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The story is an all human Blackwater tale, with superheroes, drug use, gangs, and Hollywood movie stars, mega loads of violence and curse words, high school, and MAKEOVERS. I don't know. I kept turning back and forth between 300, Clueless, and Four Brothers when I wrote this away at school. This is like a strange, twisted mixture of those three films. So please do not read if violence makes you uncomfortable! I got carried away and am very descriptive in the opening, but not all of the story centers around that.

My first priority is Tempting Fate because that's my heart and soul right now so I won't be updating this story as often, just a warning. Characters may be a little OOC at first but that will change later on. I hope you all like it, my professor did. I got a 100% in his class! So sit back, relax, and enjoy the read : ) PS reading the first part while listening to Kanye West's power makes it seem even more badass lol, but maybe that's just me.

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The Hero

Chapter 1

Hero's POV

It's that strange time of night when all good decent people know to be inside. If you're outside right now, you're up to no good. I watch as four gang members walk down a deserted alley in between two decrepit buildings. These guys are definitely looking to start some trouble.

My body casts a large shadow over them from my position on top of the roof. If they weren't so damn oblivious they might have noticed my subtle warning of incoming danger. Too bad.

You see, I'm a hero, just not your typical hero. I don't get cats down from trees, I don't change into my suit in a phone booth, and I don't get the girl. In fact, I let the girl die. I narrow my eyes and stare hard at the drug dealers below me, trying to push the memory from my mind. Now is not the time.

No, I don't do any of that shit. But I do keep the streets clean. And that's where I differ from the superheroes in the movies and on your TV screens. I kill the bad guys, they don't. In their perfect, fictional world the bad guys go to jail and stay there. Mine are back out in a couple of years at the most. So that's why I kill the motherfuckers. There's so many of them they keep popping up like cockroaches anyway.

So no I'm not your typical hero. And L.A. is not your typical city. Well, it was once but now it's darker. It still has the Hollywood types; agents, producers, actors, all that shit. But now there's a crime scene in L.A. that wasn't there before. The drug dealers are smarter, stronger. The gangs are huge. Since the first superheroes disappeared 20 years ago, they've been getting worse. I guess the gangs figured they'd be back, so they got smarter and planned for them. Yeah, they're a lot smarter than they were. But I'm a lot smarter than the superheroes they were expected. A lot crueler too. I had to be, there were six of them, there's only one of me.

So, I'm good at what I do but ever since they died I've been slacking. I've been letting stuff slip by. I've heard rumors of a new drug on the streets. Apparently it's some serious shit. Give you powers. I need to pick my game up and nip that shit in the bud. Last thing we need is some juiced up crack heads around here.

I watch as the gang stops walking and huddle together at the darkest part of the alley, still unaware of the threat stalking them from above. I creep closer to the edge and listen harder.

"Yeah, that's cool and all but I ain't come out here for your bullshit stories, man. I came for my shit." Gang member 1 was saying. Gang member 2 rubs his hands together eagerly and says, "Yeah, son, hand that shit over. We hot out here."

Gang member 3 shouts out, "Calm down, I got it right here. What you rushing for?" I stand up slowly and get ready to make my entrance. The last gang member says, "Man, hurry the fuck up! I got shit to do, plus I heard Hero busted some cats over here just yesterday. I ain't fitting to get caught, man." Gang member 3 laughs and says, "Shut your sorry ass up, I ain't scared of no Hero. Ha, I wish he would fuck with me!"

Wish granted, I think as I drop off the building's edge and land in front of the startled gang members. Cries of oh shit ring out in the alley as they attempt to run. They're not going anywhere.

I grab gang member 1 by the hood of his jacket and violently smash his head into the closest wall. He whimpers but I feel no pity as I lift him effortlessly in the air high above me and slam him head down onto the ground. He stops whimpering then.

I kick his body out of the way and head towards the others. Gang member 3 makes it all the way down the alley, farthest away. He's the one I'm really after because he's the one with the drug on him.

