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Chapter 10

Jacob POV

I woke up before Leah did. We were only asleep for about an hour or two but the loud laughter of the kids trick or treating outside startled me awake. I had gotten used to being a light sleeper, the gangs usually operated at night. I had to be alert at all times. Yet, when I was with Leah everything else kind of fades away.

I stare down at her sleeping face as she rests against my chest. I play with her soft hair and try to untangle her curls. I had only told one other girl that I loved her before. Bella. I honestly thought that I would end up alone after she died. Not that it was on my mind a lot, I was too focused on being the Hero to worry about love much. I had just assumed that I would spend my every waking moment defending L.A. and that would be it. Then she came and everything changed.

She said she loved me. Her breathy voice echoes in my mind as she uttered those words as I moved inside her earlier. I pray to God she meant it. If she was just saying it in the heat of the moment it'd kill me.

The front door slams shut and I hear Sam's loud footsteps as he stomps up the stairs. Leah jerks awake and I roll her over as quickly as I can and pull the throw over our naked bodies. "Sam, what the fuck," I shout at him as he runs into the room. I sit up and try to cover Leah as best as I can as she rubs the sleep out of her eyes and holds the blanket to her chest.

"We're running low on can . . . dy," Sam drawls out, as he gets a good look at us sprawled out on the couch. "So, I see Leah's been trickin'. Jake, how was the treat," He laughs, as he grabs one of the extra bags of candy we had on the coffee table.

I growl at him menacingly as Leah sits up and wraps her arms around my shoulders. The blanket falls down and she presses her naked breast against my back, instantly calming me down. She kisses up and down my shoulder and neck, before playfully licking my ear. "Sam, shouldn't you be with the kids? I'm pretty sure that's the only trick or treating you're getting tonight," she says sensually without even turning to face him. I can't help but to smirk at him as his face turns red, while wondering what the hell has got into her.

"Whore," he snarls, before turning to leave. That's it, I'll fucking kill him. I move to get up and smash his smug face in when Leah drags me back. "I think you're confusing me with Emily," Lee laughs, as she rests her arms over my shoulders and rubs her hands up and down my chest.

Sam just shakes his head and turns to leave. "You could have done better," he calls over his shoulder as he starts down the steps. "Oh really? Better than the man who was put in traction for trying to avenge your ungrateful ass," Leah shouts at him, all of a sudden.

I turn to face her; surprised she would bring that up. She looks furious. This must have been bothering her ever since I told her. "Lee," I say, wanting her to drop it. She ignores me. "No, Jake should have done better. He deserved a better friend then you." She finishes, confidently. A look of regret crosses Sam's face so quickly I barely see it, but it was there. His attitude seems to disappear at Leah's words. He just takes the candy and goes back outside without another word.

I let out a deep breath, trying to ease the tension from my shoulders. I swear to God if I wasn't naked I would have beat his ass. "Calm down, Tiger," Leah laughs in my ear, as she rubs my shoulders, trying to help me. I can't help but to laugh with her as I turn around to face her. "Damn, girl. If I knew sex would've changed your attitude so much, I would have gave it to you sooner," I joke as she leans her head into the curve of my neck and giggles.

"He's been bugging me," she says softly, trying to play it off. "Me too, but that's not what I meant. What's with the vixen routine," I ask, honestly curious as I lift her head up. Making love to Leah was one of the best experiences of my life. It meant a lot to me, I just want to make sure she feels the same way. With the way she's acting right now I can't really tell.

I don't know what answer I expected but her spontaneous bout of laughter wasn't it. "Are you serious, Jake? Now that you finally gave it up I'm gonna be all over your ass from now on," She sputters out, before placing a light kiss on my throat. She starts to laugh again but the sound dies as I crash my lips into hers.

Without missing a beat she kisses back and before I know it, I have her underneath me again ready for another round. The second time is just as good as the first, maybe even better. It's pretty stupid of us since Sam could come back in at any time. We don't care though. Too lost in each other to pay attention to anything else. Neither of us says I love you this time, both too caught up in the ecstasy to form actual words.

