Chapter 12:

Lunch had ended early for Rachel and she called Quinn from Lulu's, the blonde picked up – and she could hear the smile across the phone, she smiled in return.


"Hey sweetie, is your lunch over?"

Rachel blushed. She loved when Quinn called her Sweetie, it made her knees weak – it was a good thing she was still sitting down. She glanced up and noticed Kurt and Mercedes watching her nonchalantly – their smiles gave them away and their eyes were bright – but they were simply marveling in the exchange, happy for Rachel's happiness – not simply aching for mindless gossip.

"Yes it is actually, it was wonderful. Can you pick me up? If you're still out with Santana and Brittany don't worry about it, I just wanted to ask."

"Don't be silly Blueberry, we're done anyway. Be there in a few…I missed you."

"I missed you too babe, see you soon."

And then the phone call was over as Rachel pocketed the small device back into her purse. She was smiling subconsciously not really taking notice to how much she actually did miss the blonde – it was startling, in a very good way. Kurt was smiling at her as he began to collect his things and leave a tip for the waitress.

"I know it's none of our business—and I know that you never actually said anything pertaining to your new found friendship with Quinn Fabray. But I can look into your beautiful eyes darling—and feel nothing but envy for whatever you two have, and then he brought a hand around to grab Rachel's.

"And after seeing it, and hearing it—I would never do anything to hurt either one of you—well Quinn scares me anyway... Just know that if she ever harms you, I'll be here, and I'll make sure to send a swarm of small miniature yorkies after her in her sleep."

Rachel laughed, and shook her head in good fun, squeezing Kurt's hand in return – glad in that moment to have him as a dear friend. Mercedes joined in the laughter as she collected her belongings as well and soon the Volvo was back, and there was Quinn – gorgeous Quinn – smiling at her brilliantly as she exited the car to walk around to the passenger side facing the restaurant and leaning against the warm metal, waiting for her girlfriend patiently.

"You can't tell me that girl ain't a knockout."

Mercedes quipped before fake fanning herself as the three of them settled eyes on Quinn Fabray as she smiled radiantly towards them – only seeming to have eyes for Rachel as the brunette smiled strikingly right back.

"If she weren't Satan's spawn—I would seriously consider going anti-gay for her, and her alone."

Rachel didn't hear the banter behind her as she waved a hand distractedly saying her goodbyes as she hurried over to the car. She stood in front of Quinn and hugged her tightly – in return the blonde placed a warm fleeting kiss to her forehead before opening up the car door and ushering the brunette inside before heading over to the driver's side. She waved quickly at Mercedes and Kurt and they waved back in disbelief as Quinn closed the door, and the two sped off.

"That's one for the record books, ain't it?"

"Damn straight."

Kurt replied, as the two divas grabbed their things and linked their arms walking off down the sidewalk.

"I missed you Blueberry."

Quinn smiled deliciously from the drivers seat as one hand held the wheel and the other tangled loosely against her hair.

"Me too. What did you and S and B talk about it. Anything interesting?"

Quinn quirked an eyebrow, not sure at first whether she should tell Rachel about their conversation and it's implications – but then she shrugged her shoulders – the hell with it right?

"Actually, yes. It was sort of about you."

Rachel furrowed her eyebrows in confusion as she stared back at Quinn.


"Yea…Brittany called me Ninja Turtle, and she hasn't called me that since we were fourteen in cheer camp and so I asked her why the change? And she basically said that, when she found out I had feelings for you way back then during that summer she envisioned all of us being friends – like the four Ninja Turtles…"

Rachel nodded her head for Quinn to continue.

"…And that was the same summer that I began to become extremely mean and vindictive – primarily towards you. Brittany was disappointed in me, and said I stopped acting 'good' per se like the Ninja Turtle I was initially meant to be…but that in the past month or two since we've been together – I turned back into brave Quinn, and that we're all the Ninja Turtle family we were originally meant to be…she even told us which ones we were."

Quinn scoffed nervously as she watched Rachel out of the corner of her eye, not sure how the brunette would take the information. Sure after the pool party during their budding friendship they had gone over how the past would remain the past – but it didn't mean that it wouldn't hurt, or that Quinn would ever stop feeling guilty. And then Rachel smiled gently as she looked out of the window.

"So…which one am I? and who is everybody else?"

"You're Donatello, Santana is Raphael – of course – B, is Michelangelo, and I'm –"

"Leonardo. How appropriate – one of the greatest thinkers and inventors of his generation, and a classic artist and poet as well, he suits you."

