Star was her team leader and much like a father figure to her at times, but this was not a time she wanted him to be so.

Red Star replied sternly. "I will if he decides to treat you any less than you deserve."

Pantha appeared and consoled Red Star. "Leave the two lovebirds alone and dance with me." She led him away while giving Kole and Jericho a wink.

"You look positively delicious, Isaiah." Argent crooned, loving the sight of her boyfriend in his suit.

Hot Spot blushed. "Thanks Toni."

"What did I tell you?" Beast Boy laughed as he ran by, tugging on Raven.

"Mind your own business!" Hot Spot blushed even redder.

Raven huffed. "Beast Boy, you know I hate it when you tug me around."

Beast Boy turned around and gave Raven his best set of puppy eyes. "Sorry Rae! I really wanted to go to that beautiful table over there with all the food but I didn't want to be separated from you either."

"Look at BB over there, pulling out his guns." Kid Flash laughed.

Jinx laughed in unison. "And Raven falling for it!"

"Who knew Raven had such a soft spot?" Kid Flash snorted.

Lightning and Wonder Girl danced past the snorting couple.

"Are you enjoying the evening, Donna?" Lightning twirled her around.

"Gan, of course I am. I'm with you, aren't I?" Wonder Girl smiled.

Lightning took the chance to be his haughty self. "That's true. How could anyone not enjoy being in the same room as me?"

Wonder Girl glared. "Shut it, you narcissistic fool."

"Or what?" Lightning asked, as he drew her closer to him.

"I'll make you." And Wonder Girl sealed his lips with hers.

"Ugh. Look at all these couples. It's sickening." Speedy made a face.

"Tell me about it." Herald looked around without looking at anything.

Thunder chucked. "Why don't you stop moping around and ask one of these lovely civilian ladies to dance?"

Speedy snorted. "And risk the wrath of my girlfriend? She may not be here but she has eyes everywhere."

"Good thing I'm unattached." Bushido yelled to them as he danced past with a beautiful blonde lady.

"What a man!" Thunder laughed, approvingly.

Terra stepped out of the bathroom stall and saw Raven, who just came in. She looked down and hurriedly went passed her.


Terra stopped in her heels.

"Will you let Beast Boy know I'll be out in a minute?"

Terra turned around slowly to face Raven's reflection in the bathroom mirror. While this may have been a simple request, the fact that Raven was asking her to talk to Beast Boy meant…

Raven smiled awkwardly at her.

Terra ran to Raven and hugged her from behind. "Raven, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."

"What are you sorry for? I'm the one who called you a slut. I'm sorry." Raven turned around to embrace Terra fully.

"I don't want to get in between you and Beast Boy. I don't want to ruin that. Please tell me you believe me." Terra was near tears.

"You know I do already." Raven smiled.

And Terra smiled back.

"May I have your attention?" Robin's clear voice cut through the noise. The mayor signaled to the orchestra to stop playing.

The rest of the Titans drew near, wondering what Robin had to say.

"I would like to take this opportunity to announce to you the major change that will take place." Robin paused. "The teams have all decided to combine our efforts. Instead of being five separate teams, we will not be one fully functional unit. Our headquarters will be here, in Jump City." Robin glanced over at the team leaders, who nodded in encouragement. "We will now be known as the Titans. Thank you."

A great cheer rose in the crowd. Suddenly, cameras were flashing everywhere.

"Dude, did you know about this?" Beast Boy whispered to Jericho, while pretending to smile and look like he knew exactly what was going on.

Jericho shook his head in negative. He squeezed Kole's hand gently, smiling. He didn't have to wait for the teams to get together to see Kole now! He could see her every day!

Kid Flash was doing the same as Beast Boy, smiling. "Jinx, what is this?"

Jinx talked with her smile intact, a rather difficult feat. "We all thought it would be nice if we all got together, like the Justice League, and transitioned from teen superheroes to actual superheroes. Everyone was getting along so well, which also helped in the decision."

"I can't believe this." Cyborg grinned and looked to Bumblebee. "You should have told me!"

"I thought you would have appreciated the surprise, Sparky." She grinned as he leaned in for a kiss.

After the ball was over, they headed back to the tower in high spirits. The Titans all drew together in a group in the common room and smiled at each other, celebrating and laughing.

"Well, here it is everyone. A toast to us. A toast to the Titans. Together." Robin raised his glass filled with SPARKLING JUICE (It is illegal to consume alcohol under the age of 21 in all 50 states of the United States, kids).

"Forever!" The others chimed in as they raised theirs (also filled with sparkling juice, save Aqualad, who is 25).

Quite suddenly, an alarm sounded.

Robin rushed to the main screen.

"Titans! Armed robbery at the west bridge. They need us now."

"Ay ay captain!" Kid Flash saluted, already out of his tux and in his uniform.

The rest were ready in their gear already.

"That was fast." Robin scratched his head.

Starfire placed her hand on his shoulder. "Heroes always have to be ready."

Robin smiled back and issued the new team call.

"Titans Together…GO!"


And it's over! More than a year of waiting and the story is finally over! Thank you for sticking with me and being patient!

God bless you all, and thank you for reading.

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