After we both come back down from the high and my body collapses on hers, we lay out on the couch too exhausted to move. I listen to her deep breathing as she tries to catch her breath. "What was that thing you did with your tongue," she gasps out finally. I can hear the smile in her voice and chuckle. I rest my chin on her chest so I can stare up at her and raise my eyebrows suggestively. She laughs and shoves my head away.

We both head to the bathroom and clean up before going back to finish our horror movie fest. I unpause An American Werewolf in London as Leah settles her head in my lap. In a few minutes she's completely focused on the movie but my mind wanders.

Tonight is going a little too smoothly. It's Halloween for God's sake. I know the gangs have something up their sleeve, yet nothing happened so far. I had set the TV to interrupt whatever we're watching if a news break occurred. No interruptions so far so I guess it was a typical Halloween night. No gang activity yet. Fucking strange. Not sure if I'm overthinking it or not, I try to concentrate on the screen but I can't. Leah must have noticed as she lifts my hand and starts to play in my fingers.

"Loosen up, Hero," she jokes as she links her fingers with mine. "I know what you're thinking and everything is going to be fine," she smiles up at me. I lean down to kiss her, thinking she's probably right when the power goes out.

Her body stiffens in my arms as I shift her to sit beside me on the couch. "What the fuck was that," I say, mostly to myself, as I get up off the couch. I get up and Leah tries to follow me but I gently push her back down. Instantly I'm on the defensive. I let my guard down, which I knew I shouldn't have, now we were about to pay the price.

"It's probably Sam or the guys playing a prank," Leah tries to reason with me. Her voice sounds unsure and I know she's secretly freaking out. Those threats never stopped coming. I know they're whats on her mind right now. I walk stealthily to the window and pull the drapes open. As I do, I feel Leah come up behind me and grasp onto my waist. I don't make her go back to the couch because I can tell how scared she is, even as she tries to hide it. Plus, I'd rather have her here beside me than anywhere else.

I look out across the vast yard and see nothing. Its pitch black. All the street lights have gone out and it's almost impossible to make out the trick or treaters as they huddle with their parents in the driveway. "Maybe it's the whole street," Leah whispers. I use my powers and can clearly see the lights on at the nearest estate. "It isn't," I answer gruffly, as her arms tighten around me more.

Sudden screams grab our attention and we both turn to face the trick or treaters once again. The children are all screaming and pointing above the front door. Their parents all take notice and begin to look too. Once they see what has their kids hysterical most of them shriek too. It's complete pandemonium outside as parents grab their kids and begin to run down the driveway.

I watch as Sam walks outside to see what all the fuss is about and then looks up above the door too. Abruptly, he jumps back just as whatever was hanging above the door falls at his feet. I can see from here, it's a body.

"Stay here," I order Leah as I move her to the side and make to leave the room. "No, Jake, we've been through this before. You don't leave me, not unless you'll leave me with some way of protecting myself." She says hurriedly, as she runs to keep up with me as I stride across the room to the stairs. "We have been through this before. No. I'll be right back," I say as I start towards the front door. "Jake," She shouts behind me. "Leah, I told you I don't know how it will affect you. Now I promise I'll be right back," I say as I turn around and clutch her face in my hands.

As I stare down at her, her I love yous echo in my ear again. I know now is not the time but I can't help but to wonder again if she meant it. God knows I did. I let go before she expects it and storm from the room. If I stayed any longer I would have asked her something I would have regretted. Like I said, now isn't the time.

All the trick or treaters have fled and it's just me and Sam left with the body. Sam stares down at it, confused as I bend down and inspect it.

The gangs are very unoriginal. The idea was obviously stolen from The Dark Knight but I will give them this, it must have taken them a while to track the poor kid down. I pull the mask off the dead fake Hero imposter from the club and close his eyes as he stares up at me. Another person to add to the list, another person who lost their life because of me. Mom, Bella, and now this kid whose name I don't even know.

"What does it mean, Jacob," Sam asks quietly, as he squats down beside me. I stare up at the roof, trying to see if there's any gang members still up there. I can't see anything. They had plenty of time to leave while I was busy arguing with Leah. If they have any common sense they left as soon as they dropped him.