The two remaining gang members pull out guns and start firing at me. You would think by now they'd know the suit is bullet proof. Dumb fucks. I stride towards them, just getting even more irritated now. Gang member 4's clip is empty. He drops his gun and runs off.

I finally reach Gang member 2, who's still firing. I reach for his weapon but before I can grab it he pistol whips me with it. The fuck? Furious now, I grab his arm and pull him forward and roar in his face as loud as I fucking can. Fuck with me huh? I'll show that piece of shit. I grab his arm and twist so far backwards I can hear the bones popping out of the sockets. He screams and pleads with me to stop.

He should have thought before he tried to fuck up my face. I don't stop and twist again. This time the pain is so unbearable he can't stand anymore. I smile and twist some more. The whole damn thing just pops the fuck off then. Huh, like a toy. I laugh, amused now and smack him upside the head with his own damn arm. He slumps over to the side and I watch as the blood pours out of the whole I made in his shoulder. I feel bad and decide to show him mercy. I pick up the gun he dropped on the ground and shoot him point blank in the head.

Gang member 3, the one dealing, is hiding behind the corner of one of the buildings, shaking and clutching his 9mm to his chest. I watch as he peeks around the corner and sees his bloody comrades lying on the ground. He turns back around and is surprised to find me standing in front of him. Or should I say his face is surprised by my fist, three times.

I lift him in the air by his throat and shake him till his gun falls to the ground. "You aren't scared of me, huh? Are you scared now?" I growl at him. "I didn't do anything! What do you want?" "I want that shit you got?" "Huh? What, what shit? What are you talking about man?"

Enough of this. I backhand his already bloody face and slam him against the wall. "Don't fuck with me!" I snarl in his face. "Okay, okay." I drop his pathetic ass onto the floor and watch as he scrambles to pull three syringes full of a bright blue liquid out of his pocket and hands them to me.

The syringes are freezing and as I hold them up to my eye I swear I see the glass frost over. This must be the new super drug I've been hearing about. "What is this," I ask him. He just stares at the syringes in my hand. I viciously kick the piece of shit till I get my answer.

It's called ice, because as soon as it hits the air it freezes. It makes your blood run cold in your veins." "What does it do," I ask him. He doesn't hesitate to answer this time. "It does everything. It makes you free, it makes you stronger, just all over better." "Where does it come from," I ask but he's already gone. His head is bleeding really badly now and he's losing focus.

"Where does it come from," I yell at him as I shake him by his collar. His head rolls around on his shoulders and he just keeps muttering, "It makes you better. It makes you better." Finally his eyes focus on mine. "Just finish me off. I'm not telling you shit. I'd rather you kill me then them. Their fucking ruthless." I just stare at him, wondering who the hell he's talking about when he shouts kill me with as much strength as he has left. Wish granted.

Gang member 4 is sitting behind a dumpster yards away. I knew he was there the whole time. I could smell his fear. I walk up behind him as he pulls out a cell phone and fumbles it when he hears my footsteps approaching. He leaves the phone behind and tries to make a run for it. I catch him easily. As I lift my fist to hit him, I see the fright in his eyes and realize he's just a boy. Probably a year or two younger than me.

"What do you know," I say as I feint as if to hit him. He whimpers and cries out "Nothing." I can tell he's telling the truth. "Good," I say as I punch him dead in the face knocking him out. This better be a wakeup call because if I catch him on the streets again I won't be so nice.

I walk over to the dumpster, pick up the cell and see that the last number he tried to call was someone named Park. I pocket the phone and check to see the syringes are still there and not broken. I leave the alley, that's enough for tonight.

I'm not your typical hero, as I said. And this isn't your typical story. Actually the story isn't even mine. It's hers.

Leah's POV

I want to go home, I want to go home, I want to go home. No that's not right. I want a home to go back to. I don't know what I want. All I know is I sure as hell don't wanna be here.