Quinn smiled with soft closed lips, letting her hair fan out behind her as the breeze caught it as they drove. She smiled for what she had – in that very moment if someone had asked her if she could have anything in this world, she would simply have to shake her head in the negative. Because as she looked over at Rachel, beaming right back at her from the passenger seat, she could honestly tell them that in this moment, she wanted for absolutely nothing, because quite frankly – she had everything right here.

"So, how was lunch with Kurt and Mercedes sweetheart?"

Rachel loved it when Quinn used terms of endearment – and of course she was absolutely smitten with Blueberry, but it was nice to hear the subtle change every now and again. Her cheeks flushed only slightly as she looked up into soft, hazel eyes – she momentarily got lost in them as she followed the flecks of ochre and brown, and noticed the gradient of brown closer to the irises blossoming out into fields of vibrant green – they really were gorgeous eyes, some of the most gorgeous she'd ever seen.

And then Quinn blinked – and the spell was disrupted as Rachel blinked as well, clearing her fuzzy head.

"Hey kiddo you alright? You just stared at me for about a minute – and your face got that weird puppy dog look you get when you're swooning."

And now Rachel was fully blushing, letting the waves of color creep up into her cheekbones – but she smiled shyly at her girlfriend – prepared to tell her a truth that she had always known and appreciated about the blonde.

"You have beautiful eyes. I think I just really noticed how spectacular they are."

And now Quinn was blushing at the statement – growing painfully aware of her eyes as she looked down at Rachel on the carpet in the living room – she closed her eyes self-consciously as she laid her head down on the floor, smiling all the while of course.

Rachel ducked a small hand bringing it to the blonde's chin and pulled it up – making the girl open her lashes again and look back up.

"Don't close them – you my dear, are devastatingly stunning – inside and out. Believe me."

Quinn listened to her girlfriend – if anything Rachel was adamant – and kept her eyes trained on the large brown ones holding her there and she smiled. Not because she had been called gorgeous – that was nothing new, people always noticed her beauty – it was almost face value. But hearing it from Rachel, and knowing that she meant it whole-heartedly and with conviction – it was almost as if Quinn were hearing it for the first time; and then the little brunette laid her head down next to Quinn on the floor and linked their fingers as she giggled at something Quinn didn't quite comprehend.

"What's so funny Blue?"

Quinn smiled as she glanced over at an equally content brunette – their fingers interlaced as they lay down on the carpet in front of the television, staring up at the ceiling as if it were riddled with answers and beautiful complexities.

"Nothing really, I just - isn't this all just incredibly wild? I mean, you and me... Like this?"

The brunette squeezed her hand tightly then and smiled back at the ceiling, closing her eyes, reveling in her thoughts. Quinn propped herself up on an elbow and averted her gaze to Rachel, studying her face and smiling to herself as she watched the diva's breath go in and out calmly.

"Sure…but can I tell you a secret?"

Rachel quirked open an eye and smirked, it was devilishly playful and Quinn beamed down at her as she smiled back.

"I think you are the best thing that's ever happened to me Rachel Berry – the very, very best. It's indisputable." Rachel beamed back and her heart swelled, and she willed her voice not to release the three words that were bearing down so lightly on her recently captured heart, because really wasn't it all too soon. It was incredibly too soon for that truth, and so she smiled back at her girlfriend and interlocked their fingers tighter as she swooned into Quinn's warm body – finding peace, and all of it's friends there.

Quinn smiled back and her chest constricted, and her head felt light – what was this feeling, it had been following her for some time now, and the blonde would continuously run away – afraid of the collision, and the fate of her self perseverance if she sold out to her emotions completely. Because wasn't love just too much too soon? She wasn't sure – and so she did her best to evade it, hoping that her heart wouldn't deceive her.

"Will we have this, once summer ends?"

The brunette's voice held no concern, only thought and theorem as she considered their shared future past July and August. The summer haze of love and lust was sweet and bright, and filled with want and caress – but autumn brought all of the things that either girl was unequipped to face – they had never voiced their prolonged future out loud – but simply wished for it's success in silence and whispered breaths.

"All I know Blue, is that in this very moment if you got up and left me – I would fall apart. I don't think I would have survived this summer without you, and I can't envision a world without you in it, whether it be fall, winter, spring, summer, school, or vacation. I have you – and for as long as that is my singular truth, I'll bear it whole-heartedly…"

Rachel looked up with watery irises at Quinn and nodded silently, spilling her agreement and her love in a simple stare – an expression of understanding. She bit her lip self – consciously, embarrassed by her emotions, she always seemed to carry them wholeheartedly on her sleeve. She laughed as the blonde before her bent down to brush them away with her thumbs before peppering her tan face with soft, fleeting kisses.