"Jake, man, what the fuck," Sam shouts, trying to get my attention. I ignore him and pull the knife out of the Hero imposter's chest. The blood splattered note that had been pinned to his body drifts to the ground and I pick it up. "This Halloween why don't you take your mask off. We tried to warn you: Either give yourself up or give up the girl. Midnight abandoned laboratory on 34th St. You have until 12:01 before we come for her."

Chills ran down my spine after I read the note. I was fucking pissed. "Did you read this," I asked Sam, as he tried to peer over my shoulder. I crumbled the note up before he could see it. "No," He answered, sounding perplexed. "Jacob, man, what the hell is going on," he shouted as I stood up and marched back into the house.

I just ignored him as I run up the stairs and looked for Leah. As soon as I stepped foot in the living room the TV started blaring the news. Several reporters from several different locations were all broadcasting multiple break ins at establishments and banks, fires had been set to schools and rec centers. Many roads had been closed due to large groups of gang members marching down the streets, taking over all that they could. Reported stated that all the disturbances began at the same time, about 20 minutes ago. About the same time the fake Hero had been dropped from our roof.

"Should I call the cops? What the fuck did that note say," Sam shouts at me as he stumbles in behind me. "The cops are a little busy right now," I answer him distractedly, as I turn from the TV to check the time on the cable box. It's 11:45. I have fifteen minutes before they come for her.

"Leah!," I roar, as I race from the room, looking for her. Where the fuck did she go? I run to her room and throw open the doors. They bang against the wall, the force I used shakes the entire house. The room is empty, where the hell did this girl go? I turn and race down the hallway as she comes out of my room and runs into my arms.

"Are you going," she asks, as I hold her and try to stop my heart from pounding. I was terrified that they had come for her while I was outside. Again, her voice saying I love you had raced through my mind while I searched for her.

"I have to," I tell her, as I hold her a little while longer and glare at the clock over her shoulder. Its 11:50 now, I wish I had a little more time. I know that tonight is different than any other time against the gangs. Them going all out, taking over the city like this, proves it. "It's a trap. I know it," she whispers into my shoulder.

I think over her words and realize it's probably true, but either way I have to go. I don't say anything, just hold her closer, knowing that I'm being stupid. I don't have time for this but I want to say goodbye right, just in case. I kiss her hair and finally let go. I walk over to my wall and step back as it lifts up.

Its 11:53, I should be able to make it there in time. I toss my shirt off and race towards the suit as Leah watches from the doorway. "Jacob," she says quietly, and I know what she's going to say. So I ignore her. "Jacob, take me with you. I can help you," she whispers as she walks over to me.

I sigh and walk past her to my shelf to grab my mask. "Jake, I swear I can help. I'll be okay, I promise," she says, as she walks over and places her hand on my forearm. That's it. "You can't promise that, that's the problem. The only reason I'm fucking going is to save you. They're coming for you if I don't go. Don't you understand? I need to know that you're okay. I'm being incredibly selfish right now. There are hundreds of people out there right now, dying, and I should be helping them. But I'm going to go meet Park to protect you. All I care about is you," I tell her as I turn around and invade her space.

She needs to know how serious I am. She needs to know what she means to me. "If you're with me, you'll be the only thing on my mind. I need to know you're safe, and the safest place for you to be is here. Just stay here," I beg her, as I rest my forehead against hers and breathe in her sweet smell. "This ends tonight. If they all have taken Ice . . . I might not make it back. I can't have you near that. I can't, I won't, lose you," I confess as I close my eyes, and wrap her body up in mine.

I feel her body as she starts to break down. "Oh God, Jacob, please," don't go is what I know she's going to say. I kiss her hard as I can before she can finish. I'm holding her so close to me that I know I'll leave bruises but I can't find the strength in me to put her down. my fingers tangle in her hair as I hold her head close and deepen my kiss. My hand on her lower back fists her shirt until I'm physically holding her up off the ground.

She moans and sobs into my mouth as she doesn't hold anything back. She kisses me back as hard as I kiss her. She knows just as well as I do that this could be the end. "Oh my god," We hear from behind us. We continue for a few more seconds before I place her back on her feet and the intense kiss softens. I caress her tears away and slowly back up and let her go.