The crowded, too bright terminal is full and loud. As I make my way through the crowd, trying to drag my big ass suitcase behind me, I'm jostled on all sides and I'm about ready to punch the next person to push me. I finally make my way to an empty bench and look around. I don't even know what I'm looking for. They never told me who would be picking me up. Should I be expecting a random driver, the great Veronique Woods herself , one of her sons, or was I supposed to hail a cab?

I decide that I'm close enough to the entrance that if anyone comes in looking for me they'll be able to find me. I look around once more to make sure I didn't miss anyone holding a sign with my name on it or something. I spot a family racing to catch their plane. Their all wearing bright orange tee shirts that say Brown family reunion on them. Everyone is running except for the teenage daughter, who looks like she'd rather be anywhere else. Yeah, I know how you feel, I think as I watch them pass.

A man in an expensive, obviously tailored suit yells at his assistant as they walk past. She is struggling to hold a briefcase, two coffees, talk on her cell, and listen to him at the same time. The man grimaces at her but then does a complete 180 as an aspiring model walks past him in the opposite direction.

What the fuck am I doing here? How do I go from almost complete poverty to a life where models saunter past you on a daily basis? And that's nothing compared to what's to come.

I pull out one of the many magazines I bought that had my soon to be guardian on the cover. Veronique Woods, the huge Hollywood star. Ranked #1 twice on people's most beautiful list, one of the highest paid actresses ever, and widow to Billy Black, the Donald Trump of the entertainment industry. Her life seemed perfect and here I come, the daughter of her best friend who she hadn't seen in 20 plus years to fuck it all up. Mom always said she knew Veronique growing up and that they were close friends.

I had just figured that she came up the story when she was on one of her benders and fooled herself into thinking it was true. Turns out it was. Veronique and my mother were best friends who grew up in the same bad neighborhood, both girls with dreams of making it big and getting out. The only real difference between the two was that Veronique did it. She made it out and made it big. My mom just did drugs. She gave up on her dreams.

So it was pretty amazing of Veronique to open up her home to me, a virtual stranger. For all she knew I could as strung out as my mother was. But then again, the media made it seem like Veronique was an incredible person. She took her stepson Jacob under her wing when his father died. Even, fought her late husbands will when he left all of his assets to her. She claimed she had her own money, what did she need Billy's for? She made sure that all of Billy's money and handlings went to Jake.

Then when his girlfriend and mother were kidnapped and held as ransom as a way to get to the Hero, the mysterious superhero who ran L.A., she personally went out of her way to offer the villains money. The two died anyway. No one knows how it happened but most blamed Hero. The media made it out to seem as if he didn't really try to save them and was too busy beating the villains up to rescue them. Jake is especially open about his hatred for the Hero in the press. Its common knowledge that he blames him for their deaths. His mother and Bella Swan, the girlfriend, were mourned for months.

Veronique opened her home to Jake and basically forced him to move in with her. She was worried about his safety. It was never discovered why the two people closest to him were the ones targeted. Veronique was terrified something would happen to him. He lives with her and her son from her first marriage, Embry, in her mansion in Beverly Hills now. She's refuses to let him move out until he graduates college. He and Embry are both set to graduate this year.

Where I'm supposed to live too. I flip the page and see a picture of the family. Veronique is sitting on a stool in between the two boys. Both of them have their hands on her shoulders but that's where the similarities end. Gaze at both their handsome faces and think about how different they are.

Embry Call (he has his father's last name) is the very definition of Hollywood playboy. He has already had his own reality TV show on MTV, is close personal friends with Hugh Heifner, has dated his way through the NBC, ABC, and CW line ups, and is now going through the stars of the upcoming summer blockbusters.

Security guards run past me and almost tackle this one guy, startling me from my reading. The place is teaming with security, even more than usual airports have. I flip through my magazine trying to find the page I was just on when I spot a small blurb on The Hero. Apparently some gang members tried to steal a cargo plane last week from this very airport. No wonder the security has increased so much.

I wonder what the hell they would want with a cargo plane. Well, we'll never know now. Once again Hero had to go and kill them all before they could be questioned. I was a huge fan of the Hero but I did not like his new methods.
I had newspaper clips and recording of his amazing rescues piled up back home but once I saw how brutal he became ever since the media turned on him when Jacob Black's mother and girlfriend died I'd lost a little bit of respect for him.