"Rule number one Blueberry, no crying allowed!"

Quinn chanted in between kisses – her voice light and wistful as she attacked smooth skin and light freckles, she smiled as she heard Rachel giggling in between the soft caresses, swatting lightly at the blonde as she was bombarded.

"Quinnnnn! Stop!"

Rachel's words had befallen from smiling lips and held no malice or conviction – all they seemed to do was spurn the blonde on in her rampage, and now Quinn laughed out loud as she brought her hands into the mix, running them in a tickling pattern across Rachel's ribs and abdomen – cackling beautifully as she watched the brunette fall apart beneath her.

And it was right then that the blonde lost all of the composure that she had been trying so hard to reign in. The vision before her was breathtaking. She sighed inwardly as she watched in slow motion as Rachel writhed and kicked below her - a wide smile and laugh splaying brilliantly across soft cherry lips, and a slight sweaty sheen playing across the brunette's beautiful skin. Quinn smiled as Rachel's eyes flinched and blinked in excitement beneath her as she tickled her effortlessly – and Quinn knew right then and there that she was doomed. She loved Rachel Berry with every fiber of her being, and the words were on the cusp of her smiling tongue with no barrier to pause their ascension. The last time she had told Rachel that she loved her, was the day that she had been kicked out of her parents home - and although the words still held the same meaning, there was nothing truer at that moment. And it became a stamp on her heart that she would try her best to keep Rachel for as long as she could because she honestly couldn't imaging living, or breathing without her. She stopped her tickling fingers and let her hands slide against Rachel's hips, holding her still abruptly – and she smiled as she watched the brunette's small giggles taper off into a light smile, and beautiful brown eyes beaming up at her as she looked down to meet them.

The air became charged with the static of their gazes as they smiled at one another – the blonde squeezed her hands with care before lowering her face down to Rachel's eyelids, kissing them tenderly one at a time before moving to rest her lips against the brunette's ear. And before she could even think to stop her swelling heart – the words made their break, tumbling swiftly from loving lips against wanting ears.

"I can't believe my luck – I think I've fallen in love with the girl of my dreams Rachel Berry." Quinn whispered warmly, she could feel Rachel's body melt against her gripping palms and her heart almost stopped beating – She lowered her head to the brunette's shoulder, hiding her face by placing a warm kiss there – silently cursing herself for giving everything away too quickly. She fought against the tears that were wellling behind her hazel eyes – working at the lump forming in her throat as she closed her eyes to tan skin.

Rachel's heart had stopped beating - it must have because as she lay embraced within Quinn's arms on the warm carpet of her living room she was sure that all of her dreams had come true. Those simple words had broken her because they were a reflection of her very own heard and the brunette could have broken at the seams right then at their utterance – because no other words were truer than those. She smiled and closed her eyes at the happy trail of tears that were becoming her and as she felt Quinn's head fall to her shoulder and kiss her softly there – it was cemented as if written in stone. Quinn loved her, and she loved Quinn back wholeheartedly. Rachel couldn't help the laugh that bubbled in her throat as her tears came – hot and perfect as they fell down her smiling cheeks. She pulled Quinn up by the chin, surprised to see downcast eyes and red rims echoing back at her and so with everything she could muster she kissed the blonde against the lips tenderly. Smiling as their tears met – peppering the blonde with everything her heart could spare.

"Quinn. Quinn. Quinn. "

Her name was a mantra – and Rachel was whispering it over and over again as she showered the blonde in her embrace – and as Quinn opened bright eyes and finally looked down at the diva before her, her own countenance broke as she realized exactly what was transpiring. Her smile split and her eyes fell on Rachel's soft ones.

"Rachel, you – I,"

Rachel just smiled again before reclaiming the blonde's lips in a passionate display. Effectively silencing her.

"Shut up Quinn Fabray and kiss me back, because I love you…"

Quinn's heart burst at the seams– she was a goner, a drifter in a sea that was Rachel Berry – lost forever on the rolling tides, happy to have no rescuer – happy to be free. She fell into the brunette's welcoming kiss – transferring all of her love and more over and over again as Rachel whispered over and over against her soft lips in between kisses.

"I love you, I love you, I love you…"