"You're the Hero," Sam asks, stunned from the doorway. We forgot to close the wall behind us. He stares at me and then takes a long look around at all the gadgets and gizmos that clutter the high tech room. "Why didn't you tell me," he whispers, as he gapes at me in my suit, astounded.

"I want you two to stay in this room and don't leave it until all of this is over. Look after her for me," I say sternly to Sam, as I point at Leah behind me. He doesn't say anything, just nods his head. I look at the clock one last time. I'm running out of time. Its 11:58. I'll have to fly faster than I've ever flown before to make it in time.

I cross the room and make the wall close. Sam watches me closely to see how it's done. I toss my mask back on the counter once I remember I don't need it anymore. I make it to the back entrance when Leah pulls on my arm stopping me. I had been avoiding looking at her because I might be tempted to take her with me. I knew I was going to be worrying like crazy about her as soon as I leave. At least in my secret room she had less chance of getting captured.

I try to shake her off when she turns me around with a surprising amount of strength and launches herself at me. She kisses me just as hard as before, leaving me breathless. She pulls back, looks me dead in my eye, and says it. "I love you," she says with conviction.

I had been wondering all day if she had really meant it and here was my answer. If the look in her eye meant anything then she loved me a hell of a lot. Almost as much as I loved her. I glance at the clock. 11:59. I'm all out of time. I nod and whisper "I love you" back, because I'll be damned if I leave without letting her know. Then I'm gone.

I flew out of that room so fast I'm pretty sure I made Leah's head spin. I pushed myself as far as I could go. The wind burning and stinging my eyes as I soared over the destruction and devastation below me. The gangs had the city in an uproar. Every corner had something blowing up, being shot at, or on fire. I wanted to stop and help but I had no time.

I knew it was wrong, to choose Leah over everyone else. But the media had always said I was selfish, might as well make their lies true. I blow out all the fires that I saw as I flew past but sadly, that was the most I could do right now. The way I looked at it, this ends tonight. It was going to be me versus whoever's in charge. Whether it be Park, his boss, whoever. It was me against them and they were going down.

I finally made it to the building and crashed through the roof, wanting to make an entrance. I brushed the dust and debris off my shoulder as I stepped out of the large crater I had created and took a look around. As soon as I looked up, I saw Park and his men. I was surrounded. Is this really the best they could do. I smirked as the large mob of gang members opened fire.

Not playing games tonight. Bullets bounced off my body harmlessly before shooting back into the crowd, taking out the very people who fired them. Several gang members went down but that still left plenty for me to take care of. I used my super speed to race from thug to thug, ripping out spines, breaking necks, and cracking skulls along the way. It was too easy.

I finally reached Park, who had stood smugly in the middle as his men died. As I approached him, He dug in his pocket and pulled out a syringe of Ice. He must think I'm stupid. As if I'd just sit her e and wait for him to inject himself.

I ran up to him, taking him by surprise and broke his hand. He dropped the syringe as he howled in pain. I caught it the second it slipped and quickly pressed down, emptying the substance all over the floor. Outraged at his wasted drug, he tried to fight back but I stabbed him in the face with the useless needle. I used so much force that I bashed his face in a little. He died instantly, but that wasn't good enough for me. This piece of shit had put me through too much.

It was him who had killed my mother and Bella. Him who threatened Leah's life. This death wasn't good enough. I stabbed him repeatedly, stabbed him so hard that his face was completely unrecognizable. He stopped looking human altogether. Finally, as his blood splattered all over my suit and his body stopped twitching I let his body drop to the floor.

It was done. I took in my surroundings and breathed hard as I wondered if this was it. Park was dead, but what about his boss. I didn't have to wonder for long.

"You didn't really think it would be that easy, did you? You forgot, you still have to save the girl," a very familiar voice called out from the corner of the room. I turn around, praying it's not who I think it is. Embry strolls out of the darkness, stepping over bodies nonchalantly as he approaches.