He was trying to do the right thing but now he was just going to wrong way about it.

I finally find the page I was on and gaze at Jacob Black's beautiful face. Damn, who knew a bad boy smirk could look that good? I had clips of him too back home but for very different reasons then the one's I had for keeping the Hero's.

Jake had stayed out of the limelight most of his life, despite who his father was. Little was known about him until Billy married Veronique and she brought him out of his shell. And boy am I glad she did.

I wonder how awkward it will be living with my celebrity crush. Something tells me it will even stranger then I think it will be. Jacob has one of those faces that are just perfect. I couldn't think of anything to fix if I tried.

Or that could just be Photoshop that did that. I'm holding the magazine up close to my face, squinty one of my eyes to see if Jake even has any pores in the picture when I hear someone call my name.

"Leah Clearwater," the deep, masculine voice says right in my ear. "What the fuck, "I shout as I jump and drop the magazine. I look up to knock whoever that was the fuck out when I see Jacob Black in the flesh. He bends down to pick up the magazine, closes it and holds it out to me. "If you're done reading up on us, can we go now? Tom has been standing over there with a sign since your plane landed. He had to come get me from the car because he couldn't recognize you."

I just stare at him. Damn, it wasn't Photoshop. He really is that perfect.

"How did you recognize me," I ask, as I stare at him admiringly. "He rolls his eyes and just grabs my bag, picking it up like it weighs nothing. "From the pictures you sent Veronique." He calls over his shoulder at me as he basically sprint toward the exit.

I struggle to keep up with him. My legs are pretty long but this guy is huge. I can hardly keep up. We finally get outside and he steps up to a limo and opens the door for me while handing the driver my bag.

"Wow, I've never been in a limo before," I exclaim as I hop in the car. "Big surprise there," he mutters as he slides in beside me. I'm starting to get annoyed with his attitude. I hope Embry won't be this bad.

He puts on sunglasses and hurriedly rolls up the window as people start to walk past his door. "If you were so worried about being recognized, why did you bring the limo," I ask. He huffs and looks over at me, irritated. "It wasn't being recognized that's the problem. I just didn't want to be seen with you."

Crush. Over. "Excuse me? I'll have you know I am hot shit back home and you'd be lucky to get my attention there, you arrogant asshole." I was going to try to control my temper while I'm living here but I guess that plans shot to hell now.

Instead of getting mad Jake just lets out a huge laugh and says, "Calm down, New Girl. Veronique doesn't want the press to know about you yet and if they saw you with me, you'd be all over the internet by tomorrow. I was doing you a favor. Don't want to be linked to America's most eligible bachelor when you haven't meet all of your new options yet."

Oh. Shit. "Sorry, it was just the way you said it." "Yeah, apology accepted." Embarrassed, I move closer to the window on my side and try to ignore his staring at me.

"You're different then I thought you'd be." Intrigues I turn back around. "Well, what were you expecting?" "I don't know. I thought you'd be the poster child for kids with fucked up parents." Well, that's kind of rude. I don't know what to think about this guy.

"Back home I was." I say and turn back around thinking the conversation is over. "Bullshit." Sexy Hollywood celebrity say what? "Excuse me?" He sits up straighter and stares me dead in my eye. "You've never done shit." Angry again now, I stare right back. "You just met me. How the hell would you know." "Because I know girls like you. The pretty girl next door who never stays out past curfew and turns in all her homework early. You're nothing like I expected."

I laugh. "First of all you have to parents who give a fuck about you to have a curfew and I obviously didn't so that's not true. And second, if that's the kind of girl you think I am than good. That's the kind of girl I want to be."

Jacob sits back, stunned. I think he founds what I had to say profound and am proud of myself, until I hear him say, "You want to beā€¦boring? Haha, Embry and I are going to eat you alive."

I glare at him but he just keeps laughing, not scared of me at all. Yep, crush definitely over.

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