Thanks for the reviews in Stopping! I promise I'll try my best to improve my writing and I do hope you keep on reading! Now is just a fluffy story I had written some time ago. Review please? Bye- bye!

She heard the first time he knocked. But c'mooon! It was snowing! There was no known force or magic that could pull her out bed this early today. Quietly opening one lazy eye to look at her clock she could see it was…what the hell was this crazy person thinking? That she would be up to anything at five 5a.m. on a snowing Sunday?

The knocking insisted. What was wrong with this freak? He always broke into their house, what was stopping him today? Choosing to ignore him a little more, the girl threw her pillow over her head to reduce that insisting pounding in her window.

After some more knocks, she heard the sound stop. Sighing in relief, she instantly drifted back to sleep, but was suddenly wake with the sound of her window being rudely opened and closed.

"Luce, you always ask me to announce when I'm about to come in and, when I do, you pretend that you don't hear me, you weirdo!" – said a very pissed off Natsu to the mountain of covers that was hiding Lucy's body completely.

"Natsu, is your house too, you should have the keys, shouldn't you?" – answered the girl with a groggy voice as she seated herself in their bed.

"Hehe, I suppose I should…but then again…I think Ilost them…or they ran away from my pocket or something." – the dragon slayer tried to find some excuse to his mistake while he took his shoes off and started to climb in the bed.

Making room for him to sit next to her under the covers, Lucy let another sigh escape her that night. Taking a breath to calm herself she gavem him a lazy smile and rested her head over his shoulder when he finnaly made himself comfortable beside her.
" That's okay… so, how was the mission?"
"Bo~ring. Can you believe Gray was able to freeze Erza's hair permanently? Now he hair is almost the same size as Lisanna's! God, I've never seen her so angry before. Poor ice cube brain, must sterile by now…"- as he spoke about the Titania's rage, she felt his goosebumps and couldn't help the small laugh that left her lips.
"Oh my, I wish I was there to see it…"
"Luce, just some more time…when this big boy here arrive – the boy proudly said, whle one of his hands wandered over her now large belly – we'll be able to go on missions, like we used to"
Lucy's smile got even bigger when she felta his hand over her 8 month belly. It'll be a boy. Resting her own hand over his, she couldn't contain her happiness.

"Mira-san helped me for the time you guys went on the mission. Sitting and getting up is starting to annoy me. This little watermelon here is becoming heavy.."
"It's muscle, just like his father!"-joked the fire mage
"And, hopefully, his mother's brains. I think this is the reason behind all this weight."
"Yeah, probab…Hey, that's not fair! I'm smart too!"-Natsu playfully hugged her and pulled her down under the mattresses with him, affectionately kissing her neck and burying his face into her hair. He loved that apple smell it always had.

Too tired to reply, Lucy yawned and accommodated her body against Natsu's.
She was glad he was home.

"I love you. The both of you."