"Embry, no. Man, what," I start to ask him, dumbfounded as he stands before me. "Everyone's always liked you best, Jake. The media, girls, the guys, my own mother, now Leah too. I was tired of always being in your shadow. But how could I even try to compete with you? Ever since Veronique married your dad and you showed up, my life went to shit. You were the smartest, the most handsome, and then you went and got fucking super powers. What did that leave me," Em shouts at me, looking like a stranger.

I don't recognize this Embry. He's never been this jealous, this vindictive before. He looks furious, as he spits on me as he yells. "Nothing that's what. Not a god damn thing." "Embry, you're just as good as I am, man. You know that. I've never treated you like you weren't. You're my fucking brother." I try to reason with him.

"You didn't have to, Jake. Everyone else did it for you. Tired of always being second fucking best. And, no I'm not as good as you. I'm better," He says, his voice finally calming down. "What are you even doing here? How did you get mixed up in the gang's business," I ask, wanting answers.

"That would be because of me," another voice calls from across the room. I whirl around, ready to fight when I see who it is and stop. Jasper Cullen strides forward, walking as though he's just talking a walk around a pond or something and not surrounded by dead bodies.

"What the fuck is going on? And what do you mean still save the girl," I roar, tired of this charade. I want answers and I want them now. "I found Embry to be a great test subject. He was more than willing to try my new formula out once I told him it's much more powerful than the one I gave you." Jasper explains, as he reaches his hand into his pocket and pulls out a larger than usual syringe of Ice.

"I call it Ice, it's a modified version of what I gave you. Embry has taken to it quite well, actually. Want a demonstration," Jasper asks, as he tosses the syringe to Embry who catches it swiftly. "Embry, what the fuck are you thinking," I shout at him, as he twirls it around his fingers and smirks at me.

"Go on then, Embry. Why don't you show him how much better you are now? Make Leah see whose second best now when we bring her to you," Jasper asks, just as Embry stops twirling the syringe and jams it into his thigh. The change is instant. I no longer recognize the hideous monster before me. He's much larger than Park, much larger than me.

Jasper laughs as I stare up at my step brother, wondering what I could have done to prevent this. "Come on, who's second best now," Jasper shouts, and Embry lets loose a loud roar. It seems as if Jasper's words made Embry even angrier. This would be the fight of my life. He puts his distorted arms on the ground and races towards me on all fours. I move to brace myself but then think better of it and fly forward towards him at an impossible speed. I try to push my worry about Leah's safety out of my mind as I surge forward. The boom that sounds when we collide is so loud the building quivers.

Leah POV

"I can't believe all this time he was the Hero. I used to talk so bad about him and how he let people die right in front his face. Used to say it like it was a joke or something," Sam whispers to himself, from the corner of Jake's secret room. He's been talking nonstop since he left. And I can't take it anymore.

"Sam, shut the fuck up! Seriously, just shut up," I scream, as I lift my head up from my arms and chuck one of Jake's gadget thingies at him. He dodges it just in time and I put my head back down, and continue worrying.

Jacob's last few words to me are on repeat in my mind as I rock myself back and forth. "I might not make it back." He better not die or I'll fucking kill him, I swear. I wish I knew what the hell was going on. I didn't know about the Hero imposter's body until Sam told me. He told me Jake inspected the body, read the note that had been stabbed to his chest, and then freaked out looking for me. Obviously I was mentioned in the note but I have no idea what it said. Sam neither. I just hope he was okay.

I don't know what I would do if Jacob got hurt over me. I wanted to help him with his Hero business, not be some stupid damsel in distress that got him beat up all the time. That wasn't me. I wanted to be his equal. The wonder woman to his superman. I loved him too much to make him risk his life every time I was in danger.

"How long have you known," I heard Sam's voice call out from within my arms. "I think I've loved him ever since he brought me to his old house," I whisper, thinking he meant how long I had loved Jacob. A second later it occurred to me that he meant how long I had known that he was the Hero. Graciously, Sam ignored my slip up and stayed quiet.

I sniffled a few times and wiped my nose before sitting up and facing Sam. He crawled over to me and sat beside me. Hesitantly, he handed me a tissue and tried to wipe my tears. His kind gesture only made me cry harder. He pulled me into a snug hug and let me cry it out as I worried about Jake. A few tears hit my knee and I assumed they were mine until I glanced up at him. Sam had shed a few tears too.

