Disclaimer: As adorable as I think BB is, he's not mine. Or Rae. Or Cy.

"I am too brave!" Beast Boy cried, glaring at Cyborg. Cyborg shook his head slowly.

"Admit it, BB, you're a Tofu-eating, Tree-hugging, Animal-loving wussy." The metal-man claimed. Beast Boy glowered and crossed his arms.

"Oh, Yeah? What about the time I-"

"-Doesn't count."

"How 'bout when-"


"Remember that one day-"


"Will you let me fin-"

"-Yeeeaano*. No, I won't." Cyborg smirked.

Beast Boy narrowed his eyes and stomped over to stand in front of 'best friend'. Looking up he demanded, "How do I prove it, then?"

Cyborg grinned widely. "Kiss Raven." He stated. Beast Boy's jaw dropped.

"K-kiss….Raven?" He repeated fearfully. Cyborg nodded.

"Yup. And, you must be Human. Oh, look, here she comes now." The doors to the common room swished open and Raven walked over to the couch. She sat down to read/meditate/do something smart. She was completely oblivious to the boys in the kitchen.

"I can't kiss Raven." Beast Boy squealed, "She'd kill me." Cyborg nodded in agreement, grinning slyly.

"Which is exactly why you're a pansy." He teased. Beast boy found himself in a dilemma. Kiss Raven and die. Or; give up and live, but always be a wussy-pansy. Bowing his head, he accepted his fate, and nervously approached Raven on the couch.

He sat down next to her, squeaked out a greeting, and managed to kiss the tip of her nose. Not waiting a single heartbeat, he fled to the kitchen. Beast Boy gripped the counter, using it to steady himself, and then breathed a sigh of relief. He'd kissed Raven. And Lived!

"Beast Boy?" Raven questioned, following after him. Beast Boy whirled around frightened.

"H-hey, Rae." He stuttered nervously. Raven entered the kitchen coming closer and closer to the shifter. She stopped before him, looking up.

"You missed." She told him. She grabbed the collar of his uniform and yanked him down to her mouth. Her own violet eyes slid closed as she removed a hand from his collar, slipping it behind his neck.

Beast boy tensed then allowed himself to relax into the kiss, subconsciously wrapping his arms around the empath's waist. Only two thoughts were on his mind, 'Raven's kissing me. And, I'm kissing her back.'

A moment later, they pulled away for lack of air, and Beast Boy rested his forehead against Raven's. "So, does this mean you like me?" he questioned, grinning shyly. The dark sorceress rolled her eyes, but nodded, resting her head on his chest.

Needless to say, Beast Boy was very brave that day. And, Cyborg can attest to that.

A/N: *Cy started to say yeah then changed to no. just in case you were confused. ;)