As a survival-horror games fan, I'm particularly fond of the Silent Hill series. And after reading many SH fanfics, I've noticed very, very few explore the possibility of Mary Shepherd-Sunderland (from SH2) being a relative of Alex and Josh Shepherd (from SHH). So I came up with this idea of a SH side-story, preceding the events of SHH, describing Josh's course from his death until Alex's return to Shepherd's Glen.

Got inspiration from the fanfic "Trust Me" by hexterah.

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I will use the following typing standards:

"Normal speech"

'Inner thoughts'


Written passages, Josh's inner voice


Cold. That's all he could feel, cold. Over his entire body. The type of cold someone would feel when submerged in chilly water. He couldn't feel his limbs, his neck, his breathing, not even see or hear anything as it was all dark and silent around. He could pretty much be dead as well.

'Where am I?' the only thought in his mind. 'What happened?'

He didn't for know how long he had stayed in this condition. It could have been minutes, days, maybe years ever since the last thing he remembered: himself and his older brother Alex, on a rowboat in the middle of Toluca Lake, despite their father's orders not to go there. He recalled feeling afraid of the place, at which Alex had taunted him, calling him a 'little baby'. He had bickered with his brother as he showed him the ring given by their father, and tried to fetch it back when Alex took it from him. But that was it. What happened afterwards was a blur in his mind.

Josh wanted out of this place. It was scary, but there was nothing he could do. His body wasn't even moving, as though his soul was trapped inside a statue. The only option he had was to wait and hope it would be over anytime soon.

Suddenly, he felt something different. Something hard on his back. Uncomfortable, but at least it meant he had his sense of touch back. Then he heard the sounds of wavering water. His sense of hearing was back too. So that meant...

He slowly opened his eyes and gave them time to get used to the light again. A dim-lighted sky loomed over him, blurred by a thick mist. Turning his head to the right, he saw a great body of water, its tiny waves breaking on the shoreline. That's when he finally realized: he was lying on his back, on Toluca Lake's shore. It had to be, since that was the last place he recalled being at.

Sitting down from his laying position, Josh checked his own body. He was still wearing the same clothes as that last memory: an orange T-shirt, brown shorts and gray sneakers. If his clothes were still there, then not much time had passed since the boat ride, concluded him.

He glanced to his left. There was a site resembling an amusement park. You could notice it by the surrounding kiosks and the roller coaster tracks. He liked amusement parks, but has never been to one until now. At most, he'd gone to his hometown's anniversary festival, given his parents were too overprotective to let him out of Shepherd's Glen. It was boring, but it was the best someone could expect in a small town like his. Curiosity taking over him, the boy stood up and went towards it. Maybe someone there could help him to home.

However, as entering the park, Josh couldn't help but feel the eerie atmosphere there. The fog still blurred everything, the place seemed utterly neglected, but mainly, it was completely deserted. No living soul on sight there. Josh stopped near a particular kiosk which displayed some Robbie the Rabbit plush toys, a character he's always been a fan of. He stared at them and, for a second, thought of snatching one, since nobody was around. But then, he remembered his parent's teachings of 'stealing is wrong, no matter what, where and when' and shoved the thought aside.

When approaching the merry-go-round, the boy sensed something strange. The eerie feeling was stronger there than in the entire park. A nauseous sensation came to him.

Backing away from said attraction, he headed to a bench near the teacups. He sat down there, staring down at the ground. As he did, he noticed some dried red dots splattered around. 'Blood? Did someone get hurt here?' he wondered, a bit shocked. First it was the lake, then the merry-go-round, now the bloodstains. 'What's wrong with this place? It's as though something really bad had happened here.' He nervously questioned, not able to understand why this place felt so gloomy.

Josh gave the whole situation some thinking. What was going on? Why was he here? In a moment, he was with Alex on a boat in the middle of the lake, and a moment later, he was here in this abandoned park. Perhaps he had fallen from the boat and drifted away to the shore. But if that was the case, wouldn't Alex and his father be searching for him? He sparred a glance to the lake (which still could be sighted from inside the park) and saw no boats there.

Another thing the boy had noticed was that he wasn't scared at all. Normally a 9-years-old would be crying and calling for mommy just at being alone in a creepy place like that. But why wasn't he? Didn't he always sleep with a flashlight due to fear of the darkness? He looked around the park, but surprisingly couldn't be afraid of it. On the contrary, this place even gave a strange feeling of familiarity, as if himself was a part of it. He couldn't explain it though, despite him being quite smart for a kid (at least, that was what his father always told him).

After awhile, he got bored and concluded nothing would be achieved just by sitting there. He headed to the exit; maybe he could get any help outside. After leaving the amusement park, he followed Toluca Lake's shoreline, hopping someone would spot him from afar, or to find somewhere else, populated preferentially. The boy continued to walk, always glancing around in case a boat or a person appeared, but nothing came, neither from the lake nor from land. It was getting late and he wondered how his family was doing now. His parents and Alex were probably worried sick by now.

He walked for a few minutes until he saw what looked like a sightseeing platform. Probably the type of place tourists would go to admire Toluca Lake and take pictures. Josh also loved photography and almost regretted not having his camera with him right now. He even recalled those times when he had taken pictures of his family and friends, sometimes in awkward situations (which ended up in a good scolding, unless it had been his parents). But it was no time for that; he needed to go home.

At the site's entrance, a plate hung over. 'Rosewater Park' it read. 'Never heard of it.' He admitted. Anyway it was a beautiful place, with arboreous squares and rather well-maintained bricked columns, despite the eerie and ever-present fog. The boy headed to the waterfront fence and followed it along, expecting to find someone there. And someone he found...

Leaning on the fence, a few feet after an abandoned hotdog kiosk, a young lady admired the lake. She looked in mid-twenties, with shoulder-length auburn hair and was wearing a pink blouse and a white-and-pink polka-dotted skirt. Josh rushed towards her, intending to ask for aid, but before he could speak anything, the woman had already acknowledged his presence.

"Hello, Josh..."

That's it for the first chapter. A rather small one, but it's just the introduction. Next one will be longer.

Did you catch the SH3 references on this chapter (hint: watch SH3 normal ending)? I may reference to other SH games futurely as well.

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