"I'm the biggest asshole," He said softly, trying to discretely dry his eyes. "Jake was like my little brother growing up. He's done so much for me and I threw him away for some stale ass pussy," Sam confessed, as he chuckled softly. "You know, me and Emily were drunk when we hooked up. She threw up when she tried giving me head," he laughed, as I tried to move away from him. His oversharing was starting to weird me out.

"Honestly, it was the worst sex of my life and it cost me my best friend," he finished, quieting down. I patted his leg as I rested my head on his shoulder. "He misses you," I tell him. "That's why I got so angry with you earlier. After Jake told me the whole story, I kind of fucking hated your ass." He laughs and shakes his head at me.

"It's just so fucked up because now he's losing Embry too," I say softly. "Everything is just so fucked." "But now he has you. And from what I could tell when I walked in on you two earlier, I'm pretty sure he'd take you over me or Embry any day," Sam joked. I laughed and wiped another tear away, as my head rolled on his shoulder.

We grew silent, both of us cuddled up worried about the same thing. Whether or not Jacob was alright. We cut the TVs on after a while and watched all the destruction. It only made me feel worse when The Hero never showed up and saved the day like I wanted him to.

At around 12:20 Sam cut the TVs back off. "I don't think that was making you feel any better," he explained, as he set the remote back down. I nodded my head as the fears set in even further. "Do you think he'll ever forgive me," Sam asked quietly, out of the blue.

I looked up at him and watched his face. He looked sincere, genuinely sorry. I patted his hand and nodded my head yes. "You just have to give him a reason to." To try and keep ourselves form worrying I showed Sam all of Jake's gadgets that I knew how to work. After Sam almost set off one of Jake's pepper spray bombs, I decided to stay away from the weapons and things. Especially the nun chucks, Sam sucked at those. So instead I showed him the internet table tops and even the files on the original superheroes. Sam was fascinated by them, he had remembered Jacob's mother telling him stories about them too.

I had contemplated showing him the drawer that Jake kept the special formula in, but I decided not to. My thoughts kept drifting towards the formula anyway. What was keeping me from just injecting myself now? Sure Jake said there were side effects and he didn't know how it would affect me but I was willing to take that risk.

I hated sitting here thinking that he might be dead. For all I knew he was out there fighting for his life and I had no way of helping him. "What was that," Sam's voice brought me out of my thoughts. Without even noticing it I had drifted towards the drawer. Sam was at the wall that opened up, with his ear pressed up against it, listening hard. "Sam, what," I started to ask him, when he waved his hand, silencing me. He listened harder, before waving me over. I stood beside him and pressed my ear to the door, as he raised his finger to his lips.

I strained, trying to hear whatever he heard first but got nothing. Eventually, Sam pulled his head away and I followed him. "I could have sworn I heard voices." He explained. "I didn't hear anything," I tell him as I go sit back down. Then we both heard it. A door slammed down the hallway. It sounded like it came from Embry's room.

"Maybe Embry's back," Sam offered. I didn't know what to think. It very well could be Embry, or it could be gang members. Jake had never said for sure that they were coming for me but he more than implied it. But if it was Embry and gang members were on their way here, we needed to get him into the room with us, where it was safe.

Sam must have seen by the look in my eye that I was resolved to get Embry here with us. "I'll go," He said, as he walked towards the scanner to open the wall. He pushed a button on the panel on the side and it opened a fraction of the way. Sam scooted underneath and went to close it from the other side when I shuffled out behind him.

"What the fuck are you doing? I said I was going," He whisper shouted at me. "I'm going with you," I responded, no way in hell was I going to sit back and worry about not one but two men. He opened his mouth to protest when we heard footsteps down the hall. Sam threw his hand over my mouth and pulled me close, as we listened.

"Go back in," He ordered but I just scoffed and pushed his hand away. "It might be Embry. No can do," I argued. He shook his head, openly upset but he grabbed my hand and started to sneak out of the room. "If it isn't, you run. Run back to the room and don't look back," He whispered. I got ready to argue back again when he shook my arm. "Look, Leah, the one thing Jacob asked of me was to look after you. If something happens to you, he'll fucking murder me. Just do it," He pleaded.

I let out a huff of indignant air but finally agreed. We tiptoed down the hallway to Embry's room, trying our best to be quiet. "I'll go first," Sam whispered, as he approached the half open bedroom door. He looked back at me, making sure I was ready to run in case something happened. I nodded my head at him, hoping he could see me in the dark hallway. He wrapped his hand around the door and gently pushed, making sure not to let it make a sound. He took a deep breath, obviously nervous, before sticking his head in the room.

He brought it out a split second later. "Oh shit, Leah, go. Go!," he whisper shouted at me, before I spun around ready to race back to the safe room. I bumped into a hard chest before I could make it. "Hello, princess. Did you get all of our letters," the tall, menacing gang member asked as he grabbed me by my shoulders.

His loud question caught the attention of the group of gang members in Embry's room and they all ran out into the hallway. Sam looked around, taking in his surroundings as the large man shook me hard and restated a few of the more memorable threats. As a few of the men reached out to make grabs at me and the others went to restrain Sam, he suddenly shouted out, startling us all.

"Cover your eyes," he yelled, as he pulled out one of Jake's pepper spray bombs and pulled the clip. Immediately I did as he said, the gang members weren't as smart. The bomb went off with a loud explosion. The large gang member dropped me as he began to choke and claw at his eyes. Sam grabbed my arm and began to push and shove our way back to Jacob's room.

The gang members were all disorientated and could barely breathe but they chased us. They got really close too. Sam and I had to fight several off as they tried to grab ahold of one or the other. One of the larger ones grabbed my waist and lifted me up in the air, squeezing hard. I felt like he was going to make all of my organs pop out of my mouth, that's how hard he squeezed. Sam tried to fight him off but several other gang members got him before he could.

I reached forward and brought my elbow back as hard as I could, aiming for his red irritated eyes. I hit him a few times before he finally dropped me. I raced over to help Sam, weaving past a few gang members, who still couldn't really see. To be honest, I couldn't see that much better either. The hallway was dark and the cloud of smoke from the bomb only made it worse. The pepper in the air caused me to squint and cough but I kept going.

I was too late though. Sam was right in front of the door to Jacob's bedroom, when he finally got the upper hand on the final gang member after him. He head butted him hard and kneed him in the face once he went down. I kept racing towards him as he waved his hand at me, in a hurry up gesture, when I heard it. "Fuck this shit, we don't need that one," a loud voice cried out before a gunshot sounded.

How the gang member was able to see where he was aiming I'll never know but his aim was true. He shot Sam in the forehead, the smile never left his face as the back of his head exploded. "Sam, No," I screamed, as I finally reached him. But there was nothing I could do.

I dropped down beside his body before I looked up and saw the gang members closing in on me. I tried to drag his body into the room with me but he was too heavy. The gang members neared me and one of them got close enough to grab my leg, I knew I had to leave him. I shook off the one gang member as his friend clawed at me. I kicked wildly, keeping the two of them off as I crawled backwards towards the half open wall. I got halfway through when they tried to drag me back out.

I fought like a wild woman, determined not to let them take me. I even bit a few of them. There was no way in hell I was letting them get me. I kicked a few of them in the face as I crawled over to the scanner on the wall to close the door.

My legs were still sticking out from underneath the wall but I pulled myself up as high as I could and finally used the same button that Sam had used earlier to close it. The gang members grabbed ahold of my legs tightly and pulled collectively, trying to pull me out in time.

My upper body fell hard, making me bite through my lip as my face hit the floor. I dug my fingernails into the ground and held on for dear life, desperate not to go. I kicked my legs and wiggled back and forth, trying to shake them off before the wall closed all the way.

Finally they had to let go or they would have been crushed. With an amazing speed that I didn't know I had, I pulled my legs through and crawled over to the corner. I was in hysterics. They killed Sam. I couldn't believe it. They killed him.

I wrapped my arms around my knees and stared hard at the door as they began to bang harder and harder, trying to get in. Eventually, they got tired of that and started shooting. I jumped at the first gunshot I heard and ducked down, as a reflex. Luckily, the wall was made of some type of impenetrable material. Or so I thought.

"Fuck this shit. I'm taking it," a loud, clear voice called out to his friends. "We're not supposed to take any till later, man," one of the gang members reminded. "Fuck, we got to get in don't we," the first voice responded.

A few seconds of silence went past, as I sat huddled up, hiccupping to myself. Boom! The whole wall shook and some plaster began to fall from the ceiling. They were ramming the wall with something. I heard loud cheers and shouts as they hit the door again. From their cries I realized that they weren't hitting the wall. Their friend was. He must have taken that drug Ice that Jake had told me about and had transformed.

Boom! He hit the wall again and a large dent appeared. Shit, shit, shit. They were going to get in. They were going to take me. I began to freak out and thought about trying to escape out the back entrance. No way that would work unless I suddenly learned how to fly. I looked all around gathering all the different weapons and devices that Jacob had, but I knew they wouldn't hold them off for long.

Boom! The pieces of the wall fell to the floor this time. Boom! Even more pieces fell and the shouts grew louder. A small hole materialized in the plaster and a large, creepily inhuman golden eye peered through. I gasped and backed away once more, as the monstrous beast raced forward and hit the wall again.

I knew what I had to do. Jacob would kill me but better him than the gang members. I raced over to Jake's secret drawer, with thoughts of him in my mind. I pulled several syringes out and slid to the floor, as the beast kept ramming the wall. I pulled back the lever and rolled up my sleeve, feeling like how I imagined my mother used to before she shot up.

I jammed the syringe into my vein on the inside of my elbow and squeezed every drop of the formula out. Nothing happened. Jacob is really going to kill me. I pray he's okay to do so, I thought as I jammed the second syringe in the first ones place. Again nothing. So I took the last syringe and shoved it in as the wall really started to crumble.

I looked up, in shock and fear, as the beast began to beat against the wall ferociously. He would be in in seconds. Come on, come on, come on! I urged myself silently, as the room shook around me.

He ran into the wall so hard that all of Jake's stuff started to fall off the walls and shatter around me. I watched as two of his TVs fell and several of the screens broke. Old weapons and such fell around me, glass rained down everywhere. Sparks flew from the overhead lights. I seemed to watch in slow motion as the photo of Jacob's mother Sarah fell off the shelf and the glass broke around it. I started to feel funny, almost like a drugged feeling.

The wall finally collapsed and I reached over to pick up the picture frame, as the gang members flooded the room. Two of them grabbed me by my arms and pulled me up roughly, leaving me feeling as if my shoulders had been dislocated. One of them slapped me in the face as I struggled to my feet. I felt sluggish and weird. The world still moved in slow motion as he shoved me forward.

I slipped on the shards of glass and my whole body began to shake. Every nerve ending in my body began to ache and I couldn't stand anymore. I dropped the picture frame and fell on all fours. One of the gang members kicked me in my back, before pulling me back up to my knees by my hair. My blood felt like it began to sizzle as I yanked myself away from him. I grabbed hold of his arm and pulled it away from me.

I must have pulled harder than I thought because he fell to the ground beside me, screaming in pain, as if I had broken it. Others rushed me but before they got there I fell forward again, in an intense amount of pain. All of my thoughts were on Jacob and how I hoped he was faring better than I was, because if this pain was anything to go off of I was surely dying. Just my luck, he told me not to take the formula and now I'm overdosing on it. He'll never let me live it down.

Gang members race towards me and I watch out the corner of my eye as the monster on Ice stalks me from the corner. One of the gang members grabs my arm and without even having to think about it, I lift him up and toss him into the wall on the other side of the room. His body hits the TVs hard and more sparks fly, setting fire to his carcass and the flammable weapons around him. More gang members charge me and all I can think about is how grateful I am that I told Jacob I loved him before he left. My body convulses and I start to see darkness take over, as the one on Ice runs towards me. I try to stop my involuntary shaking as I lift my hands to protect myself. Jake was right, this ends tonight.

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